World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 343
This woman is making a long braid, hangs on the chest, after her jump to airborne, fierce crashes, must be well-grounded, that pair of snow white jade foot gently has actually bumped the ground, then steady halting. But this blue eye the ice-cold beautiful female looks at Shen Xiang with the virulent look, she hangs unexpectedly end chest that braid has a purple advantage hook, seems very danger(ous), looks like that poisonous hook on scorpion tail is the same. „Have you learned Suppressing Devil divine art?” This blue eye female coldly asked that her mark the corner of the eye of purple scorpion design was selecting, then released one to make Shen Xiang feel the uncomfortable aura. Right!” The Shen Xiang voice falls, sees only jade foot fierce sweeping of that female to kick to come, the speed quickly like the lightning, is such a beautiful jade foot, actually erupts one type strength that is full of the destruction, sweeping maliciously on the Shen Xiang's cheeks. Shen Xiang only thought that cheeks hot ache, by a very terrifying strength hit, the body cannot help but was flown, hit on the wall, these uneven rock wall in mountain side dislodged to bring many fissures pits. Puff!” Shen Xiang has spat a blood, the strength of this woman is above he imagines, he guessed that at least is Peak Realm, he has not thought after destroying that stele, unexpectedly will break the seal, emits such a fierce fellow. If not on that Suppressing Devil divine art tells him to do, he hand inexpensively will not arrive at bang rotten that stele, this makes him regret. You only then this skill?” That blue eye female cold voice asked that leapt gently, the body such as the light smoke fluttered generally toward Shen Xiang, suddenly appeared in, saw only her both feet to fly to kick continuously, kicks on Shen Xiang's. Shen Xiang had been inlaid at this time on rock wall, the body is suffering that female terrifying attack. Little mother skin, do not challenge Sir's bottom line!” Shen Xiang was angry, Universe True Qi explodes to well up immediately, impacts various body places, as if all aches in his body cleans outside the body completely, the skeleton of his whole body wells up along with exploding of Universe True Qi, sends out in pā lā crack, the whole body True Qi jar cry, has filled strength. He puts out a hand to grasp, the palm such as the electricity projected generally, held the foot of that blue eye female bare, pinched vigorously, only heard that female to send out an angry tenderness to drink.

When Shen Xiang must that tender and delicate such as the tootsy of jade catch broken this female, he only sees that to bring such as the poisonous scorpion tail common long pigtail to puncture, that sharp purple hook is sparkling the evil looking ray, to his chest. The long pigtail of blue eye female resembles her flexible hand to be the same, by her handy control! End when the braid that sharp purple hook must dig in the Shen Xiang's chest shortly, Shen Xiang drinks one stuffily, casts off this female vigorously, otherwise he must be given to stab by that purple hook, he thought that purple hook is this woman most danger(ous) place, resembles the tail of scorpion to be the same. Is the father puts you, your his mother did not thank me, but must kill me, your this ungrateful woman, best not to want the father to hold, otherwise I must move your clothes, did your 100 times maliciously!” Shen Xiang scratches the bloodstain of corners of the mouth, in the heart is choking with rage, was cursing angrily with the uncouthly language If blue eye female surface cold frost, trembling sound track: You...... Your this dirty human man, unexpectedly said such disgusting words to me.” Saying, the beautiful figure was dodging, fluttered once more toward Shen Xiang. movement technique of this woman is strange, is very quickly lithe, lets person catch. However Shen Xiang cultivates Divine Dao, Divine Sense puts, all around situation performs during he grasps, he sees to attack toward him who this blue eye female Zuo Tiaoyou leaps up, lightly smiled, saw she must arrive that instantaneous, is a Shocking Heaven Palm bang maliciously hits. Bang a bang, the ground split open, the shake makes the entire mountain sway immediately. But this palm makes Shen Xiang feel very surprised, because this female has not imagined like him was shaken to fly away, a wound does not have. Shen Xiang looks at that passage that he has come, must know that he had used a moment ago Transforming Bone Devil Palm, that mysterious bone palm strength unexpectedly to this woman use, he has not known the strength to be disparate, can only walk for the best plan. This is Transforming Bone Devil Palm, do you learn from whom?” In the voice of blue eye female fills surprisedly, she sees Shen Xiang to run, the white hands wield, black light projects from her palm together, hits on that passage hole, sees only many stones to fall, that cave entrance stopping up.

Shen Xiang had not replied that this is Bai Youyou teaches him, initially he complied with Bai Youyou to keep secret, would rather die than to say! The blue eye female sees Shen Xiang not to reply, has not closely examined again, launches the swift and violent attack, the offensive is overbearing, fists and feet uses, but also that sharp purple hook punctures the Shen Xiang's chest once for a while. strength of this blue eye female is getting bigger and bigger, Shen Xiang estimated that the reason that after this is she breaks seal, slowly restores, this keeps him from counterattacking, can only times display Black Tortoise Luo Tian Cover to resist, but shortly after will be rumbled the mist. The one who most lets the Shen Xiang scruples is that braid above purple hook, he does not doubt, if were hit by this purple hook, own heart will certainly be cancelled! Shen Xiang started to counterattack, the blue eye female took control, he made a fist, simultaneously hit Ice Spirit Devil Aura, previous time he completely defeated that Herculean Clan Xiao Chou with this move. Ice Spirit Devil Aura!” The blue eye female calls out in alarm one, received the attack, retreat several steps, was watching intently Shen Xiang with that ice-cold blue pupil: „Does Bai Youyou teach for your?” Shen Xiang was shocked, this blue eye female has guessed from this Ice Spirit Devil Aura unexpectedly. Sees the Shen Xiang's facial expression, blue eye female said with a sneer: Her unexpectedly has not died!” Saying, continues to attack crazily to Shen Xiang. As strength of blue eye female restores more and more, Shen Xiang resists is also getting more and more difficult, he knows that Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou have a fierce personal enemy, is that personal enemy discards them, he suspected that at present this female is their personal enemies! Shen Xiang can also resist difficultly, share that now only then comes under attack, the strength of this blue eye female becomes stronger and stronger.

dragon brat, lends my strength, I must not hesitate to leave behind a profound recollection to her!” shouted of Shen Xiang in the heart, he felt at this time the arm is fiery, Bai Youyou is instilling into strength to him. After to rely on Long Xueyi's strength, although will make his severe pain incomparable, but he now actually as angry as the extreme. Felt that the left arm has filled strength, Shen Xiang probably is Heavenly God takes possession to be the same, roars one, deft such as lightning has grasped toward the chest of that blue eye female, held one group to be big and contain the elastic meat maliciously softly, he held stubbornly does not put. The blue eye female in great surprise, exuded one to shame the anger **, then scolded: Moves away your dirty hand, I must chop your hand like the meat sauce.” Saying, she then to Shen Xiang crazy beating, but Shen Xiang actually undying does not drop . Moreover the wriggle fight finger rubs to pinch. suddenly, in the hand of blue eye female presented one has been similar to the crescent moon red blade, must shortly the Shen Xiang's arm cut off, Bai Youyou coldly shouted: Stop!” Hears the Bai Youyou's sound, blue eye female stopped, Shen Xiang also received the hand, although was very painful, but that feeling made in his heart loudly shout satisfying a moment ago. Long Xueyi sees Shen Xiang to borrow her strength to handle this cruel matter, is despising him secretly, but she is also loudly shouts satisfying, because she can also feel that feeling. Snort, Princess Wuqing, is really you!” The voice of blue eye female is also having an endless anger, she is staring Shen Xiang stubbornly, in the blue pupil full is the cut-throat ray, as if must be cut to pieces such Shen Xiang.