World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 339
Shen Xiang thought that must enter into True Martial Realm 6th Stage is very difficult, he takes next nine grains of Five Elements True Elemental Dan, although can obtain massive True Qi fast, but also by far insufficient. Compresses that boundless True Qi after him diligently, successfully lightens 40 grains of true element grains. Each stage needs to lighten 50 grains of true element grains to break through, now he also misses ten grains, more arrives at behind, more needs to compress many True Qi. But, Shen Xiang has to eat Building Foundation Dan on his hand completely, and has eaten massive True Elemental Dan, otherwise he is unable to break through in a short time. He can so many resources be good, must know that the practice resources of other people depend upon the sect assignment, the words that oneself earn also require very long time, and must take risk. Ten days pass by, Shen Xiang under taking massive pills, finally have broken through the bottleneck, have entered into True Martial Realm 6th Stage, in the breakthrough, making him feel that strength upwells, was not only True Qi was more vigorous, fleshly body also become stronger. However this consumed his all Building Foundation Dan and Five Elements True Elemental Dan, ordinary True Elemental Dan used many, these ten days he ate pills looks like in eating meal such, he understands importantly in sect fierce True Martial Realm was the age is very why big, because only then ate pills to be able like him crazily fast adolescence, but sect did not have that many resources, but must assign evenly. Shen Xiang considers as finished, these ten days light ate True Elemental Dan to eat 20,000 grains, this was hundred million crystal stones, but the effect did not have ten grains of Five Elements True Elemental Dan to be so good, if were not he must enter into True Martial Realm 6th Stage anxiously, he such will not waste. He in oneself that small medicine garden stayed the half of the day, left Extreme Dan King Courtyard, has said a hello with Gu Dongchen, he going One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain quietly, many sect have then sent the disciple to investigate, and does not have the result. It is not able to penetrate including the person of Gu Dongchen this rank, will be stopped by strength, obviously inside has powerful formations or barrier these fierce things. One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain occupies on Chenwu Mainland a very big place, approaches Devil Province very much, but in Devil Province is one group of Devil Path people, this group of people yearned to Devil World that is one crowd receives the Devil World person to induce to practice the Devil Path person.

Devil Province depends on the sea, has Proud Sword Sect to meet to inlay with Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, Shen Xiang leaves Tianmen City, after entering the forest of nobody, displays 72 Transformations, turns into a bird, flies toward Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire. Although turned into the bird to make his speed slower, but made him feel very safe, although these sect said investigates him, posted a reward also to remove, but he still careful vigilantly, moreover these Devil Path also hated to the marrow of the bones to him, he carefully. After he turns into the bird, even if these Dean is unable to discover him, this is very wise concealment method, moreover consumes very slightly, can ignore. Although turns into the bird, but his meeting gale anything does not fear, because he can use True Martial Realm 6th Stage strength to fly fully, is completely different from the ordinary bird. To Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, little rascal you didn't have a look at your Sister Meng'er?” Long Xueyi asked tenderly with a smile, looked like she is a young miss, but actually full brain evil thing. Does not go, I feared that I will unable to bear turn into the bird, peeps she to take a bath!” What Shen Xiang said is the truth, especially when turns into the bird, this thought can hardly be removed in his mind in brief, because this was really too easy. Has a dragon to visit you here, best not to do the misdemeanor with this sacred Divine Ability.” Long Xueyi tenderly snorted and said. „Are your this dragon brat dry misdemeanor few?” Shen Xiang despises said. He used six days of time to pass through Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, arrived at a small town near One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain. This small town inside person thought that felt strange these days one group of people will arrive once for a while, does not know that in One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain has the strange matter.

One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain is the hundred thousand year ago Demon and Devil arrives at the Human World entrance, here sprinkled the big piece Demon and Devil blood, buried the massive Demon and Devil corpses, the mountain is knowing how things stand the hundred thousand place, therefore acquires fame. The Shen Xiang flight in the upper air, a distant place big piece was covered by the white fog, making people be hard to see clearly, there can be said as the mountain sea, various grotesque mountains have, is magnificent, especially watches in the upper air, many mountain peaks pass through the cloud layer, appears above the clouds. This is only the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain surrounding, fluctuates without any Devil Qi, but the deep place has many, you at least must fly quite a while to pass through this mountain scene surrounding!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang flew lowly, sought for Huang Jintian to express to his map on way that was quick he to see mountain a like camel, found this mark, he can walk according to the map, sought for the map above mark along the road, finally went to deposit the Suppressing Devil divine art place to that. If the martial arts contest of open and aboveboard, various Shen Xiang aspects are very formidable, if the cloudy person, he were fiercer, takes now, who knows that a trivial bird personally does change? Because has this ability, he meets a pressure not to have, has flown into One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain very much with ease. He does not come to here to fight, but is responsible for the strange matter that noses this inside to have, simultaneously seeks for Suppressing Devil divine art, for has the absolute strength by oneself in big storm, he must learn that Suppressing Devil divine art. Enters in One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain, Shen Xiang speedily is flying, was quick he to discover other sect's disciples, Shen Xiang can listen to them from their talks is True Martial Sect's, but also knew that they strolled half a month in this blindly, anything has not investigated saying that but also honest was complaining was done this broken matter by the assignment. Majority that was sent are True Martial Realm 9th Stage, this stage fully attacks Peak Realm, the time is important regarding them. This group of fools, were tempted here intentionally, it is estimated that this nearby has the ambush!” Shen Xiang knew from their talks that these people had been attacked, along the road pursues, and has killed a person, that is the devil path sects disciple, they pursue with the bloodstain that injured devil disciple flowed for a long time arrived here very much.

Really does not leave Shen Xiang to expect, he discovered in quickly all around big tree hides has the person, this is the same in the situation in Southern Wasteland encountering with him. These fellows always such like hiding in the big tree, I make them forever die in inside!” Shen Xiang has flown on a tree of very cover, changes the human form, has put out Demanding Life Devil Bow. Shen Xiang does not plan to help these True Martial Sect's disciples, because they are True Martial Realm 9th Stage, the strength was very strong, copes with these devil disciple to have more than enough to spare, but must in situation that in they discovered the ambush. Demanding Life Devil Bow had been used adeptly by Shen Xiang incomparable, he is projecting an arrow to a big tree, after this arrow shoots that big tree, blasts out suddenly, blood fog fills the air in the woods, will hide in inside person explodes crushes. The True Martial Sect's disciple discovered quickly that hastily puts out weapon, is vigilant.