World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 349
Shen Xiang rare and two female together, at this time they are kidding around to play, like three mischievous children, makes in chaos that small hall, although Liu Meng'er blamed, but did not prevent, but studied Shen Xiang to give her these spirit pattern in the room. Elder brother, when are you willing I to fight one? I want to take a look at my present strength to be what kind of!” Leng Youlan is swinging Shen Xiang's, acts like a spoiled brat saying: Hits one with others!” Shen Xiang knows that Leng Youlan is a very militant woman, but he thought the words that one and Leng Youlan hit, the strength definitely is unable to display completely, as the matter stands he will lose. Although loses to own younger sister, but this martial arts contest is meaningless, Leng Youlan will win will be unhappy. Xue Xianxian also joins in the fun, happily said with a smile: Brother Xiao Xiang, I must contend in martial arts with you, in childhood hadn't we said? Some day can become fierce martial artist, we must get one fully.” The Shen Xiang corner of the eye is twitching, he smiles bitterly saying: Two eldest sisters, you have circled me, the words that to be honest I and you hit will definitely lose!” How can? Hears your previous and Beast Martial Sect's Yan Yanran martial arts contest time, but is not forgiving . Moreover the method is very sinister.” Leng Youlan both hands hold the chest, is watching intently Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang is not willing to contend in martial arts with her, this makes her some not happy. Shen Xiang shakes the head to sigh: How can say that I am sinister? But I have not hit her face, from this, explained my softheartedness, the person of showing tender affection. To the woman under me the heavy hand, I and you hit unable to display the strength to come, if I exhausted fully, will destroy you, I will love dearly.” Makes Master look at the same time will not have the matter.” A Xue Xianxian face mischievous smiling face, can see her to want very much at the martial arts contest, can punch Shen Xiang. The Shen Xiang secret heartbeat, he was discovering that Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan together stayed for a long time, became the violence gets up, Leng Youlan was a violence female, only then appeared before she very intimate person clever, otherwise depending on her wild disposition, can definitely annoy many matters to come. „It is not good, if there is any accident, will make me regret life-long.” Shen Xiang shakes the head saying that no matter what, he does not want to fight with these two women, that will make him have not the good premonition, especially sees Leng Youlan and on Xue Xianxian that face the mischievous smiling face. Liu Meng'er understands Shen Xiang, she walks to break through: Words that your girls want to fight, I lead you to look for these overseas continent's little brat martial arts contests, but you do not permit to lose!”

Elder Sister Liu, is this real? I will definitely not lose, leads me to go quickly!” Leng Youlan said excitedly that Shen Xiang knows some people must have bad luck. A Xue Xianxian eyeball revolution, said with a smile lightly: Youlan, or do we come to live with the bride's family what kind of compared with the article? Who has won us, marries us!” Shen Xiang hearing this, has a big shock, hurriedly said: This? You were my wife.” Xue Xianxian sees Shen Xiang such to worry, chuckle said: I know certainly that I meant helps Youlan live with the bride's family, this is a good opportunity, now is on each continent the fierce person.” „It is not good, I am the Youlan elder brother, her wedding cannot be so careless!” Shen Xiang said firmly. Leng Youlan said with a smile: I thought that this method is good, can try!” Liu Meng'er walks, has patted Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan's head, blamed: Have not made, your also does if wanted find the person to contend in martial arts with me? But many fellows arrive at Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire to be a guest, I to let you come to see this brat, but has postponed the time that and these people met.” Xue Xianxian spits the tongue mischievously, said with a smile: Knows that Master is a beauty, is renowned, these fellows arrive at Chenwu Mainland, first is comes Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire to be a guest, to not see Master this beautiful woman.” little girl, loquacious!” Liu Meng'er has pinched the Xue Xianxian's cheek, then looked that said to Shen Xiang: After a period of time the person uneven will hold the heroic congress, should hold in Extreme Martial Sect, these two girls just broke through, the hand is itchy.” Shen Xiang nodded, this disappoints him somewhat, because cannot with Liu Meng'er intimate.

Liu Meng'er led two females to leave Tianmen City, Shen Xiang also returned to Extreme Martial Sect, although the Extreme Martial Sect's person were many, but was actually inferior to Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, because after overseas these continent's sect Dean Big Shot arrived at Chenwu Mainland, went to Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire. Beautiful woman Refining Master is really different, where no matter is most popular.” Su Meiyao happily said with a smile. „Isn't the beautiful woman alchemy master also same? For example Sister Meiyao, Hehe.” Shen Xiang returned to Extreme Dan King Courtyard, he has met Wu Qianqian, chatted several with her, asks that Yun Xiaodao their situation, knows them in carrying on anxious and brutal practice, that in King Martial Courtyard. Wu Qianqian is also busy, not only need find the time to come out alchemy to raise the alchemy level, but must follow practice that King Martial Courtyard arranges, therefore she cannot with Shen Xiang say that too for a long time walked. Her strength is very quickly increased! In the future definitely is an extraordinary woman.” Long Xueyi said that previous time she is the model Shen Xiang's sound has sexually harassed Wu Qianqian. Extreme Dan King Courtyard covers in silence all day, Shen Xiang was also used to it, but he somewhat thinks of Elder Dan now. Azure Profound Fruit already maturity, many Azure Profound Fruit!” Night, Shen Xiang sits on the roof, looks in small medicine garden these to send out the beautiful ray flowers and plants trees, looks is dazzled, happy incomparable. Old that Azure Profound Fruit Tree has 40 fruits, that two that just planted altogether 20! He knows after must experience several results, finally can have 40.

Now he has harvested 60 Azure Profound Fruit! This is 60 Building Foundation Dan, each furnace four grains of words, are 240 grains, so many Building Foundation Dan, any sect will be crazy. Later whose dregs annoys the father, father is battered to death him with Building Foundation Dan!” Shen Xiang Ha Ha said while loudly laughing. Hurries to plant some multi- Five Elements True Elemental Dan herbs, this pill currently has very big use to you, can make you cross True Martial Realm this stage, even if you enter into Peak Realm, the use is still very big.” Su Meiyao said. Five Elements True Elemental Dan herbs his also one, majority are Elder Dan helps him acquired, he has wanted to thank Elder Dan, but she does not appear. Five Colored Profound Fruit can plant a fruit tree, Five Leaf Grass can plant the grass seed, five colors Lotus Flower can also come out with the lotus seed type, but Colorless Spirit Mushroom let his headache. This simple, you cut get down together, bury in earth, watered that's alright with dragon saliva by all means that quick will be long.” Su Meiyao said that she is very experienced in this aspect. Shen Xiang has not thought that Colorless Spirit Mushroom unexpectedly is so simple can the batch planter, in his heart one happy, starts to plant Five Elements True Elemental Dan herbs busily.