World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 359
Xiao Ziliang is very clear the current situation, now truly is not having clashes of opinion time, if can join up, perhaps everybody can cross that catastrophe by few losses. This account puts down for the time being, later I must ask you to calculate.” Xiao Ziliang said. Heard him saying that Gu Dongchen relaxed, his complexion suddenly sank: Xiao Ziliang, your travelling overseas, know frequently why was short of some fellows not to come?” Sees Gu Dongchen to ask this matter, the Xiao Ziliang brow wrinkles tightly, he looked at Shen Xiang, said: little brat, you avoid, is busy your.” Shen Xiang sees Gu Dongchen and Xiao Ziliang serious facial expression, is curious to this matter, but has not thought that now was pursued. Gu Dongchen coughs saying: Young Martial Uncle, Xiao Ziliang makes you avoid naturally has his truth!” Shen Xiang low coldly snorted, is then bringing curiously and departs indignantly, he suspected that Xiao Ziliang is aiming at him. Turned into the bird to listen secretly cannot?” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang also has this idea, but Long Xueyi said: „It is not good, they collaborated to arrange barrier!” He just went out of that small hall shortly, has arranged barrier, obviously this matter is not simple. Mortal Martial World are continent many? If the person comes little, what also explained?” Let alone entire Mortal Martial World, Chenwu Mainland he too had not understood. Mortal Martial World is only innumerable Mortal World in which one, other Mortal World have by the thousands and tens of thousands, generally only then the Nirvana Realm above talented person has the strength to travel everywhere, if must cross the border, but must seek for some space cracks to pass through.

Many is many, but accurate does not know that had many, since Gu Dongchen said that some people have not come, that may decide had something!” Su Meiyao was also pondering what matter will have, causing other continent's people unable to arrive. Shen Xiang when contends in martial arts with Xiao Chou, sees all around has many Nirvana Realm, that for him is very magnificent, but Gu Dongchen said few this. Bai Youyou said: Some continent are very small . Moreover the resources are not many, above expert naturally few, only then sect. Now looks like, is some small continent sends Nirvana Realm Dean, then takes the aptitude good disciple to come to attend the heroic congress.” Nirvana Realm cultivation base puts on very much ugly, therefore Su Meiyao they do not know that these Nirvana Realm cultivation base, are unable to see their strengths are what kind, if knows that their strength is weak, can determine that they come from these barren continent. sect's is formidable, generally is looks at the quantity and Nirvana Realm of sect's True Martial Realm disciple quantity, Dean strength, therefore is hard to conclude now. Sister Youyou, you suspected that these fierce continent haven't sent for arriving here?” Shen Xiang asked that the Demon and Devil invasion, that was the entire Mortal Martial World matter, but Chenwu Mainland was the entrance, these fierce continent did not help, can make Chenwu Mainland be destroyed completely? Thinks of this, the Shen Xiang heart thump thump is jumping, he also sits in the entrance of that house now, he wants to go to listen to Gu Dongchen and Xiao Ziliang is really discussing anything. Su Meiyao said: „The suspicion Tyrannical principle of Senior Sister, do not know that this Mortal Martial World is vast, Gu Dongchen using the treasure tool transmission news that Extreme Martial Sect leaves behind antique, the propagation velocity is the same with the light, but these many months, actually came a little!” Bai Youyou has pondered, said: „The young disciple who comes is less outstanding than Chenwu Mainland's many, but now more than 60 continent, but takes few that gets rid, will otherwise not make the Extreme Martial Sect's disciple win that many.” Before Shen Xiang learned from Gu Dongchen there that many overseas continent's disciples challenged Extreme Martial Sect, the number of times that but Extreme Martial Sect won were most, from this can see that the Extreme Martial Sect's strength endured compared with dozens continent that came! At this time Shen Xiang suddenly understood a matter, Gu Dongchen let the Extreme Martial Sect's disciples and these overseas continent's disciples hits, not only and to bring honor, meanwhile can have a look at these overseas continent sect's strengths here.

Liu Meng'er brings Leng Youlan to challenge with Xue Xianxian in all directions is also same, Xiao Ziliang makes Xiao Chou seek for the match is also so! Now Shen Xiang can determine that they to examine these person strength that came from the overseas how! Matter is very probably serious!” Shen Xiang suddenly thought one are too young, the story is too shallow, he wants to know that this means anything. He arrived at the Divine Weapon shop, since here person knows after Shen Xiang and Xue Xianxian's relationship, does not stop Shen Xiang to go upstairs at will. Now he only then looks for Liu Meng'er, looks to know anything. Sees Shen Xiang to arrive, the Xue Xianxian body such as the light smoke, arrived at side Shen Xiang, said with a smile: Your that young apprentice? How not to have brought to make us take a look.” Leng Youlan also wants to play several jokes, but sees the Shen Xiang's complexion not to be right, then asked: Elder brother, what happened?” Xue Xianxian had also realized at this time, she pulls Shen Xiang's to receive, asks: Brother Xiao Xiang, how were you?” Shen Xiang sighed slightly, lightly smiled, has stroked Xue Xianxian's alchemy, then looks to Liu Meng'er, asked: Sister Meng'er, I have an issue to ask you.” After Liu Meng'er hints Shen Xiang to sit down, then said: You asked that's it, what with me but also to be polite?” „The fellow who came from overseas continent, is very weak?” Shen Xiang asked seriously.

This is not the matter that you worry about, oh......” Liu Meng'er has gawked, sighed one lightly: This matter is very complex, you knew is also useless, because your anything could not do, this was our these Nirvana Realm should worry.” Shen Xiang has been startled being startled, shakes the head saying: No, I am on Chenwu Mainland one, I now am also the deep place dangerous situation, moreover I have still done an important matter in One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain, sitting that otherwise you cannot feel at ease now drinks tea here.” What Shen Xiang said is the truth, he has emitted Bai Ziqian in One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain, that fierce double headed snake and troop Evil Demon were killed, that barrier also therefore vanishes, otherwise Two-Headed Snake Demon has that crowd of Evil Demon merit to come now. Liu Meng'er naturally does not know anything that Shen Xiang said that but Shen Xiang must keep secret Bai Ziqian and Suppressing Devil divine art matter, therefore he has not said. Good, I can only tell you, our Chenwu Mainland is in Eastern Sea, in limitless sea, our these continent like island, now that dozens continent's people, are these smallest and weakest continent, these continent some might as well Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's national territory are big, moreover their overall strengths are very bad.” But Liu Meng'er sighed, she knew anything probably. Shen Xiang knows that Chenwu Mainland is one is quite big, moreover bountiful continent, will otherwise not be powerful for these years, will not have that many formidable sect. Our Chenwu Mainland was isolated!” Liu Meng'er smiles bitterly and astringently.