World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 357

From the beginning, this martial arts contest was being led by Shen Xiang, moreover that atmosphere also makes the person not gasp for breath! „Is this Chenwu Mainland first young expert strength? Too crazy, this fellow is a lunatic, he is not a person!” Comes from overseas continent's youngster ** was saying. I have also thought before must challenge him! If he also such hits me, perhaps I already discarded.” A man looks frightened, Shen Xiang that thunder offensive, lets all from overseas continent's young expert creepy feeling, they knew with being out of Shen Xiang martial arts contest now! Naturally, Xiao Chou also makes people feel the exclamation, under this wild attack, unexpectedly can also exude that rending shout, if trades to be the average person, perhaps already did not have including the dregs. if wanted my to rely on strength gives you, comes strongly, solves this little rascal!” Long Xueyi said anxiously, but she now the hand is very itchy. Does not use, I can be good!” The Shen Xiang forehead tightens, because Xiao Chou strength is still releasing, if cannot before he completes strength awakens to tidy up, he will fall into one to struggle hard. Felt that strength aura weakening of Xiao Chou release slowly, Shen Xiang knows Xiao Chou must complete immediately, in his heart one ruthless, explodes to drink, sees only on him also to spurt to be thin an intermittent frigid aura, the air wave blowout, buzz resounds, unexpectedly not compared with the weakness of Xiao Chou. Sees Shen Xiang also to come such one move, the people have scared, Shen Xiang is fierce this, but must stimulate strength, but also makes the person live! Shen Xiang does not stimulate strength, but in displaying fierce martial arts, sees only in the sky suddenly to be cloudy, the cloud layer rolls, tyrannical Spirit Qi gathers in the plaza place above, the mutual friction bumps into, bursts out makes a debut a lightning. Dark suddenly covers, but also follows lightning flash thunder cry! This makes these Dean Big Shot cannot help but heart plays jump, previous Shen Xiang in Fragrance City, came such one finally, hits that Xiao Chou remains unconscious, moreover ruins big plaza.

Young Martial Uncle, I will not be compensated, you show mercy!” Gu Dongchen looks dark cloud that in the sky that suddenly comes, in heart **. Liu Meng'er is drawing Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan, prepares jump, previous time she witnessed in the upper air Shen Xiang that Heaven-shaking strikes, when that move displays the picture makes her still unforgettable, especially that is full of the dignified White Dragon direct impact, making her feel that the entire world must destroy such. The experienced people prepare to jump, but in plaza many people, because that move was buried, they do not want to be buried again the second time. Shen Xiang does not certainly use that Furious Dragon's Retribution, his present magic power is insufficient, to rely on Long Xueyi's strength is unable to display, Thunderbolt Cut that he displays now! This is one move in Dragonslayer Seven Killing Cut, the might is terrorist, his previous time coordinates Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade with this move, in addition Long Xueyi's strength, killed the True Martial Realm 9th Stage Lu Family elder. This time he does not have Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, but is turns the hand into the blade! He little like this uses, because displays requires the time to convene Heavenly Thunder . Moreover the strength of to rely on lightning, lets lightning through his body, finally turns into strength to release. Xiao Ziliang thinks rush over to prevent, but he knows that Gu Dongchen does not certainly let, can only look helplessly Shen Xiang displays that Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering terrifying move once more, those who let his some feeling better, what this time destroyed is Extreme Martial Sect's plaza, moreover he does not need to compensate. Shen Xiang, you suffer to death! Ha Ha......” Xiao Chou sound suddenly transmits, sees only his fist suddenly to explode lightens a white light, wild strength gushes out from that small fist. Xiao Chou strength awakened! Shakes a Heaven-shaking strength wave, making the people feel to suffocate. Shen Xiang wields the palm to meet the approaching enemy immediately, to that fist vertical position in the past!

lightning fire combination Shocking Heaven Palm and awakens the strength later Titan fist hit, strength that bursts out as if must shake avalanche such space! The formidable repulsive force shakes to fly away Shen Xiang and Xiao Chou, but the earth also reverberates that shake that was erupting a moment ago. Xiao Chou has spurted a big blood, he suffered Shen Xiang several thousand Shocking Heaven Palm a moment ago, injured heavily, is recoiled by strength now, suppresses cannot help but to spurt in within the body these tuck dive blood. Shen Xiang is also the throat one sweet, but he actually welling up the blood of throat has swallowed! Bang, in the sky suddenly simultaneously crack dozens thunder cry, dozens lightning are similar to the netted general suddenly bang hits, Xiao Chou sees this to startle greatly, that is strength of nature, he usually must avoid, if hits on him, the consequence is dreadful. The lightning speed is quick, nobody can resist, the people see the lightning overcomes, the subconsciousness thinks that will hit on Xiao Chou, because that is lightning that Shen Xiang draws on, but what unexpected is, all lightnings simultaneously gather on Shen Xiang's. In that instantaneous, all people petrified! A person was hit by these many lightning, that is must vanishes in puff of smoke! Liu Meng'er they in that instantaneously are also a brain blank, they think that Shen Xiang must such die! In innumerable lightnings simultaneously knocked out in Shen Xiang's that instantaneous, including Xiao Chou, all people thought that the time has stopped, thinks that Shen Xiang played, thinks that Shen Xiang could not control these crazy thunder. But instantaneous , the people had a scare by Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang is all right unexpectedly, but the whole body is winding around the wild and dazzling lightnings, he raises the arm high, the forehead is exploding fierce blue veins, his rave, arm suddenly inflated, as if great river such must spout from his arm. Thunderbolt Cut! Fiercely like thunder!

The people were just hit that to respond instantaneously by lightning from Shen Xiang that Shen Xiang uses the hand as the blade, is dividing to chop to Xiao Chou in the distant place, the angry thunder spews out from his arm together, turns into Qi Energy, is full of the prestige anger with one dragon roar, fires into Xiao Chou. This is lightning strength of nature, the might is infinite, utilized mysterious Dragon Martial Technique to display after Shen Xiang, turned into the Qi Energy release, became more intrepid. Instantaneous, Qi Energy glittering of that as powerful as a thunderbolt dazzling lightning glow, the front surface is hitting to Xiao Chou, sent out a pitiful yell along with Xiao Chou tranquilly, between Heaven and Earth once more. Xiao Chou has flown upside down, falls in the place, but ground also by that Thunderbolt Cut impact time has carried over a deep gully, hits directly on barrier, but also almost breaks through barrier! Shen Xiang implored the one breath slightly, he slightly is exhausted, but the breath is still steady, obviously he has not displayed the strength! This is natural, he has used Azure Dragon True Qi and Vermilion Bird True Qi, three attribute True Qi have not used! This is makes Xiao Ziliang they feel the shocking place. Xiao Chou has not fainted, he unexpectedly also active, his difficult gaining ground, looks at Shen Xiang with a look of admiration, he defeats in the Shen Xiang hand twice, without doubt deeply was subdued by the Shen Xiang's strength. I...... I admitted defeat!” Xiao Chou very difficult saying, this is not because his injured reason, but is he has never thought will say such words.