World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 341
Sees this battle formation, Shen Xiang to determine that front has one crowd of Demon and Devil to gather together, he has not thought that unexpectedly will have that many. He flew high, overlook a distant place stretch of open area, there but originally some mountains, but is actually razed now, the thing that can move densely gathered there, dense and numerous, seemed has several hundred thousand. Is Demon World Evil Demon!” Su Meiyao said solemnly. Evil Demon, this is to the one name of Demon World life, Shen Xiang is also first time sees, these Evil Demon majority are half -and-a-half people of monsters, generally is the body of Demon Beast, half is a person, is strong. In this crowd of Evil Demon front, is standing a robust man of snake body person head, making Shen Xiang feel what is surprised, this robust man unexpectedly has two heads, these Evil Demon majority grotesque, but this Two-Headed Snake Demon was extremely scary. This is Two-Headed Snake Demon, in Demon World is quite formidable Evil Demon, moreover is rare, this fellow should has the Nirvana Realm strength.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang turns into the bird to fly in distant place upper air, he thinks that this will not be discovered that but that Two-Headed Snake Demon actually suddenly looks to him, this makes his heart jump. Will fly, holds that bird!” Two-Headed Snake Demon bellows, two mouths spoke together, overlapping, but the sound was very incisive gratingly, was having a sound wave attack. Shen Xiang only sees in that crowd of Evil Demon, suddenly had over a thousand to fly, these had the wing, seemed like the marriage of hawk and person, moreover was fierce, the speed was also quick.

Flies are getting more and more, suddenly over ten thousand, Shen Xiang had a scare, but he responded that is also very swift and violent, hastily crashes into from the upper air, descends in the forest, escapes using the forest of cover, but pursues his crowd hawk person to be fierce, batters, a forest instantaneously becomes bare. Shen Xiang flew into small tree hole to hide, here fog was very thick, these hawk person, although many, but did not have one to see his trail. That double headed snake has an ability, can induce to all around temperature directly, although your bird hides in the fog, but the double headed snake can actually induce by the fog to your temperature, therefore you were discovered.” Long Xueyi hurriedly said: I help you go into hiding now, making your temperature with all around environment same The Long Xueyi's words just said that Shen Xiang hears that Two-Headed Snake Demon cursed sound: One crowd of rice buckets, a bird cannot hold, that bird definitely has the strangeness, flies quick and intelligential, does not know that is who sends to nose our.” That Two-Headed Snake Demon transferred one to depart in this all around, hides also greatly relaxes in small tree hole inside Shen Xiang. That Two-Headed Snake Demon speed is quick, several arrived here suddenly . Moreover the strength is very strong, is Nirvana Realm, words that Shen Xiang stared , the trouble was big. It seems like resurrect should be this Two-Headed Snake Demon, the life of this fellow is generally very big, is good at feigning death! After that space crack opens, coming unexpectedly has Demon World, it seems like that side Devil World has not fused with here.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang has also read many books, but actually does not know that had the matter about Demon and Devil World, but Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou actually understood that as for Long Xueyi, compared with many, after all she who Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou that she knew added obtained the huge memory inheritance. Devil World and do Demon World collaborate to cope with Human World?” Shen Xiang asked.

Is uncertain, the union also has, has hostilely, but they have the common idea, ruins Human World! However these fellows are very rampant, has does not gather, hits life and death. The previous double-hour is still collaborating to repel the enemy, the words that but makes, irreconcilable, in the past Human World also will frequently sow dissension, making Demon and Devil slaughter mutually.” Bai Youyou replied. Shen Xiang has flown from that tree hole, walks toward the map on, he has nosed to this One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain something, now only needs to attain that Suppressing Devil divine art. Now he understands why these devil disciple walk that hurriedly, because this inside gathers is counting hundred thousand Evil Demon, each is very strong, especially they have Demon Beast that unique physique and strength, has the superiority in the fight compared with humanity. Place unexpectedly that Suppressing Devil divine art hides in a cave, but that cave was blocked, Shen Xiang thinks that does not understand why initially established here person not to take away Suppressing Devil divine art, such one, did not need to enter in this danger(ous) Devil Mountain. Arrives at outside that mountain time, Shen Xiang has not quarried a mountain, but turns into a mole, dug tunnel to go from the ground. What inside does not have restriction, but has rich Devil Qi, has the Demon and Devil corpse in?” Long Xueyi said that this makes the Shen Xiang heart jump, at this time he and has dug in inside, arrives in to cave passage. This inside darkness, he puts out a hand, releases the flame illumination, at this time he also induced to Devil Qi that Long Xueyi said that that Devil Qi is very strange, not before him in these devils who Southern Wasteland runs into. In this really a Demon and Devil corpse?” Shen Xiang somewhat worried that from that Devil Qi, he knows that Demon and Devil corpse or time is very definitely strong, at least is Nirvana Realm.

Really, but you do not need to be worried, the fellow probably by the seal, as for was live I who or died did not know.” The Long Xueyi's words make Shen Xiang one startled, he has not thought of unexpectedly some people of fierce things by the seal in this, but this made him feel relieved. Comes to the cave end time, Shen Xiang arrived in huge mountain side, here pulled out spatially, has space that reaches widely, has huge stele in the mountain side middle, has dozens zhang (3.33 m) high. Shen Xiang guessed that Suppressing Devil divine art possibly buries on this huge stele, has such together stele regarding here, he one some are unreadable, when he must illuminate stele with the flame, he only thought flame suddenly that on the palm releases suction. This...... This his mother what's the matter!” The release produce fire flame of Shen Xiang unexpectedly control comes, overflows from the palm, is similar to Fire Dragon spout to stele on, this stele unexpectedly is absorbing his flame. Quick, stele stops absorbing, this huge mountain side also gets better -illuminated incomparable, because that huge stele releases the intense ray. At this time Shen Xiang understands why Suppressing Devil divine art cannot take, because carved completely on this great tablet, moreover were more, on huge stele quarter completely many chant, on such huge stele, character also only then thumb was so big, the stele four surface carved completely this small character, it can be imagined, this Suppressing Devil divine art was how complex abstruse.