World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 358
Sees Xiao Chou to admit defeat, Shen Xiang lightly smiled, walked. Xiao Chou Yang Tang in the ground, he was seriously injured, although can awaken strength, but strength instantaneously was actually actually scattered by Shen Xiang's Thunderbolt Cut in that. Shen Xiang has put out flake Hell Spirit Grass, is pinching the small mouth of Xiao Chou, has filled directly. Eyesight good person eyes see this are Hell Spirit Grass, this makes many people express an intermittent exclamation, simultaneously admires Shen Xiang this behavior, unexpectedly gives the match to eat up this saint medicine, this mind makes many Nirvana Realm secretly nod to appreciate! After Xiao Chou eats up, quick restored strength, can stand up. Snort!” Xiao Chou coldly snorted, but also in a low voice said one immediately: Thanks You are little rascal! Cannot hit me.” Shen Xiang is laughing, according to the small head of Xiao Chou. This makes Xiao Chou grip tightly the fist, is staring him. Shen Xiang, I must acknowledge you as the teacher!” Xiao Chou suddenly shouted, this let laugh Shen Xiang is suddenly has eaten fly such likely, stopped the laughter. Was walking past Xiao Ziliang also to anchor the footsteps toward Xiao Chou, was growing up the mouth! All people were shocked, Xiao Chou must do obeisance Shen Xiang for the master unexpectedly, what matter is this? Everyone knows after Xiao Chou awakens strength, definitely and Shen Xiang similar strength, should be the same rank, Shen Xiang must make his Master insufficiently also by far. After Xue Xianxian has gawked, hee happily said with a smile: Later this little brat must shout me for the teacher's wife.” „Did that call me Aunt-Master?” Leng Youlan also thinks very interesting, moreover two shine, Liu Meng'er knows that she is thinking anything, she will frequently definitely take Xiao Chou to practice martial arts.

Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming secretly are also calculating, the words that such comes, Xiao Chou with their peers, was their small Junior Brother, this made them somewhat not know whether to laugh or cry, no one has thought that will develop this. Xiao Chou suddenly kneels down, splash has knocked several heads, moreover knocks very much heavily, the ground made that gets down concavely a big piece. Master!” Xiao Chou also pays no attention to Shen Xiang to comply, loudly shouted. Shen Xiang swallows the saliva, this is but his second apprentice, moreover is a strength and his suitable fellow. This...... You are not Free Immortal Sea? You request me to be the master now, probably is somewhat improper.” Shen Xiang looked at Xiao Ziliang, said. „It is not, Uncle Xiao promises me to arrange the fight to me, I replace Free Immortal Sea to go to battle, I have not done obeisance Free Immortal Sea.” Xiao Chou said that at this time he looks at Shen Xiang's look not any hatred. The manner transformation of this Xiao Chou is so big, this makes Shen Xiang suddenly be hard to accept, but he remembered Huang Jintian saying that once the Herculean Clan person has recognized you, that was your good luck arrived at the time! Shen Xiang at present one bright, lightly smiled: That this, you join Extreme Martial Sect, with Master sect, what kind of?” Gu Dongchen is secretly happy, Extreme Martial Sect has increased monstruous talent young people, and Herculean Clan. A Xiao Ziliang face is bitter and astringent, this Xiao Chou is a good seedling that he sought for a long time had found very much, although officially has not joined Free Immortal Sea, but he had the confidence to be able Xiao Chou to cheat, has not thought of unexpectedly robbing by Shen Xiang. Does not have the issue, Master, receives disciple to do obeisance again!” Saying, Xiao Chou immediately kneels, fierce kowtowing, entire plaza has inspired, many people recovered at this time, express an intermittent exclamation, they can meet, in the near future, this master and apprentice they can running amuck entire Mortal World. Wu Kaiming walks with a smile, said: little brat, you currently have the wound in the body, recuperates with me, I lead you to be familiar with Extreme Martial Sect!”

Shen Xiang said: Listened to him to arrange that's alright, he was here elder! If you want to be my apprentice, but must be obedient, cannot like before!” Xiao Chou some do not hope, but nodded, leaves with Wu Kaiming. The martial arts contest had ended, the people are in various moods to depart, today this war, will make them lifelong unforgettable, although is only the martial arts contest of True Martial Realm, but actually shocks, the Shen Xiang's name was remembered by them firmly! Xiao Ziliang, you return to Extreme Martial Sect once more, here sits!” Gu Dongchen said with a smile. Xiao Ziliang coldly snorted, but moves toward that Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm with Gu Dongchen, Shen Xiang also follows in them behind. Leng Youlan wants to pursue, but followed Liu Meng'er finally, she knows, some are the opportunity plays tricks on Xiao Chou this little rascal. In Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm, Xiao Ziliang has drunk one glass of liquor, has sighed deeply, probably suddenly aged. I could not fight that old lunatic before, now same cannot fight his apprentice.” Xiao Ziliang sighs with sadness, at this time he cannot hate Shen Xiang again, because he knows that also some important matters must be done, for example that big storm. Gu Dongchen said with a smile: Your does if wanted see him?” Xiao Ziliang looks frightened: I do not want!” Useless, I frequently go to that to look for him!” Shen Xiang despises said that he does not certainly fear Xiao Ziliang, especially sees Xiao Ziliang to fear the Huang Jintian's time very much. Could see that Xiao Ziliang as if also has asked for advice the method of Huang Jintian crazy.

You so are no wonder abnormal!” In the Xiao Ziliang heart jumps, he to Huang Jintian also calculates that very has understood, naturally knows how Huang Jintian trains the apprentice. Gu Dongchen said with a smile: Xiao Ziliang, you must continue to do with us right?” Snort, you have killed our Free Immortal Sea several Nirvana Realm in Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm, this makes us lose seriously, did you say?” Xiao Ziliang mentioned this matter to be mad. He He, you did not say that they do want to kill me? At that time in that situation, our Extreme Martial Sect Three Great Big Shots was almost killed, if not Young Martial Uncle gets rid, perhaps the old lunatic already rumbled your Free Immortal Sea to become dregs.” Gu Dongchen said with a sneer. Xiao Ziliang looked at Shen Xiang, his suddenly one startled, has thought something, he remembers Shen Xiang can use True Qi in that Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm, the person who then, initially killed a pair of Nirvana Realm elder is Shen Xiang! Can live Tang Yichao will certainly not say, because that lost face too, he does not dare to say. Is impossible, I have told them, cannot under the cruel methods!” The Xiao Ziliang very affirmative place said that he also knows consequence that Gu Dongchen they died, Huang Jintian gets angry is not the matter of cracking a joke, that old lunatic is one of the Extreme Martial Sect strongest strength. „Do you know? You think that I do want to kill them? At that time got rid ominously is they, it seems like should has instigated by True Martial Sect and Beast Martial Sect's Dean, you best to look for Tang Yichao to ask that understands!” Shen Xiang said. How Xiao Ziliang heard Shen Xiang saying that secret, but, Shen Xiang was young, has killed these many Nirvana Realm, if this said that no one believed. If is really Shen Xiang kills, Xiao Ziliang can also be what kind of? He has scruples Huang Jintian's!