World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 360
Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian also think the gravity of matter at this time, Demon and Devil great war, once erupts, has the Chenwu Mainland's words, then the fate can be imagined! Chenwu Mainland, resists two world Demon and Devil? This fights a hopeless battle radically! „Doesn't Master, have other small continent's? They came!” Xue Xianxian said. Liu Meng'er shakes the head saying: Came, but they do not come, but was sent! Even if there are them, but also is far from enough, hundred thousand year ago, but entire Mortal Martial World resists Demon and Devil fully, can make that many continent preserve!” Mortal Martial World has east , south , west and north four sea areas, each sea area has no less than ten Chenwu Mainland such formidable continent. Moreover some were too more than Chenwu Mainland, you also young, has not travelled for pleasure other continent, otherwise you will know sect like Extreme Martial Sect, in the face of some influences, radically anything is not!” What isn't? This makes Shen Xiang unreadable, must know that Extreme Martial Sect's Gu Dongchen crossed the people of Nirvana Realm eight tribulations, Mortal World, but is one stands in martial artist of peak. How possibly what isn't?” Shen Xiang does not believe. Liu Meng'er said: „Does Chenwu Mainland have over a thousand True Martial Realm sect? Has the elder of Perishing Golden Body rank to reach ten sect?” Perishing Golden Body, that crossed martial artist of Nirvana Realm seven tribulations, sect had ten! The strength can be imagined! True Martial Realm over a thousand, that are more than ten times Extreme Martial Sect, if has this sect, truly compared with Extreme Martial Sect!

Why that these don't sect come? Here stops up Demon and Devil is not very? If Demon and Devil comes, once spreads, then has very big harm to continent.” Shen Xiang asked weak, he already knows one were very tiny, but has not thought in world that this he lived, unexpectedly also had compared with Extreme Martial Sect also strong existence. hundred thousand year ago truly is this, but young heart in the old days, now before sweeping snow, but also before which looks like?” Liu Meng'er low coldly snorted, she feels very helpless. Said, one, but Demon and Devil comes, wasn't Chenwu Mainland finished?” The Shen Xiang fist grasps, but on Chenwu Mainland many common people! Um, therefore major sect's Big Shot, were possibly considering if wanted evacuates, is leading the core disciple, enters in Mysterious Realm to seek asylum! Otherwise entirely will be destroyed completely.” Now Shen Xiang knows why Gu Dongchen and Xiao Ziliang did not make him know this matter, if known by the hanger-on disciple, by these common people are known must evacuate, definitely will make entire Chenwu Mainland fall into the confusion. Shen Xiang, do you know? When the time comes the fierce battle at least continues for hundred years, only depends on Chenwu Mainland above sect, could not resist to be so long!” Liu Meng'er knows that Shen Xiang this time mood, after all this is the land that must give up itself surviving, whatever Demon and Devil tramples, will have many common people dead in this disturbance, when the time comes Chenwu Mainland the rivers of blood, will be similar to world Purgatory! Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan now are the falls in the blues, this to them is not the good matter, they are martial artist, the Martial Dao will are cut down Demons, eliminate Devils, because Legend in the antique time, Demon and Devil and humanity is with locating a world, at that time humanity was very small and weak, but Demon and Devil has inherent formidable strength, is enslaving humanity, some humanity were unwilling so, founded the road of Martial Dao \; first, to resist Demon and Devil \; second, to get rid of the adverse circumstance, heaven defying the line, the world that went to them to yearn. Shen Xiang had the low mood to return to Extreme Martial Sect, he looked after herbs in small medicine garden, then went out of Extreme Dan King Courtyard, walked toward forbidden land.

He must look for his Master, initially acknowledged as teacher, Huang Jintian said with him big pile of Martial Dao spirits, he still still remembers now clearly. Huang Jintian very accidental Shen Xiang unexpectedly gets down that quickly, he sees the Shen Xiang complexion not to be good, has not suffered directly, but was inquiring the reason. After Shen Xiang the matter told Huang Jintian, only hears Huang Jintian to laugh. The big laughter of Huang Jintian crazy makes Shen Xiang feel that has doubts very much. Master, what do you smile? Very funny?” Shen Xiang asked. little rascal, you were too tender! This is very certainly funny, the person who violates the Martial Dao spirit, finally will be given to get rid by Martial Dao, does not have the good end! No matter is finally what kind, you must insist that your belief, died in battle with martial arts that you studied finally!” Huang Jintian said while loudly laughing. Shen Xiang is holding a manner of awe to Martial Dao since childhood, because Martial Dao is very very strong, can help the person obtain strength, can shatter void, transcend Heaven World! Everywhere the one who founds Martial Dao is, nobody knows, does not know when starts to have, many people have not cared, gradually, that sacred Martial Dao spirit, forgot slowly, nobody cares, therefore many people use through strength that practice Martial Dao obtains make to violate the Martial Dao spirit the matter. It seems like Eastern Sea missed Chenwu Mainland not to submit! These definitely have the evil behindata-titlehe-scenes manipulator to lead, making me think that the Eastern Sea fellow will not be stupid, after they know Chenwu Mainland falls to the enemy, to them does not have the advantage!” Huang Jintian strokes must steadily, that pair profound such as the sea common pupil is dodging the wisdom ray, he is thinking the thing. Shen Xiang knows that own Master is very fierce, at this time he has strengthened the idea in heart, insists finally! Otherwise that integrates Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade of his within the body not to forgive his, he thinks Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor these things bases on the Martial Dao spirit to found, that Suppressing Devil divine art, other divine art are also so!

If he abandons the Martial Dao spirit, then these divine art and Divine Weapon will also abandon him! Huang Jintian suddenly sneered, on the face unexpectedly is having an anger, this is Shen Xiang first time sees the appearance that Master gets angry, this makes him feel the heart to tremble, although Huang Jintian slightly has gotten angry. Definitely is the ghost who that some partners do! brat you come up, you know not long that Chenwu Mainland such will not be finished! You told Little Featherhead, do not fear any influence, dealt according to his way!” Huang Jintian was saying, takes up Shen Xiang is a foot, has kicked Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang cursed several, then hastily left here, he also wants to get down, but he knows the words that gets down again, definitely will be suffered for several months to come up. The Extreme Dan King Courtyard entrance, Wu Qianqian unexpectedly sits here, a face anxious color, she sees Shen Xiang to come back, then hurriedly said: Shen Xiang, Yao Haisheng made into severe wound!” What? Is who does?” A Shen Xiang anger, loud voice asked that the fist grasped giggle to make noise. Yao Haisheng is his apprentice, although had the contradiction with him, but they are together now very harmoniously, so long as he has the time, he will instruct Yao Haisheng alchemy, now some people hit his apprentice, that hits his face.