World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 345
Bai Ziqian thinks that Shen Xiang must drop down immediately, but actually can also laugh now the speech, this makes her unreadable, she clenched teeth secretly, poisonous Qi that released was more, but actually cannot pour into the Shen Xiang's body. Although these black poisonous Qi automatic worms one's way into from the pore, but quick overflows, obviously was being repelled by certain things. Hello, said I have studied Suppressing Devil divine art, Hundred Poisons Immunity, haven't you believed?” Shen Xiang asked with a smile. Bai Ziqian does not believe that her coldly said: Is impossible, my poisonous Qi can destroy fleshly body of person directly, let alone your this small and weak fleshly body, Immortal Devil Body 20th Stage is hard to resist my this type of toxin, was what secret method you uses resisting?” The Shen Xiang booth lets go, says with a smile: I use secret method, had proven your toxin is useless to me. Hehe, you admit defeat!” Bai Ziqian also wants to try again, but thinks one release that many poisonous Qi to come out unable to be what kind of Shen Xiang , can only recognize, she casts aside excessive coldly snorted, a face refuses to accept. „Is your purple hook toxin what kind of? If this type of toxin, but can also be saved?” Shen Xiang looks at that to sparkle the purple monster different ray clasp, in the heart is secretly curious, he guessed that definitely is the Bai Ziqian most poisonous place, Heavenly Poison Body anything's he does not understand, but actually knows that this woman is poison, is he wants to try that Suppressing Devil Golden Body real Hundred Poisons Immunity. Bai Youyou one startled, hastily walks up, said: That purple hook is very poisonous, although there is a solution, but at least will make you discard for one month!” The Bai Ziqian nod said: Really so, here has antidote, even if under I give you to take promptly, you must drive at least to take one month poisonously, moreover this month you also meet the pain to be incomparable.” The Bai Youyou complexion changed, in eyes flashes through wipes the fear: I once was not careful am stabbed, I have experienced!” Shen Xiang can resist that poisonous Qi to let Bai Ziqian feels very inconceivable, therefore she also plans to admit defeat, she does not want to make Shen Xiang try that purple hook above toxin, although it seems like she is ominous and ice-cold, but she can see Shen Xiang is the hope of her younger sister, she does not want to destroy this hope. Originally Bai Youyou and Bai Ziqian these two sisters think that Shen Xiang will be frightened by the poisonous hook, but has not thought that Shen Xiang actually excited looks at that purple poisonous hook!

Shen Xiang to let Bai Ziqian was sincerely convinced, held her to hang that long braid in front of chest fiercely, pricked in that purple clasp his wrist|skill, all these made that to icing cold beauty are unexpected, they must prevent actually already late. Bai Ziqian hastily has put out grain of purple pill pellet, gives Shen Xiang: Eats up quickly, some slow you restore longer again, although this type of toxin does not make the person be killed violently instantaneously, but makes people very suffer.” Dug in the blood vessel, venom proliferated to the whole body!” Bai Ziqian knits the brows saying that the sound worries incomparable. Shen Xiang had not received that Detoxification Dan, he is light smiles: Your this toxin uses to me probably!” Painful anything's Shen Xiang most did not fear that his body has built up in the furnace, in Immortal Devil Tan Lianguo, had been suffered by his Master that old lunatic, he facing the pain is also only the matter of potluck, therefore he dares to attempt. Anything! Was all right? Do you have to think the body very ice-cold? The whole body was penetrated such by many ice needle likely, including head!” Bai Ziqian stares slightly, hastily asked. Bai Youyou is also a face inconceivable looks at Shen Xiang, she listened to Shen Xiang to say before Suppressing Devil Golden Body is Hundred Poisons Immunity, but her poisonous hook to the own elder sister is also confident, that type of toxin fears including the Heaven World's people, let alone the person of Shen Xiang this True Martial Realm strength. Shen Xiang grins to say with a smile: No, does not believe me to grip again to you looks!” Then, Shen Xiang in pair of cold beauty sisters dumbfounded, also takes up end braid that purple poisonous hook, pricks in the wrist|skill, moreover this time punctures is being very deep, but also stays in is very long. If to not let this Bai Ziqian were sincerely convinced, Shen Xiang did not do this type from the oppressive matter, now he withdraws Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, making that poisonous hook dig in the flesh and blood, but he has not felt anything. After Shen Xiang the poisonous hook pulls out, but also that poisonous hook polishes, but also is holding appreciatively, a matter does not have, this looks at that to be startled unable to speak to the two beautiful sisters.

Was your purple poisonous hook is not poisonous?” Bai Youyou deeply has attracted one, asked. Virulent, does not believe you to try!” Bai Ziqian thoroughly believes that now Shen Xiang has the Hundred Poisons Immunity ability, her coldly snorted, has pulled own braid, between Heaven and Earth besides her, Shen Xiang, but the first person such holds appreciatively her poisonous hook. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Now you were sincerely convinced!” Why you wanted me saying that even if made me die, I also complied.” Bai Ziqian coldly said, on that ice-cold face does not have the mighty waves, this makes Shen Xiang be surprised, unexpectedly has the straightforward woman such. little rascal, she is my elder sister! You look at the office!” Bai Youyou stared his one eyes, this made the heart of Shen Xiang that being ready to make trouble break immediately. Shen Xiang sighed slightly, he had traced others big rabbit a moment ago very much vigorously, calculates that has occupied others very big convenient. This, you later must shout Sister Youyou for the younger sister.” Then he looks to Bai Youyou, said: Sister Youyou you must shout that she for elder sister, this likely is a family member! Cannot master you.” Shen Xiang sees two females both to look at the opposite party with the complex look, he urged: „Is this very difficult? Sister Youyou, my this condition was very loose.” Bai Ziqian Youyou sighed, looks at Bai Youyou affectionately, supple sound track: Younger sister...... Younger sister!” In that flash, Bai Youyou's eyes was moist, two lines of tears fell, have jumped into the Bai Ziqian's bosom, was weeping the [say / way]: Elder sister!” Bai Ziqian has also cried, she closely is embracing Bai Youyou, two females hold together to choke with sobs, this makes Shen Xiang unreadable, because he thought that this is the most normal name.

Ring inside Su Meiyao said with a smile: little rascal, but also has really your! Does well!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Has the reward? Or and I take a bath anything with my kiss mouth.” Bah!” Why can they like this?” The Shen Xiang doubts asked. You looked that their dispositions knew, they grow up in very brutal environment since childhood, although their fathers are very fierce, but has many wives, at least over a hundred, children's quantity was needless saying that they were the same mother live, a birth could not see their mothers, was lost in a place accepts brutal practice.” Their mothers should be the cold ice physique, therefore on them has Extreme Yin Divine Vein, is two! In order to let them turns into the mean evil and cruel female devil, they cannot be symmetric by the sisters since childhood, can only call the name or the given name. Does not allow to have the sentiment, but they run finally into their mothers, their mother strengths are very strong, contacted a period of time with them quietly, has planted the good seed in their within the body, therefore they are different from other brothers and sisters.” Shen Xiang has not thought that unexpectedly will have this father, regards the tool to train own children! This makes him feel the anger. That environment is very brutal, even if has good aptitude also easily to be killed, moreover kills own often same is flowing the family member of same blood with oneself!” The Su Meiyao's sound also becomes angry. Finally?” Shen Xiang wants to know to be many some Bai Youyou's matters. Finally their mothers were massacred, by a woman killing! Their fathers when three realms great war died......” Su Meiyao not to say again that she discovered she said many.