World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 353
Shen Xiang plunges into deep hole, Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen depart, they have given a Shen Xiang privilege, later can come and go out this region at will. Now he plunges into deep hole not to be limited, can free flies from below, will not be resisted by strength. Huang Jintian in roasting very big cow leg, Shen Xiang suddenly is falling, pounds the fire of high-piled firewood crushes, when Huang Jintian must act crazy, actually sees is own young apprentice, this made him cry out strangely. „Am I having a dream?” Huang Jintian looks at Shen Xiang that dirty look, the suddenly crazy laughs: I definitely have a dream.” Shen Xiang has snatched that cow leg, has nipped several meat greatly, said with a smile: Master, you have not had a dream, disciple asked you to play.” Huang Jintian touches the Shen Xiang's head, has been startled being startled, crazy laughs. little rascal, is really rare! Let alone is you, your transcend Heaven World's Senior Brother feared that I fear, you have the guts to get down unexpectedly. Then, you have any matter to look for me!” Huang Jintian this time bears not have fight to suffer Shen Xiang unexpectedly. Shen Xiang swallowed under the belly the meat in mouth, said with a smile: Master, you did not say that makes me get down frequently? Therefore I got down.” I truly have said that but I think that your left ear enters the right ear to leave! I have said to your Senior Brother and that several Martial Nephew, but they have the important matter time under comes to see me, is your little rascal is good!” Huang Jintian nodded, that pair of bright profound pupil flashes through wipes the mischievous happy expression, making the Shen Xiang whole body break into sweat. Master, I am think the promotion strength that can actually fight steadily, you look at me but now True Martial Realm 6th Stage, but I also want to be quicker, after my some pills eat up, can make me enter into True Martial Realm 7th Stage, but I worried that meets the foundation not to be steady, therefore I got down.” Shen Xiang said honestly. Your this brat truly promotes quickly, was right, did you learn that Suppressing Devil divine art?” Huang Jintian remembered him to make Shen Xiang take that Suppressing Devil divine art at this time. Shen Xiang nodded.

Said the process, Suppressing Devil divine art is not easy to learn.” Huang Jintian also hears, he has not studied. Shen Xiang the details of process said that to the Huang Jintian hear, this makes Huang Jintian sigh with emotion again and again, he does not know that Suppressing Devil divine art actually is so mysterious, the process of study is also not too difficult. No wonder on the Extreme Martial Sect's old book said person who has Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit can learn, so that's how it is!” Why Huang Jintian just started not to know, him understands now. Must want to learn Suppressing Devil divine art, must burn down these chant with Heavenly Sun Fire, irons in the soul, when remembers chant, unconscious start. This divine art strange place makes Huang Jintian broaden the outlook. little rascal, Chenwu Mainland gathers that many people now, in these fellows also many experienced, some possible some initially to rob my Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art person, my True Qi they understood very much, therefore after you exit, best is little with that strength that five elements of True Qi fuses becomes.” Huang Jintian very serious saying. If were discovered that that is very danger(ous). But Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art Imperial Dragon Clan unsurpassed cultivation technique, wants to obtain including Heaven World's expert, let alone this Mortal World people. Shen Xiang nodded. Huang Jintian said with a smile: What do you have to promote the strength pills? Puts out to come to see, making me set Practice plan to you.” Shen Xiang put out Five Elements True Elemental Dan, Huang Jintian has recognized, in the past he was also one generation of men of the hour, has travelled for pleasure many continent, experienced, but has not actually seen these many Five Elements True Elemental Dan. He knows that own this young apprentice is the fierce alchemy master, has not thought how to be abnormal, this age can build up this type pill who is difficult to build up.

little rascal, I can affirm, your transcend speed compared with your Senior Brother quickly!” Huang Jintian looks at these exquisitely carved Five Elements True Elemental Dan, the feeling said. Shen Xiang said with a smile: This is also lucky the instruction of Master! I must a bit faster promote the strength, outside has Herculean Clan little rascal to shout is challenging me.” Huang Jintian smiles: Herculean Clan little rascal? Hehe, truly should teach these rampant fellows, Master I had taught many Herculean Clan fellows in the past.” Then, Huang Jintian has made the plan of practice to Shen Xiang, 150 grains of Five Elements True Elemental Dan divide three times to eat, every other ten days eat one time, but underwent his suffering -type training to the daytime, in the evening on practice True Qi, must fight a double-hour with Huang Jintian every day. The one who makes Shen Xiang worried is, his True Martial Realm 6th Stage, was unable condense to leave Dragon Force to come, after cultivating Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, condense Dragon Force is strongest one True Qi shape, he has asked Long Xueyi, Long Xueyi said that his crucial moment is insufficient. Shen Xiang first time falls into this time, experiences Dragon Force that Huang Jintian has displayed, at that time almost frightened the urine him, no matter how but he defers to Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art to go to condense, is unable condense to come out. He told Huang Jintian this, Huang Jintian was also said that his crucial moment was insufficient. I think after you enter into True Martial Realm 7th Stage, can condense come out, this strength is very strong, moreover was recognized very much easily by some fierce fellows, certainly cannot work as the front of too many person to use.” Huang Jintian said that only then cultivated the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art person to be able condense to leave Dragon Force. Long Xueyi also knows the Dragon Force no small matter, therefore she lends Shen Xiang strength time, does not use Dragon Force, but uses her True Qi, she is the dragon, inherent has Dragon Force. Brutal practice starts, in order to promotes the strength, Shen Xiang only to endure patiently! In that huge deep hole starts to reverberate Shen Xiang that rending roaring, Huang Jintian is tempering Shen Xiang fleshly body each with a special technique, is not only fleshly body can be therefore formidable, True Qi also will become purer, the foundation will be more solid, this also will be the Extreme Martial Sect Three Great Big Shots that formidable reason.

Shen Xiang thought that the time passes slowly, withstands that type to let he incomparably frightened pain very much every day, but each time after pain, he will have many harvests, so encourages him to continue. 150 grains of Five Elements True Elemental Dan finished eating, under the Huang Jintian's help, Shen Xiang can use the pills fast promotion again without scruple, unknowingly, true element grains of his within the body has increased 50 grains! He has entered into True Martial Realm 7th Stage, but that beast image was also only the partial place has actually shone a point, wanting innumerable true element grains in five beast image to shine completely, has not known when must arrive. With the Huang Jintian expectation is the same, Shen Xiang has entered into True Martial Realm 7th Stage in one month, now he in the crucial time, he is trying condense Dragon Force! condense Dragon Force not only needs True Qi vigorously to a degree, but also needs the perception, senses the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art mysterious place, this often dodges in that Divine Halo in an instant! suddenly, the Shen Xiang forehead concentrates, he only thought that True Qi in within the body was found time immediately most probably, but presented a white luminous spot of grain of rice size in his palm. This is Dragon Force, is sending out incomparably formidable strength, the aura that well up, stirs up in basin water turbulent fluctuating, this makes Shen Xiang look excited.