World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 350
Shen Xiang plants his spirit herb with single-hearted devotion, but passed for two days, Wu Kaiming looks for him, said that some people must challenge him, but was rejected by him. Later again has this fellow to look for me, you let them first are defeated Free Immortal Sea Xiao Chou and Beast Martial Sect's Yan Yanran look for me again, father fights with them, but can refine several furnace pill, wastes my time.” This is Shen Xiang and Wu Kaiming words, since he comes back from One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain, many people challenge him, martial arts contest also has, compared with alchemy also has, but he actually looks but not see, wholly-absorbed his spirit herb. He not only wants herbs, but must exercise martial arts, daytime after looking after spirit herb, starts to practice Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art to strengthen his True Qi, will practice also Nine Turn Dragon God Technique to practice the soul of Divine Dao, to the evening must condense golden dragon saliva. Has the time he also to practice some martial skill or refines some Building Foundation Dan, time secure filled. dragon brat, my present Divine Soul was so big, can let 72 Transformations and that Heavenly Dragon Seal become stronger some?” Shen Xiang asked that previous time he witnessed that Heavenly Dragon Seal of Long Xueyi release, then his were too more. 72 Transformations primarily utilizes magic power, when your magic power arrives at the certain extent, can the skilled utilization time, can change some bigger thing, you should be able to turn into the cat now, dog, pig, fish and so on thing, changes tiger anything also insufficient, you ponder over change, does not understand asks me again.” Long Xueyi said. Thinks that must practice changes pig dog type of thing, in the Shen Xiang heart secretly is not feeling well. little girl, you are play my!” Shen Xiang coldly snorted: What advantage turns into the pig to have? Turning into the bird can fly, turning into fish can go into hiding in the water, turning into the mole can drill a hole, his mother changes the pig and dog is not being useful?” Saying with a smile of Long Xueyi giggle: You are not stupid! Turning into the bird can peeping others take a bath, turns into the fish also to mix in peeps in the water, you think certainly.”

Dead girl, this was you said that you did not say I have not known changed the fish can have this use.” Shen Xiang ridicules to say. Did not play you, 72 Transformations learned with a lively mind, learns anything to change! Not only turns into small creature anything, can turn into other chair table trees things, when your magic power arrives at the certain extent time, I teach you again.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang turns into the fish on the practice now, since his previous time changes after magic power invisible pill furnace, his utilization to the magic power deeply, now he has studied changes other things the time is also relaxed, is quick he to turn into a carp in the water to hover. Later you go to the Lotus Island's time, can turn into the fish to submerge under the seabed to seek for the crystal ore, that Emperor Crystal do not waste.” Su Meiyao said with a smile. Shen Xiang obtains that Emperor Crystal not to use, thinks that sea area that Lotus Island governs has the innumerable crystal ores, he wishes one could to fly to seek, so long as he top grade crystal stones, other does not want. These days makes Shen Xiang feel very substantial, although he has many pressures, but the easy life has well, this month he learned to change other animals, some were not very practical, but made him be familiar with 72 Transformations. Five herbs! The successful words, are 50 grains of Five Elements True Elemental Dan!” Shen Xiang also feels somewhat accidentally, because this Five Elements True Elemental Dan herbs adolescence speed imagines him is faster, naturally this also because of his strength promotion, the golden dragon saliva accelerate ripening speed also became quick. In the secret room, Shen Xiang has put out Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace! Building Foundation Dan and Hundred Beasts Dan that this month he refines with Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace and that Refining Simulation Technique. Because the Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace alchemy time situation and that Illusionary Brilliant Furnace are different, therefore he must from new familiar Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, be able to carry on the accurate calculation, had has used the experience of Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, now he uses Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace to be also relaxed.

Illusionary Brilliant Furnace comes out with magic power condense, results in the time to look with Divine Sense that but Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace actually anything does not need, naturally can make more complete use Divine Sense calculate. In order to give the later excellent Refining Simulation Technique foundation, Shen Xiang, no matter refines any pill to display Refining Simulation Technique, this is also Su Meiyao makes him do, pill who because later refines is more difficult, even if also is very easy to be defeated with Refining Simulation Technique, now foundation, after him has very big advantage. Can pick up the speed with Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, but he slows down some words, the success ratio of refinement will be higher, especially refines Five Elements True Elemental Dan this quite strange pill, he cannot be careless, although he can the batch plant herbs to come, the words that but is defeated will make him love dearly. Previous time he in the competition refines Five Elements True Elemental Dan has very profound memory, after having that success, then he will be also easier, because he knows that the process of refinement is what kind, can be easier to calculate, like the previous time cannot that the headache. Quite a while passes, the consecutively two furnaces he has succeeded, because now is not the competition, therefore his speed is slow . Moreover the middle has also rested very long time, at this time he to refining Five Elements True Elemental Dan had to experience, this was his first time refined pills the time will not be defeated, moreover this type was difficult to build up moreover high level pills. Must know beforehand refinement time, will always be defeated many talents to succeed, making him lose massive herbs, now he grasped Refining Simulation Technique initially, can make him avoid this loss, he thought after one, will be at most also defeated several times to succeed to learn a pill, but after him, herbs that pill who must build up needs is very rare, a failure can make him want to cry but have no tears. 20 grains of Five Elements True Elemental Dan! Words that it is estimated that eats up completely, will not enter into True Martial Realm 7th Stage, later must promote the strength to be getting more and more difficult!” Shen Xiang lies down on the Extreme Dan King Courtyard lawn, looks at the deep blue sky, this Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm inside scenery is attractive, can make him calm the mind to handle the matter. pēng pēng pēng! Some people knock on a door, Shen Xiang hear of knocks know that was Gu Dongchen. He stands languidly, stretched oneself to walk to open the door.

What matter has?” Shen Xiang has hit a yawn, just built up pill to make him somewhat exhausted, only then he dares to Extreme Martial Sect's Dean this, a politeness not to have. Went in said again!” Gu Dongchen pushed the door to come in directly, Shen Xiang got him to come to a secret room. Shen Xiang made water of one cup of drinking to give Gu Dongchen casually, said: Let I fought or competition alchemy exempt, I have no free time now!” Relax, after having Herculean Clan that little rascal makes your shield, fewer and fewer people look for you, but that little rascal present fame be older than you! That little rascal also shouts was saying that you initially defeated him by the luck, added that any he initially did not have the condition, in brief was finds various excuses to deny you to win his fact!” Gu Dongchen shakes the head saying: This is not, what is more exasperating was unexpectedly has a troop fellow to believe.” Shen Xiang thinks otherwise, says with a smile: Little Featherhead, you are stir up me to become an official? Have not thought that I am preparation whole-heartedly deal with that big storm now, said with a smile final was the winner, now was seriously injured accidentally, caused to bog down that to trouble.”