World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 361
Wu Qianqian does not know that detailed process, that is Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong tells her, but makes her a bit faster look Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang arrives in King Martial Courtyard with Wu Qianqian, here has Yun Xiaodao their several people, Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen not here. In a room, the Yao Haisheng complexion is pallid, lies on the bed, the aura is very weak, injures very seriously. Saw Yao Haisheng this appearance, Shen Xiang hastily to take piece of Hell Spirit Grass, fed in the Yao Haisheng mouth, although Yao Haisheng was the alchemy master, but the strength was not weak in the same rank, was injured that seriously, was not besieged by many people, was injured by a strength very strong person. Has to other elders reports this matter?” Shen Xiang asked. Has reported that also has given some pills, but these elders actually do not dare to investigate these people.” On the Yun Xiaodao face full is the anger. Zhu Rong said with a sneer: Cannot think really my Extreme Martial Sect's elder unexpectedly so vexed, by several strengths, only then the True Martial Realm 7th Stage fellow frightens does not dare to put the fart, the real his mother's letting person fire is big! One do not dare to break wind, but we must come up their unexpectedly to block.” Hao Dongqing and Yao Haisheng are in King Martial Courtyard the elder of this group of young people, but actually and Yun Xiaodao they mix very ripe. Lian Mingdong said: Uncle Hao also carried off by the elder blamed, if Elder Wu, cannot absolutely like this!” Wu Kaiming is giving Xiao Chou therapy now, where also does not know the person, Gu Dongchen is Xiao Ziliang discussed that some important matters, Elder Dan did not say, Shen Xiang had has not seen her for a long time. „The process of matter!” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, he knows slightly injures the Yao Haisheng person not to be simple, will otherwise not make the Extreme Martial Sect's elder fear. Uncle Yao awoke, you asked him!” Xu Weilong said. Yao Haisheng feels the body to restore so rapidly, sees Shen Xiang here, one wants to know that was Shen Xiang has eaten up Hell Spirit Grass to him!

Master!” Yao Haisheng grateful shouted. Who told me is injures your, what happened!” Shen Xiang asked that the complexion was tranquil, knows very well that his person, knows that this was he displays angrily, was he was reckless the time. Yao Haisheng heaved a deep sigh: Is the people of some wear golden color clothes, altogether has seven this, their strengths are very strong, moreover is very arbitrary!” I in trading plaza, saw constantly spirit herb, this spirit herb likely is black stone such......” Black Wood, refines Profound Level High-Grade Dan spirit herb, is precious!” Shen Xiang said that regarding the understanding of spirit herb, he is very broad. Trades in plaza is some place that spreads one's wares on the ground for sale from regional person, many people like going to this place to pick to leak, can sometimes spend few money to buy very precious thing in this place. Without doubt, Yao Haisheng washed Black Wood. Right, my Black Wood at least can sell three ten millions crystal stones, Master you should know value!” Shen Xiang nodded, Black Wood is a very unusual lumber, can be spirit herb, can refine one type to stimulate the appliance of awaking brain, moreover builds up a furnace pill time, so long as increased grain of rice size that's alright, was refines in Profound Level High-Grade Dan one type rare and precious spirit herb that promoted Divine Sense, was precious. „After I buy, just returned to the Extreme Martial Sect's entrance, had been attacked by the person of that seven wear golden color clothing, is only very short flash, I made into the severe wound, at that time some elders and Xiaodao they felt that I did not have the stupor, but they to rob my Black Wood, unexpectedly is in front of that many Extreme Martial Sect disciples, robs my storage pouch directly!” Yao Haisheng, the double fist stubbornly grabs the bedding angrily. Yun Xiaodao Zhu Rong they are angry.

Boss, punches that several to injure the Uncle Yao bastard now, otherwise I will not do right by my this strength!” The Lei Xionglin forehead braves the blue vein, angry saying. Big Brother Shen, walks! No matter these fellows have the big background, we followed you! Must tit for fat! Snatches the Uncle Yao thing.” Yun Xiaodao has put out a sword, is gripping tightly the sword hilt. Zhu Rong timidly is usually afraid of getting into trouble, but does not show weakness now: Not only need snatch, but must beat up them!” I also go!” Wu Qianqian said that she usually all day mixes together with this group of people, has the sentiment. Xu Weilong, Lei Zhong and Lian Mingdong also in abundance nod. At that time we presented that can rescue Uncle Yao, but was actually blocked by several elders!” The Xu Weilong sound is ice-cold, this also made the people very angry. That walks!” Shen Xiang smiles lightly, eyes flashes through wipes mean. Yao Haisheng is very affected, he does not want to make Shen Xiang they take risk, because these people have very mysterious and formidable background, otherwise Extreme Martial Sect's that several elders will not fear them. However no matter Yao Haisheng said anything, Shen Xiang they treated as have not heard, to go out of the room, has closed the door. Arrives in the courtyard, they actually see old man to bring Xiao Chou to walk. Elder Wu?” In Shen Xiang heart one happy, has Xiao Chou this fierce little rascal to join, they did not fear. He said that some important matters look for Dean to discuss, therefore made this old head harness I come.” Xiao Chou sees Shen Xiang, said respectfully that now he admires to Shen Xiang full of admiration.

After that old man leaves, Shen Xiang seriously said: little rascal, room inside is lying down your Senior Brother, he was snatched the thing by some fellows, moreover made into the severe wound, what to do did you say should?” Xiao Chou is not stupid, he sees Shen Xiang behind the complexions of these people, knows that Shen Xiang must go all out, combative Xiao Chou supports certainly this procedure. What to do can? They how to Senior Brother, we how to him! Master, takes me to go! My present wound almost!” On the small face of Xiao Chou full is the ruthless color. Shen Xiang sees Xiao Chou that to soar to the heavens the pigtail not to have now, shaved glittering bald of bright. Your hair? Did Elder Wu shave to you?” Shen Xiang traces that Little Bald. He said that my braid was too rampant, making me shave!” Xiao Chou honk the mouth, could be seeing that he does not want. Shen Xiang is despising Wu Kaiming this secretly old bald, unexpectedly Xiao Chou that attractive soaring to the heavens pigtail cutting. Sees Xiao Chou to arrive, Yun Xiaodao they were more excited, this makes their energy fuller, but they also know when the time comes surely did not have the share that they got rid, perhaps Xiao Chou can solve. Walks!” Shen Xiang led the people to go out of King Martial Courtyard, Zhu Rong after Yao Haisheng was injured, immediately investigated these place, that was a house in city. When they just must go out of the Extreme Martial Sect's entrance, actually suddenly grazes four old man, they are the Extreme Martial Sect's elder, Shen Xiang understood at a glance that they stopped the elder who Yun Xiaodao they get rid at that time. You cannot look for these people's troubles!” Elder coldly said, even if Shen Xiang here, he is the same does not pay attention.