World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 340
Shen Xiang the ripple fire two arrows, kill two tree inside people, turns into the bird to fly from again. The True Martial Sect's disciple does not know that who is getting rid in secret, but actually knows that person of intention is very obvious, this is in reminding their this all around has the ambush, in these thick boughs. Discovered after the True Martial Sect's disciple is vigilant, ambushes in abundance flees from the bough in all around devil disciple, they witnessed to hide in inside three people a moment ago are exploded the blood fog by the bewildered attack, moreover their insufficient True Martial Sect's disciple hits, if person in secret gives them to come again such several, said that will not be finished completely. devil disciple runs away, on the exposed whereabouts, the True Martial Sect's disciple has not pursued, they worried that this is the enemy disperses them intentionally, therefore concentrates together, attacks these to walk slowly. Turns into Shen Xiang of bird to see clearly above, he discovered after some devil disciple run away, immediately two. In this One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain had the strange matter, now meets devil disciple, Shen Xiang had suspected that these devil path sects know anything. Gu Dongchen had said outside this One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain has strength to prevent them to go, only then below Peak Realm can enter with ease, the words then, the devil path sects person is also same. Therefore he did not fear that meets fierce Devil Path Big Shot, let alone he now turns into the bird. That two devil disciple run quickly, moreover in the forest around the circle, could see that they are familiar with here, here will approach Devil Province, devil disciple will run to come to here frequently, will therefore not be strange. The One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain deep place is dangerous, even if devil path sects these Big Shot does not dare to enter, the deep place is the same with Southern Wasteland, some deep sleep inside Demon and Devil! These ran a moment ago loose devil disciple in the forest has circled a great-circle, unexpectedly gathers, they were bringing the bow cap, wore the black clothed, altogether 15 people, strength from True Martial Realm 1st Stage to 7th Stage had.

Is who attacked our people a moment ago? That person definitely is not the True Martial Sect's person! We use these many days the time to bring in these fellows, must succeed shortly, unexpectedly of unknown origin was destroyed by mixed wool.” A person scolded. This person of whereabouts secret . Moreover the attack method hates and quick, definitely is one the person who is good at assassinating! We first go back, told the chief this matter.” A person was saying, then runs swiftly, other people follow in that person. Shen Xiang remembers that this direction walks toward the deep place, he has hesitated, then pursued, although he now is an appearance of bird, but also carefully, these devil disciple are in True Martial Realm the fierce skilled person, discovered that a bird is so long with them, definitely will begin to have suspicions. Shen Xiang flew more than double-hour with them, the speed that they run is not that quick, moreover wants the main surrounding situation, is very discrete. Now entered the fog-region, before Shen Xiang, has looked at this inside situation outside, is the fog, he arrived at the fog-region now, had not discovered that these fog had any strange, Gu Dongchen had said before, these fog have had. These fellow who came from Demon and Devil World, not to Devil Path person fight?” Shen Xiang some are unreadable, the Devil Path person also does against with Righteous Path to the present, but is not develops the strength. Naturally is not, Demon and Devil that this must look at what person is! If one crowd only understood that slaughters idiot who plunders, manages your Devil Path or Righteous Path, saw has killed! If one group of intelligent fellows, will win over this world some evil forces, finally controls this world slowly, enslaves the person in this world, mines various resources.” Su Meiyao said. Demon and Devil comes, to Human World no one has the advantage, Shen Xiang to know why has not arrived will always die at this time that many people. Shen Xiang entered a secret cave with these devil disciple, arrives at cave entrance, he induces to several intense aura, unexpectedly in this has five True Martial Realm 9th Stage devil disciple.

We came to here to have one month, has not gotten so far as including wool of Righteous Path disciple, we hurried to remove! Here matter investigated similarly.” The serious sound said together. After hearing, Shen Xiang slightly one startled, devil disciple is also noses unexpectedly this inside matter, then explained that this and Devil Path does not have relationship. Oh, perhaps Righteous Path these fellows have not thought that has fierce devil resurrect to come before 3000, but also arranged fierce barrier to protect here, did not make these Nirvana Realm come to destroy!” Another person sighed. In the Shen Xiang heart shakes, if here has been protected, after these Demon and Devil come, to gather together completely, finally clashes at one fell swoop, kills a wiped out to the last man Chenwu Mainland. That space hole is not very big, the fellows who Demon and Devil World comes slowly come, outside can the direct attack, if gathered massive that too to be terrorist.” Bai Youyou calls out in alarm said. Now had a very small crack, some strength faint small Demon and Devil can pass through that cracklin ahead of time!” devil disciple also said. This saying makes Shen Xiang they more shocking. Shen Xiang thinks that also has long a period of time to have the space crack, but has not thought that currently has. After these devil disciple undergo a discussion, does not decide here the ambush righteous path sects disciple, complete withdrawal, because in this fierce devils, this devil is still also seeking for some to be able resurrect Demon and Devil, ahead of time forms a group of Demon and Devil armies.

Although there is a space crack, but the strength too strong fellow is hard, will otherwise be induced by space strength, ripping will become the fragment, the strength faint little thing naturally did not fear! You a bit faster seek for that Suppressing Devil divine art, then burns down this inside with Heavenly Sun Fire, these little things fear this type of flame.” Su Meiyao discovered that the matter imagines her is more serious, no one thinks that in this unexpectedly will have fierce devil resurrect. The hundred thousand year ago devil, what strength is that? Shen Xiang does not dare to imagine, can the resurrect devils not be the ordinary fellow, definitely has various fierce devil art, thinks of this, he felt that is incapable. What make his depressed is, that Suppressing Devil divine art on conceal in deep place, if inside resurrect many devils, many small Demon and Devil, he must attain is difficult. Across a canyon, this inside fog was richer, but he has still not induced Devil Qi, explained that here is safe, if the Devil Qi very heavy place, has the massive Demon and Devil corpses, small Demon and Devil that these come needs to depend upon these Devil Qi to promote strength. The flight of Shen Xiang cautious and solemn three days, front suddenly spread a terrifying roar, that is several hundred thousand people simultaneously roars probably such, the roar fills wild, hears appallingly.