World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 356
Shen Xiang has used fire attribute True Qi, has not used that invisible colorless strange True Qi, this will make his strength considerably weaken without doubt, but Shen Xiang actually keeps off Xiao Chou that fist now, could see that their strength are on a par. Shen Xiang at the previous that martial arts contest, even if uses a invisible colorless True Qi weak Xiao Chou big truncation, but unexpectedly only uses Fire True Qi now with the Xiao Chou strength quite, this makes Xiao Ziliang unreadable! On the same day has looked at these fierce martial artist of Shen Xiang fight, now sees Shen Xiang to have in a big way progressive, this lets them surprisedly. The small fist of Xiao Chou closely grabs, above is belching smoke, that boiling hot True Qi crazily emerged in his arm a moment ago, how he has learned to deal with this situation luckily the method. Your how become stronger that many?” Xiao Chou loudly shouted, is a fist, long jab Shen Xiang's head. The Shen Xiang present speed is also quick, Huang Jintian when trains him, emphatically helps the Shen Xiang winding speed, making him in the fight agiler, can shunt the enemy to be strong with the quickest speed and quick attack. Xiao Chou to own speed is very self-confident, before had True Martial Realm 7th Stage martial artist, because it is estimated that does not arrive at his terrifying speed, was defeated by his one move. Xiao Chou clenches teeth, can hit shortly maliciously , on Shen Xiang eye, actually suddenly hit to empty, he felt that he moved the Shen Xiang's eyelash, but was shunted by Shen Xiang. After Shen Xiang is sideways to evade, Hehe, a palm lays out, hits directly to the small face of Xiao Chou, as he takes control, said lightning glow innumerably from his palm instantaneous flash. That is very wild Lightning True Qi, but also flashes past, his big palm on fan maliciously on the small cheek of Xiao Chou, moreover is good to erupt together the deafening rumbled sound, as if that side Heaven-shaking thunderclap. Shen Xiang a moment ago that Shocking Heaven Palm with fully strength, moreover is bringing vigorous lightning strength, the might can destroy a mountain, seeing him to display wild palm technique conveniently, the people shocks all.

Xiao Chou has miscalculated, the Shen Xiang's speed was faster than before, strength was stronger than before, moreover got rid very ruthless. His that thin white small delicate and gentle features presented red being in charge, the corners of the mouth also had the bloodstain, this made him feel that incomparably angry, a chest volcano was erupting probably, he only wants to burn now oneself, did not hesitate to probably Shen Xiang be defeated. Shen Xiang directly applies makeup now, this is most offending somebody self-respect behavior, under the normal martial arts contest, little hits others' face, most goes to the drivehead, can see Shen Xiang is intentionally. Shen Xiang, I must butcher you!” Xiao Chou was roaring angrily, that delicate voice hoarse like duck, that eye was red, the forehead was exploding the blue vein, muscle was towering, now he like a gotten angry wild animal. suddenly, Xiao Chou that thin and small body trembles, white violent-tempered explodes from him, Xiao Chou exuded one to roar, plaza shivered immediately. The anger made Xiao Chou stimulate to hide in his body inside strength, that was the antique Herculean Clan terrifying potential! This makes these Dean Big Shot shock all, this terrifying potential made them feel the threat, if Xiao Chou adolescence got up, without doubt will be a very fierce fellow, in the same rank was absolutely difficult the rival. His mother, and old lunatic said equally fierce, this is Herculean Clan person strength awakens?” Shen Xiang unexpectedly has smiled, everyone could see that Xiao Chou because of getting angry to erupt compared with usually more intrepid strength, but Shen Xiang is not only not anxious, instead also smiled. His can unexpectedly smile? Many people think that his brain has the problem! Before Huang Jintian, has boasted with Shen Xiang, said that he has taught many Herculean Clan people, moreover he also told Shen Xiang, to enrage the Herculean Clan person truly, the quickest means applied makeup, moreover must fan maliciously, the fan before many people. However this will cause the Herculean Clan person to enter a demented condition, strength rises suddenly many times, unusual terror. little rascal, goes to the fan quickly he! Now but the good opportunity, your lunatic Master not saying that after enraging them, they will erupt very strong strength to come, but this will also make them fall into a stop of strength promotion, at this time was their weakness, you must seize this opportunity!” Long Xueyi hastily shouted, her very repugnant Herculean Clan.

Shen Xiang smiled, such as the electricity rushed generally, on a pair of palm winds around lightning net Thunder Si, the people are also shocking, in Xiao Chou stimulates in within the body strength, actually hears a explosion sound, saw only the face of Xiao Chou by Shen Xiang fan maliciously a palm. strength of this palm was the same with that palm a moment ago, but after this palm hits, seems having the suction like that Xiao Chou that must fly attracting, then another palm falls, is dazzling lightning glow explodes to dodge. Shen Xiang that wild and Shocking Heaven Palm continuously appeared, these time is bringing lightning, making the person look shocks incomparably, looks fearful and apprehensive, moreover this is hits on a face of child. strength of Xiao Chou within the body unceasingly is still exploding to well up, this stimulates strength time obviously takes a process, this process made Xiao Chou fall into an unusual condition, keeping him from controlling the body, can only make own body be devastated by Shen Xiang unceasingly. This is the Herculean Clan weakness, Xiao Chou do not know, only then has not awakened strength Herculean Clan to be useful to these. The Xiao Chou body braves the white clouds unceasingly, the aura when that is strength rises suddenly spout crazily, is very formidable, but he actually cannot hit back. The Xiao Chou two faces by Shen Xiang that type of destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth general anger palm crazy fan, being been making the people cannot help but feel that their face somewhat is painful, let alone is Xiao Chou. Xiao Ziliang looks secretly clenches teeth, he saw that Shen Xiang enrages Xiao Chou intentionally, then took advantage that Xiao Chou awakens the time crazy attack of strength. Brother Xiao Xiang is quite really ruthless!” Xue Xianxian slightly frowned said that she little sees Shen Xiang to contend in martial arts, now sees such overbearing Shen Xiang, she knows why before , Shen Xiang will reject and her contends in martial arts. This satisfying! The elder brother is great, has the opportunity I to with the elder brother dispute!” Leng Youlan excitedly said, this lets Xue Xianxian and Liu Meng'er is speechless, seeing Shen Xiang to be so strong, unexpectedly must hit with Shen Xiang!

The people and breath, are looking that Shen Xiang attacks two small cheeks of Xiao Chou crazily! Especially these once by Xiao Chou has defeated these martial artist, they think that before nobody can win Xiao Chou, but Shen Xiang actually has subverted their cognition now. The Shen Xiang's strength is very strong, this does not need to question that but actually nobody sees his true cultivation base, some people think that he is True Martial Realm 9th Stage, but he is also only over 20 years old, can go to that rank, this makes people be hard to accept, it is well known, Shen Xiang's strength in True Martial Realm 5th Stage 6th Stage this, this is can quite easy to accept. But this cultivation base can actually hit Xiao Chou not to have the strength to hit back, was compared with Herculean Clan! This little rascal also really anti- hits!” Shen Xiang knits the brows slightly, both arms suddenly emits the rock magma common thing, is covering his two arms, billowing heat also explodes, is attacking barrier unceasingly. At this time the Shen Xiang's both arms probably are such that the boiling hot molten iron casts, is scary, what is scarier, after Shen Xiang present Shocking Heaven Palm makes, not only will explode a sudden and violent thunder lightning, but also like the meteorite hit ground, will swing intermittent blazing flame and air wave. This directly hits on that Xiao Chou face, but Xiao Chou now still the rave, obviously the Xiao Chou resistivity is powerful!