World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 347
Bai Ziqian sees own younger sister to have the so big change, this makes her be pleased, although she knows that all these are the Shen Xiang's merit, but she to Shen Xiang this little rascal cold coldly snorted, she thought that now the chest is painful, if others does, definitely will be suffered tens of thousands years to massacre by her. Younger sister, if possible, diverges that Ruthless Devil Art now!” Bai Ziqian is cleaning the tears on Bai Youyou face, everyone has oneself frail side, Bai Youyou this iceberg beautiful woman is also so, she somewhat does not give up with her elder sister distinguishes. Does not use, that Ruthless Devil Art has not threatened to me now, I possibly cannot practice!” Bai Youyou shook the head. Bai Ziqian sighed lightly: You must be careful, the elder sister walked, later we will again also meet!” Bai Youyou nodded, said with a smile to Bai Ziqian: Elder sister said goodbye!” Bai Ziqian has kissed her cheek, lightly smiled, waved to rip open hole, then entered attains in hole vanish from sight. Sees Bai Youyou to have an appearance of little girl rarely, Shen Xiang may be has broadened the outlook, after seeing Bai Ziqian walked, Shen Xiang studies Bai Youyou a moment ago that type to have the young girl generally shy tune: Elder sister said goodbye!” This makes Su Meiyao throw smiles, Bai Youyou tenderly snorted, then swoops, has thrashed Shen Xiang two, then returned to the ring. „Is this shatter void?” Shen Xiang looks the space crack that [say / way] vanishes gradually, in the heart sighs with emotion was saying. One day your also energy!” Bai Youyou said that present she became lively, although she was a face ice-cold, but this has been her for many years reason, cannot change, the expression that but at least now she and Shen Xiang speaks becomes temperate, making people not think repugnant. Even if her such will not be ill-flavored, because she is a beauty . Moreover the sound is also of pleasant to hear, Shen Xiang instead is a little not familiar with.

Shen Xiang remembers itself to stay in this inside now for three months, although these three months were also many many Evil Demon, but in had been killed by Bai Ziqian a moment ago completely, this makes Shen Xiang feel that actually the pressure was smaller. He turns into the bird flight on road, a furnace chirp was also calling, idled very happily. Sister Meiyao, why don't you come out to see Sister Ziqian?” Shen Xiang asked. I and she have enmity, no one wants to see who!” Su Meiyao tenderly snorted and said. What enmity? Can say with me?” Shen Xiang asked curiously. Cannot!” Su Meiyao flatly refuses, this makes Shen Xiang curious, he was guessing correctly that was this, but wants to know the process very much. Shen Xiang departed One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain, although inside these Evil Demon were massacred, but, also will have, moreover that large formation also, but that Two-Headed Snake Demon died, not having the control of Two-Headed Snake Demon, restriction also slowly to lose the function, he somewhat regretted that has not called that Bai Ziqian to destroy. Returned to Tianmen City, Shen Xiang to discover that this urban unexpectedly became very lively, under inquired, knows, because the heroic congress must convene, the disciples of various factions hit here, other continent's big sect also one after another dare to come, discussed together how to deal with the important matter of that catastrophe. Shen Xiang returns to Extreme Martial Sect, as soon as he steps into the front door, Gu Dongchen appears on suddenly in front of him. Good, I have also thought that you died! Otherwise I must by Liu Meng'er this woman being tired.” Gu Dongchen relaxed, draws Shen Xiang to fly toward Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm.

In secret room, only then Shen Xiang and Gu Dongchen, Shen Xiang is reorganizing own fallen hair, that is Gu Dongchen flies the quick reason. Nosing news person, although can all come back, but actually what cannot look up, you went for three months, what did you look up?” Gu Dongchen hastily asked: Other continent's people come one after another, they knew that our anything news does not know, definitely will ridicule our.” Shen Xiang curls the lip, said: Do the words that they have planting, make them go? That inside situation very not optimistic......” Shen Xiang space split open, comes in many small Evil Demon matters to tell Gu Dongchen. „Have you set on fire?” Gu Dongchen thought that the matter is serious, but he knew after that fierce Two-Headed Snake Demon died, then relaxed, because that restriction breaks quickly. Has put a point, has killed many Evil Demon, otherwise do I stay in that for a long time do do?” Shen Xiang said. After Gu Dongchen obtains the useful news, fills with joyfully, he knows that will send Shen Xiang to go definitely to have very big harvest, but this will also make Liu Meng'er ask him to inquire the Shen Xiang's whereabouts every other day. Young Martial Uncle, you were really good skill, Liu Meng'er this woman to be dead set on to you probably, knew that you for a long time did not come back, but was worried, you a bit faster looked for her! She in the Tianmen City Divine Weapon shop, probably also led your little wife. Oh, Young Martial Uncle you are really lucky in love great.” Gu Dongchen envies the envy to hate to look at Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang trampled his foot, then hurried departure Extreme Martial Sect, arrived at the Divine Weapon shop in city, as soon as he goes in sees several wear very magnificent men, they are very handsome, dress up very neatly, like miss such, the waist is hanging the precious jade pendant, grasps the folding fan, sits on some inside chairs of Divine Weapon shop. Quite fierce, is True Martial Realm 7th Stage, the 8th Stage fellow, moreover True Qi is vigorous pure, looks like foundation is good!” In Shen Xiang heart the strength of secret surprised that several man.

Shen Xiang first time comes to this Extreme Martial Sect's Divine Weapon shop, this inside person thought that he somewhat looks familiar, has not recognized him, let alone he now puts on cloddish, the hair is disorderly, moreover is having the beard, who can associate to is that reputation bubbling like a caldron Shen Xiang. Now he was known as that the Chenwu Mainland strongest young people, the fiercest young alchemy master, young martial artist takes him as to flaunt. I am find the person.” Shen Xiang whispered, he does not want to put out that Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's sign, in order to avoid makes others misunderstand his Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er's relationship, because he knows that now that sign is rare. He from Extreme Martial Sect quickly arrived, has not masqueraded with enough time, he worried that Liu Meng'er will worry to go to One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain to look for him, he passes through the gate has not induced to Liu Meng'er and Xue Xianxian, was cut off probably by fierce restriction above. „Are you also look for Xue Xianxian's? I urged you first to go back to dress up, does your this also want to see others? Moreover you must line up.” Sits contemptuously looks at Shen Xiang in a that side man, jokes. Shen Xiang traces the coarse and stiff beard of chin, said with a smile: This you do you look for Xue Xianxian to do?” Naturally is proposes, isn't good?” That purple clothes man said with a sneer. Shen Xiang laughs immediately, he laughs, while yelled: Xianxian, you give me to get down, do some people need to propose to you? You here, fellow did not wait to be very long!”