World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 342
Sees on this stele innumerable dense and numerous brat, Shen Xiang to feel that is incapable, sat in the ground, he put out with Divine Sense has tried, cannot obtain that Suppressing Devil divine art directly. Drops the blood to have a look!” Saying, him was having the drop a drop of blood, but had had not responded. little rascal, you honest takes down the above content! This is divine art, only then this chant is quite few, you after ripeness can achieve mastery through a comprehensive study, will not think many, resembles Divine Art of Four Symbols and Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art that such you practice.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang initially studied Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art also to use completely to remember for a long time, now he can only clench teeth little recited this stele above chant. He looked, discovered what uppermost is the opening, finished the first part to the bottommost, the back is the second part, about side two gathers is the third part. He is turns into the bird flight in most place above to recite, making him feel what is surprised, once he records ripe chant successfully, that stele above character will vanish! One month passed by, he writes down chant of stele surface finally completely, the stele above writing also completely vanishes, making him be what is surprised, he probably in the abstruse place to that Suppressing Devil divine art appears to understand but not really understand now, he is secretly excited, he guessed, when he on all chant stele remembers, he can learn this Suppressing Devil divine art completely. In Legend must learn this Suppressing Devil divine art to be difficult, Shen Xiang can realize now, because must first remember many chant, he thinks Suppressing Devil divine art possibly difficultly difficultly here. I thought that this stele should be Suppressing Devil Obelisk! Antique Demon and Devil great war time, many world presented this type of tablet, the role that but it is said plays is not big, now looks like, this should inherits Suppressing Devil divine art, is who puts?” The Long Xueyi doubts said i. Like this according to the words that looks, once some people remember the above content, the stele above writing will vanish, in other words in the past and nobody studied this stele above Suppressing Devil divine art.” Su Meiyao also thinks the doubts, the Suppressing Devil Obelisk matter she has listened.

Long Xueyi thinks that said: Just started Suppressing Devil Obelisk to absorb the little rascal's flame to shine, when has not shone, I had not discovered that on stele has the writing, cultivates Suppressing Devil divine art to need Fire Spirit to be good?” Was reciting chant Shen Xiang, suddenly start to talk said: Needs to have Fire Spirit, moreover purple Fire Spirit above Fire Spirit can study.” „Do you know? On this stele has not written.” Bai Youyou asked that she has been fixing the eyes on the stele above writing, was reciting secretly, Su Meiyao was also so. This...... I and am not clear, after I take down these writing, my body will give off heat, probably flame in my mind, is burning down these writing, then I knew.” Shen Xiang was describing that strange feeling, this makes Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou surprised incomparable, although they do not have Fire Spirit, but must write down. Also passed for two months, stele finally gloomy, but is releasing a light flame, Shen Xiang sits cross-legged to sit in the ground, he has remembered Suppressing Devil divine art completely, after taking down completely, he also fell into a very marvelous condition, but the flame that his body releases also completely burns down his clothes. little rascal's fleshly body is in become stronger quickly, the become stronger speed...... The day, exactly had anything.” Long Xueyi calls out in alarm, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou also discovered probably. Immortal Devil Body 6th Stage...... 7th Stage...... 8th Stage...... this what's the matter! Also in unceasing become stronger!” Su Meiyao also had a scare. 10th Stage!” Bai Youyou that ice-cold sound has one to be excited and excited, obviously is being happy for the fortuitous encounter that Shen Xiang obtains. Shen Xiang is Immortal Devil Body 5th Stage, but rose suddenly all of a sudden 10th Stage, moreover now still in unceasingly upward, this makes the Long Xueyi three females be startled unable to speak, Shen Xiang now is True Martial Realm, must know in Mortal World, only then the Peak Realm peak had fleshly body of this rank!

Su Meiyao took a deep breath: 10th Stage, the speed became slow, this brat does not depend on that the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade words, the strength should be able with fierce True Martial Realm 8th Stage quite, with Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, with fighting with all might of 9th Stage is not impossible.” What Su Meiyao said is that fierce True Martial Realm 9th Stage, is the multi- [lineage/vein], multi- martial arts these. Then Shen Xiang wakes up, after opening eyes, is laughing, that laughter looks like Huang Jintian that type to act like a madman very much. Wears the clothes quickly!” Long Xueyi low coldly snorted. little rascal, exactly what happened?” Su Meiyao hastily asked. Shen Xiang wears the clothes, while said with a smile: I learned that Suppressing Devil divine art, actually Suppressing Devil divine art was this, I cultivated refined into Suppressing Devil Golden Body! Suppressing Devil Golden Body, can Hundred Poisons Immunity, not fear Demon and Devil the attacks of various special strength, moreover can release to have Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi of very big lethality to Demon and Devil.” Demon and Devil World excels with the toxin, especially Demon World some Evil Demon, inborn is bringing acute poison, but some Devil World's people practice also with the poison auxiliary practice, can Hundred Poisons Immunity truly be able to restrain these Demon and Devil. Quite fierce, then after you have Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, can the strength promote many?” Long Xueyi asked. Besides fleshly body formidable, True Qi are not many, Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi is only useful to Demon and Devil, but this is also good.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, arrives in front of that stele.

„Do you want to do?” Bai Youyou asked that but Shen Xiang actually moved to answer her. Shen Xiang to a stele fist, he has not been using True Qi maliciously, is only with physical strength, but can hit this great tablet to shiver, moreover above also much left many cracks. „After I fused Suppressing Devil divine art chant, had discovered other things, said that when I learn Suppressing Devil divine art, beats stele, will have the good thing to appear.” Shen Xiang is excited was saying. After the great tablet had many cracks, suddenly falls broken, turns into is bringing the ray dust, mounts in all around hole wall, making this mountain side very beautiful. Shen Xiang saw only under stele to have a pit of square shape at this time, he enters looked that then had a scare, because under he sees to lie down a woman! This woman is very pretty, puts on very frailly, although is closes one's eyes, but can actually see her from her ice-cold face is cold beauty, moreover in her left eyebrow place mark a purple scorpion, has also been increasing several points of seductive flavor to her. suddenly, this cold beauty has opened the eye, eyes sub- is sending out blue light glow, after she sees Shen Xiang, that ice-cold caressed on the face that flattered becomes ice-colder, on a pair of blue pupil full was killing intent, she shouted angrily, then bounced from below, leapt above. Shen Xiang retreat several steps, after he has not thought beats stele, unexpectedly will have to have this broken matter, he knows whose in now mountain side that intense Devil Qi is, is this woman.