World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 344
This blue eye female likely is not Demon World Evil Demon, Devil Qi is also very heavy, Shen Xiang guessed that she is Devil World's, he also already suspected that Bai Youyou is the Devil World's person, but has not thought that unexpectedly will have a Princess reputation, obviously the origin is uncommon. Bai Youyou comes out, she wears one set of white succinct skirt, looks like has a beauty of pure and holy, is not has the devil art woman likely. Although her present strength is very weak, but her imposing manner is not weak, that pair fills the ice-cold beautiful pupil, is having an unusual ray, looks at that blue eyes. Princess Purple Scorpion, haven't you died? Was he put you to come out a moment ago, why you must attack him! I remember that you give up cultivating Ruthless Devil Art, you are not a person of slaughtering innocents.” The Bai Youyou's sound compared with that Princess Purple Scorpion ice-colder, that feeling can make people feel that the whole body feels cold. Shen Xiang has doubts at this time, Princess Wuqing is Bai Youyou that refers, Princess Purple Scorpion is that blue eye female, but why must such call, are their fathers Devil World inside ruler? Sister Meiyao, what background Youyou is she?” Shen Xiang asked. Do not ask that you looked at that's alright!” Su Meiyao has not told Shen Xiang, although she knows that Shen Xiang sees them of unknown origin, but she does not plan to tell Shen Xiang too many things. Princess Purple Scorpion looks at Shen Xiang, saying of clenching jaws: I must kill this bastard, did he already die thousand times hundred times? Unexpectedly...... Unexpectedly can me, I truly really want to fall the homicide now.” Shen Xiang bah, has spat the blood in mouth, said: Snort, who makes you call does not hit, such attacks me. The dog anxious will jump the wall, let alone I am a person, this is you brings upon oneself, I touch at most to you!” Princess Purple Scorpion was mad tenderly shouted, must fire into Shen Xiang, but actually by Bai Youyou blocking. Bai Ziqian, the outside fierce fellows, have not wasted the strength now time.” The Bai Youyou sound sinks, this makes Bai Ziqian call a halt immediately, otherwise Shen Xiang definitely also will be beaten savagely. Princess Wuqing, why although does not know you that big gambling stake under the body of this little rascal, but you such do to have your reason! Do you follow not to return to big Devil World with me?” Bai Ziqian asked that her complexion was more moderate.

„, I had my plan!” Bai Youyou shakes the head to say. You changed, you should not need this given name, this completely was not you, your loose merit? Is your present aura so why weak?” Bai Ziqian discovers to knit the brows saying that immediately holds the Bai Youyou's wrist|skill. Your wound unexpectedly so will be serious! Your that spirit Junior Sister? She should not die, otherwise she can definitely rescue your.” Although Bai Ziqian's sound ice-cold, but Shen Xiang actually could see that this ice-cold woman cares about Bai Youyou very much, the sentiment reveals in her look. Bai Youyou sighed one lightly, her sound is also icy: Does not need you to care that my road I know how to walk!” Bai Ziqian closes eyes, took a deep breath, said \; You put best into it! Looks in your face, I put this brat horse, I want to take a look at his strength, but has not thought that this brat unexpectedly is a hoodlum.” Shen Xiang has gotten angry, immediately scolded: Your younger sister is the hoodlum, has you hit the person like this, you......” Bai Youyou suddenly has drawn Shen Xiang, whispered: I am her younger sister!” Shen Xiang immediately swallowing went back the following words, this scorpion same woman unexpectedly is Sister Bai Youyou's, before he guessed that this demon scorpion Princess affirmation and Bai Youyou have close relationship, but has not thought that unexpectedly is a family member. The one who makes Shen Xiang speechless is, this after the sisters meet, unexpectedly is icy, if a normal person, definitely meets nasal mucus tears closely hugs. Bai Youyou can also have the family member, Shen Xiang secret is happy for her, before he thinks that Bai Youyou was without family or friends. brat, told you, if traded to be others, a moment ago you and I hit was already killed by poison by me!” Bai Ziqian coldly snorted and said, but she can practice the Suppressing Devil divine art matter also to feel regarding Shen Xiang very surprised, she understands Bai Youyou, knows that Bai Youyou has gotten down very big painstaking care on such little rascal, will otherwise not pass on her fierce devil art. Shen Xiang said with a sneer: Father has practiced Suppressing Devil divine art, Hundred Poisons Immunity, you can poisonous I, I kneel to kowtow to admit mistakes to you but actually, if you poisonous not but actually I?”

Bai Ziqian does not certainly believe that she did not know about Suppressing Devil divine art, but knows that has very big lethality to their Devil World's person, moreover she is confident to her toxin. I must die poisonous not but actually you, I......” Bai Youyou hastily holds on her: Bai Ziqian, ok, you will plant in his hand!” Bai Youyou witnessed Shen Xiang has occupied convenient of many women with this method, she does not think that this elder sister was occupied convenient by Shen Xiang again. Heartless, are you suspecting my strength?” Bai Ziqian does not believe in evil doctrines. Shen Xiang some are unreadable, obviously is two sisters, but shouted that the name of opposite party, looks like like does not have blood relationship relationship. That as you like then!” Bai Youyou coldly snorted and said, the elder sister does not listen to advice , can only make her eat to owe. Bai Ziqian and Bai Youyou exactly the same disposition, this is they are quite same, in addition, they did not have the similarity, their appearances also had very big difference. Bai Ziqian has a pair of blue pupil, the corner of the eye place has a purple scorpion chart mark, a whip hangs in the front, looks like caresses very flatters, but her beautiful facial features are icy. Bai Youyou looks like ice-cold beautiful Fairy, the elegantly beautiful arrogant makings, the beautiful woman outstandingly beautiful face of caresses flatters to bring handsome, initially the Shen Xiang fan must the Divine Soul inversion. Shen Xiang sees Bai Youyou not to prevent, in heart secretly titter, said with a sneer: You, if poisonous I, you are not but actually what kind of?”

When the time comes you want to be how what kind of!” Bai Ziqian said self-confidently, brat that let alone Shen Xiang this Peak Realm does not arrive, even if the Nirvana Realm master, she takes down in the same old way easily. Your strength fully has not restored!” Bai Youyou knew the result, definitely is Shen Xiang wins. No, but must cope with this brat to have more than enough to spare!” Bai Ziqian was saying, then moves toward Shen Xiang, sees only on her jade palm to be full immediately is black Qi, these are poisonous Qi. I am Heavenly Poison Body, inherent on the whole body am poisonous, if others touch me, so long as I do not receive the toxicity, how to be again fierce, will be attacked by my toxicity! The toxin that I use now is weakest, will not kill by poison you, but wanted you to fall face down to finish enough.” Bai Ziqian was saying, then gently a palm, whips on the Shen Xiang's arm. Shen Xiang said with a smile: You know that what I am thinking now?” What are you thinking?” Bai Ziqian asked subconsciously. I am thinking must make you make anything, you will definitely lose, this poisonous present my skin is unpenetrable!” Shen Xiang said while loudly laughing, these poisonous Qi truly by his Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor stopping.