World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 355
A Shen Xiang appearance, in plaza is peaceful. Today he carefully has dressed up, the heroic spirit is threatening. Shen Xiang's handsome face edges and corners are distinct, are similar to dark night stars common pupil glittering the firm and resolute ray, his corners of the mouth hang are wiping the light smile, appears especially charming. The body was being wrapped by black skintight clothes, looks like very vigorous and healthy, is passing thick male character, is dynamic, making in some female hearts in field acclaim secretly. Sees this manner uncommon man to appear, these martial artist from overseas in a low voice were discussing, they have seen the Shen Xiang's portrait, but the honorable person has not actually seen, now feels Shen Xiang that uncommon makings, thought in the person with picture to have the difference of heaven and earth. Many people know that Shen Xiang had defeated Xiao Chou, but Xiao Chou and Free Immortal Sea in all directions are actually disseminating the false information, talked into both have equal share the result of fight actually, moreover said that Shen Xiang mainly depends on the luck, what making Shen Xiang not know whether to laugh or cry, Free Immortal Sea unexpectedly said that on the same day Xiao Chou brings the severe wound to go on stage! Many people believed that especially these by the person who Xiao Chou defeated, they knew Shen Xiang's cultivation base Xiao Chou was lower than the time, believed in firmly, in them also had much is higher than Xiao Chou cultivation base, but still disastrous defeat, therefore they believed these hearsay very much. Xiao Ziliang is smiling at the same time, this time is he and a Free Immortal Sea elder, Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming arrange barrier, even if plaza ruins, that also has nothing to do with him, moreover his these time is confident to Xiao Chou, has a failure, will not have the second time. Shen Xiang, your turtle, hid for a long time finally has such been willing to come out!” Xiao Chou uses that immature voice shouted. Looks at present this baby, Shen Xiang is secretly funny, with the Long Xueyi those words: He is a kid, punches his that's it. Previous time you have used the despicable trick, me defeats in the situation that I was seriously injured, therefore that martial arts contest did not keep a promise!” Xiao Chou loudly exclaimed.

Observing person Jing Jing (quietly) looks, although this is only the fights of two True Martial Realm, Nirvana Realm Dean Big Shot that but these come from far away actually very anticipated that after all this is the peak showdowns of Chenwu Mainland two strongest young people, but Xiao Chou has defeated they outstanding disciple. Because Xiao Chou is antique Herculean Clan, therefore they do not think to lose face, after all they are the normal people, but they know that has humanity to win Herculean Clan, was hard to believe that therefore they must watch this martial arts contest earnestly. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Child have lied is not good!” Father was several hundred -year-old person, when you my grandsons did not match!” Xiao Chou most disliked others saying that he was a child, person who let alone now is Shen Xiang this has been defeated his. He He, if you are my son I not to shut out but actually, shouts a father quickly!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, this made in the field erupt a laughter loudly. The Xiao Chou air/Qi results in the whole body to tremble, angry he understands to calm down unexpectedly, this makes Shen Xiang be but actually surprised, previous time he discovered that Herculean Clan is easy, this is a very big writing brush. plaza side, the Xue Xianxian surface is obstructing white gauze, whispered: Master, Brother Xiao Xiang previous time defeats this little rascal with the method really?” Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan they came, they have looked at several fights of Xiao Chou with own eyes, although they are also very strong, but thinks one at most are also only and Xiao Chou both have equal share, words that must win, they do not have what confidence. Liu Meng'er had pondered, said: Cannot say that is method, is only Shen Xiang fierce martial arts, can cause the mental above damage to the opposite party, currently Xiao Chou is so confident, compared has the means to overcome! Previous fight time, Shen Xiang's strength truly is well below Xiao Chou, therefore Xiao Chou will lose refuses to accept.”

Shen Xiang also won to refuse to accept, that contends in martial arts he to think own win not the military, because he on strength on weak Xiao Chou one section, therefore his these time must make up, otherwise he will not accept the challenge. If not barrier has not completed, perhaps Xiao Chou already got rid. Xiao Chou strength such, has not promoted anything, but Shen Xiang actually promotes 7th Stage from True Martial Realm 5th Stage, before present he compares, is more formidable, must know that he has accepted Huang Jintian that brutal practice in that forbidden land. Xiao Chou does not know that Shen Xiang suddenly that many, he does not certainly think that a person can continuously promote two ranks in the short several months cultivation base, because this point does not conform to the common sense. Shen Xiang this time cannot use Universe True Qi, because all around Nirvana Realm martial artist were too many, if were recognized his strange True Qi by them, perhaps will guess correctly that he is the Huang Jintian's apprentice. This matter Xiao Ziliang is knows that but he actually does not dare saying that he knows consequence that said. But now he guessed that Shen Xiang does not dare to use Five Elements Universe True Qi, this is also he especially calls that many Nirvana Realm martial artist to watch one of martial arts contest reasons. barrier has completed, four Nirvana Realm martial artist release strength to come, to cover the plaza central area, forms a transparent cover to cover the center, but also thorough underground, protects these to be easiest to receive the damage the floor tile. Starts!” Gu Dongchen yelled, he has not seen Shen Xiang many, but knows that Shen Xiang one month came from that Hell general place practice. Those who let him somewhat be worried, Shen Xiang is now impossible to use Universe True Qi, otherwise very easy exposed, he now to detect that this is very disadvantageous to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang is normal humanity, Xiao Chou is Herculean Clan, in the blood is flowing mysterious strength, making them have powerful fleshly body, inborn Divine Power, along with the practice, their strengths will be more formidable.

Therefore Xiao Chou in the same rank, is hits to spread around the world not to have the rival, this makes him prouder! Martial arts contest from the beginning, first what attacks is Xiao Chou, he now is angry, but he actually did not mess up because of angry like before, but was melts angrily is strength, this progress made Shen Xiang hold in high esteem to him but actually. A Xiao Chou lightning general leap, that small fist suddenly gushes out a seismic wave, as if can shake the space to be ordinary, when he is wielding the fist, to rely on jump the impulse that has, making own fist above strength more formidable. The Shen Xiang fist grasps, was containing the belt shake wave small fist to hit to Xiao Chou that by the fist to the fist, previous Shen Xiang was also such and Xiao Chou hits. The fist of Xiao Chou is bringing his inherent strength, makes strength through some martial skill wild, thus has the fierce shake, but the Shen Xiang's fist is actually burning the flame, the entire fist probably by the heat such, that scalding hot aura spout with the steaming flame. Two fists bump into, strength fierce hit together of two heterogeneities, unexpectedly fused one, then blows out a explosion sound, strength along with explosion dispersing, rushes in all directions, arouses strong winds, hits on visible barrier. As their fights with the fists, the curtain of this fierce struggle pulls open officially.