World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 346
Su Meiyao has not said again, but Shen Xiang obtained a very essential news, Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao are has experienced the hundred thousand year ago that three realms great war people, explained that their strengths are terrorist, far exceed his imagination. Shen Xiang is not silly, quick can think of anything, initially introduced the Immortal Devil Cliff following person Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao, very woman who might kills the Bai Youyou mother! However that woman because of the Blood Contract reason, has not killed Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, but moves their clothes, takes away their all, makes into the severe wound them! Do not want to be too many, at present you must face is big storm of that quick arrival, that is not jokes!” Su Meiyao sighed gently. Bai Youyou and Bai Ziqian they hugged were very long, cried enough, they look at Shen Xiang very much grateful. Does not need to be worried that Sister Youyou is my obligation person, does not have my today without her!” Shen Xiang waves to say. Elder sister, what then do you have to plan?” Bai Youyou asked. Goes back, three realms great war must start! I by the seal the hundred thousand year, I must a bit faster go back to restore Yuan Qi, previous time I have missed, this time cannot miss again! Demon World that group of fellows, I will not let off their.” Bai Ziqian said wickedly. By seal hundred thousand year! The Shen Xiang estimate is past Suppressing Devil divine art lowered, she is pressed here. Sister Ziqian, the past years is who pressed you below? I study Suppressing Devil divine art time, but reminded me to beat stele, therefore you can come out at that time.” Shen Xiang cannot help but looked at the Bai Ziqian's chest, maliciously had been pinched by his rubbing a moment ago. Thinks of this, Bai Ziqian comes to be mad immediately, but she knows that the Shen Xiang manner does not go bad, indeed is her benefactor, but also makes her break that with own younger sister to be cut off together, true recognizing each other! I do not know that who that fellow is, I only know that is Suppressing Devil divine art stems from his hand, because I had the Suppressing Devil divine art person to be defeated, therefore I look for him, begs Suppressing Devil divine art, why wants to have a look at me to lose!” Bai Ziqian said that a here face is then angry, but in the look is also having a fear.

„The fellow only used a finger to be defeated me, I accepted his condition, by the seal in that great tablet, came out until today!” A finger the person who Bai Ziqian defeats, is definitely fierce, Long Xueyi feels surprised. Some people, were that pair of cephalont.” The Long Xueyi loathing said. That Two-Headed Snake Demon is very strong, Shen Xiang hastily told Bai Ziqian: That Two-Headed Snake Demon came, here had many sounds a moment ago, brought in this fellow.” „Does double headed kill the monster? I can solve, after that thing solves, I go back!” Bai Ziqian does not care said. Shen Xiang sees Bai Ziqian to be so self-confident, relaxed: Sister Ziqian your not only person attractively, but also is so fierce, was then laborious you!” Although Bai Ziqian light lightly snorted, but Shen Xiang actually very much enjoys to her thinking highly, at least in her impression, Shen Xiang was first to her said that this words person, usually other people saw that she did not withdraw three zhang (3.33 m), was she attacks brutally, or does not dare to gain ground the speech. Now she knows why Bai Youyou hoping to place on Shen Xiang, because she thought that Shen Xiang this rarely seen has an out of the ordinary charm. Where Sister Ziqian do you want to go back? Doesn't stay here for several days?” Shen Xiang walked divergence, draws the Bai Ziqian's white hands to sway: Stays for several days, accompanies Sister Youyou!” „, My time was very tight! I have not guessed that the wrong words, that spirit surnamed Su definitely side her, they is always together.” Bai Ziqian said that breaks free from Shen Xiang's, she has not thought that unexpectedly has the man to hold her hand on own initiative, this makes her feel that has an unusual feeling. Why Shen Xiang is very curious Su Meiyao not to come out to see the old friend, unexpectedly nest in inside.

Bai Ziqian truly very much rushes to time, she waves gently, has made a great hole in front, moreover does not send out the slight vibration, a crushed stone cannot see, Shen Xiang had been shocked by this strength, he suspected that Gu Dongchen cannot achieve. A great hole opens wide, outside Shen Xiang they only see full are one -and-a-half crowds of-and-a-half person of monsters things, this makes Bai Ziqian look at a brow wrinkle slightly: Demon World thing is that ugly, gives me dead!” During the speeches, her ice-cold elusive sound releases intermittent sound wave, shakes the space, such as watermark such, ripples toward the front. Shen Xiang only thought that front space probably by curving such, during Evil Demon that cannot be counted in the space ripples becomes torn to pieces, has not sent dead including the sound. The flash, front Evil Demon completely was given to kill by Bai Ziqian, this frightens the Shen Xiang mouth to be long the Boss, cannot help but holds the Bai Youyou's white hands, he feels very frightened. Also can stand in front only then that Two-Headed Snake Demon, that two whole face fierce heads full are frightened, his whole body is the bloodstain, although he fortunately survives, big body by that strength making split open. Bai Ziqian sees a Shen Xiang face panic-stricken appearance, in the heart to think very happily, sees only her to dodge to vanish, arrives at that Two-Headed Snake Demon, on a pair of jade palm overflows intermittent Purple Qi, hits to back of the head of that two head. After two heads were hit, immediately spouts the purple blood, at the same time, Bai Ziqian's purple hook overflowed, penetrated the chest of Two-Headed Snake Demon. Sees only that Two-Headed Snake Demon to pour in ground immediately, sends out rending sad and shrill yelling, looks appallingly. My toxin also uses!” Bai Ziqian had proven own toxin , is still making a palm to that Two-Headed Snake Demon, the bang will kill does not remain the dregs. That Two-Headed Snake Demon strength at least is Nirvana Realm, but with ease was actually killed by Bai Ziqian, this departure makes Shen Xiang be awed at the sight.

Sister Youyou, your older sister powerful!” Shen Xiang loosened Bai Youyou's, this lets Bai Youyou gently coldly snorted, she looked own that was pinched the red white hands by Shen Xiang, low snort|hum said: Really useless, this strength is only elder sister's tip of the iceberg.” Bai Ziqian dodged arrived at side Bai Youyou's, her coldly looks at Shen Xiang: You, if dares to bully my younger sister, I will certainly dig up your skin!” Bai Ziqian threatens Shen Xiang, is then gentle looks at Bai Ziqian, holds tightly Bai Ziqian, supple sound track: Younger sister, the elder sister must walk, my stay here will only be limited strength, moreover strength will also be weakened, perhaps three realms great war has not come, I became a disabled person, please forgive me unable to stay here to accompany you!” Bai Youyou said in a soft voice: Elder sister, No problem, I have the friend to accompany me, lived was so long, these days was I crosses joyfully, I know that now meaning of life, you did not need to be worried my!” Bai Youyou looked at Shen Xiang one, to Shen Xiang lightly smiled, showed the beautiful peerless smiling face, Shen Xiang thought that he came here biggest harvest, sees this smiling face, this was one type deeply loves to the life, to the future enthusiastic beautiful smiling face! Shen Xiang thought that Bai Youyou has not needed to diverge that Ruthless Devil Art now, because her the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures completely have ironed now in her soul. Shen Xiang also smiled to her, this is a very happy smiling face, the joyful smiling face from heart of hearts, Su Meiyao and Long Xueyi is also so.