World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 362
In Shen Xiang heart slightly angry, if initially were not these elders prevented, perhaps Yao Haisheng will not be robbed the thing, clearly was these elders tolerates these to rob Yao Haisheng, otherwise Yao Haisheng will not injure that seriously. These four elders are very strange, Shen Xiang has not seen, seeing the appearance that they are insufferably arrogant, Shen Xiang to feel strange, must know these elders only then the True Martial Realm 9th Stage strength, unexpectedly such looks down upon him and Xiao Chou. Shen Xiang now is True Qi boundary 7th Stage, such as exhausts fully, in addition Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, True Martial Realm 9th Stage he does not fear! I want to know why you don't rescue Yao Haisheng? Not only does not rescue, but also stops his friend to rescue, you peaceful what heart? As the elder, your unexpectedly can look helplessly own hanger-on disciple was snatched by others, moreover was exploded makes into the severe wound.” The Shen Xiang fist grasps, True Qi in within the body surges secretly, he is getting angry. Because that is the Holy Light Church disciple, haven't you listened to Holy Light Church? We cannot offend this formidable influence, therefore......” Fart! If Dean, that several hit the Yao Haisheng fellow already to be extinguished! No matter opposite party strong, they dare fight in front of Extreme Martial Sect to rob my Extreme Martial Sect's person, my Extreme Martial Sect should not hesitate all, making these fellows pay the price! Your four are the cowards, you are that nonsense Holy Light Church running dogs, does not match to make Extreme Martial Sect's one, but also his mother is the elder! I!” Shen Xiang cursed angrily. Yun Xiaodao they also feel at this time very happy, but Xiao Chou is also ready that gets rid of! We walk, these cowards are the Extreme Martial Sect's elders, making me feel the shame!” Shen Xiang drinks one coldly , to continue to walk toward the entrance. At this time Su Meiyao said: Holy Light Church probably is in Eastern Sea a very strong influence, the words that I have not remembered incorrectly, that piece of continent is called Holy Light Continent, wants big ten times to continue compared with Chenwu Mainland, it is said in the past repelled Demon and Devil to leave very big strength, therefore changes name is Holy Light Church, actually asked any me to forget.” Manages him! He has hit my apprentice, I must ask for an explanation.” Who Shen Xiang pays no attention to the opposite party is.

Bai Youyou continues saying: „The Holy Light Church fellow appears here, may is they are up to mischief to isolate Extreme Martial Sect's, your Master did not say that some fellows are up to mischief? Holy Light Church is so powerful in Eastern Sea, is impossible not to have the ambition! Perhaps, Holy Light Church has given to subdue other continent, but must take Chenwu Mainland not to be easy!” Shen Xiang frowned, he knows that these definitely have the plot, but has not thought that unexpectedly can be this Holy Light Church leads in the back! Shen Xiang, you are in young one generation are truly strong, but should not be supercilious! unexpectedly dares not to listen to our orders, but also insulted us!” An elder appears in Shen Xiang in front of again them. Running dog, coward! How even if the influence of opposite party is strong, you should not look helplessly your disciple was robbed before the gate, and...... Moreover intends to stop our people to rescue, you intend to make them snatch Yao Haisheng! Do I have to scold am wrong you? Looks at your this dog types, wishes one could to hire oneself that Holy Light Church!” Shen Xiang also cursed angrily. Takes them to me!” Elder angry shouted, a skinny expert grasps to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang roars, murderous aura of blotting out the sky erupts with his all day roaring, azure light flashes through together, in his hand suddenly presented Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, wields to divide at the lightning speed, cuts off the hand that old man extends. Xiao Chou, fight, hits the remnant this group of bastards!” The Shen Xiang anger exclaimed, whole body murderous-looking, suppressed in his heart anger erupts ahead of time, thinks that this group of elders made Yao Haisheng be robbed the thing intentionally, but caused Yao Haisheng to be hit the severe wound, his within the body resembled some innumerable volcanos spout, the angry flame rose suddenly. Xiao Chou sees Shen Xiang to speak, strength that his within the body these awaken also erupts, the blood of Herculean Clan burns to seethe with excitement in his within the body, he can feel Shen Xiang's to be angry. These four elders have not thought that Shen Xiang so will be unexpectedly bold, unexpectedly dares to resist them, they do not know that Shen Xiang's Master is Huang Jintian, they do not know that Shen Xiang had killed many Nirvana Realm, they do not know that Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming must shout Shen Xiang is Martial Uncle, otherwise they such will not look down upon Shen Xiang!

Shen Xiang both eyes are red, are burning two groups of blood red flame, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade in his hand is explodes projects wild aura, frightens that four elder whole bodies to tremble. The after arm of elder Shen Xiang reduces, the severe pain is incomparable, during he is astonished, only sees Shen Xiang to wield in fight that the great blade of aggressive leak, toward him big past. Shen Xiang with strength, Five Elements Universe True Qi all emerged in Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade fully, with giant knife, whipping maliciously in the cheeks of that elder. Half Extreme Martial Sect is shaken violently by strength that Shen Xiang erupts sways, the face of elder by the Shen Xiang's knife after the potential of thunder pats, the whole person flew, has cracked-up the thick wall of distant place, unknown whereabouts! Xiao Chou also when Shen Xiang brandishes a sword has swooped, follows his that child common howling eruption, his within the body that terrifying strength shakes, all around stone brick was shaken by the air wave crushes! Hitting of his fist heavily on a face of elder. Afterward, his double fist is uneven, blows out dozens fists instantaneously, pounds crazily on the body of that elder, hits sends out in the skeleton of pā lā to crash. Xiao Chou along with strength awakens, has entered into True Martial Realm 7th Stage, if ordinary True Martial Realm 9th Stage does not have to prepare slightly, is hit by that strength that he erupts, meets the severe wound surely. The elder is only two instances, dozens fought with the fists by Xiao Chou the shinbone break, the severe wound spits blood. You...... You......”

An elder startled, they were just travelled for pleasure from the overseas, because stayed in Extreme Martial Sect was very long, therefore became the elder. Because old, usually could not handle any matter, after they went to Holy Light Continent, because was together with the Holy Light Church disciple too for a long time, unexpectedly made them loathe Extreme Martial Sect slowly, they cannot break through the Peak Realm reason to blame on Extreme Martial Sect. They think that they are the elder, how Extreme Martial Sect will not blame, moreover they also feel to that Holy Light Church very frightened, in addition at the same time repugnant Extreme Martial Sect, will therefore present Yao Haisheng injured one! Shen Xiang and Xiao Chou simultaneously fight, moreover does not have barrier, obviously sound big, entire Extreme Martial Sect, because they erupt formidable strength to shiver. The short several instances, Shen Xiang and Xiao Chou have killed two elders! This strength not only makes the remaining that two elders feel the fear, Yun Xiaodao they also same feel shocking. Although they are not first time see Shen Xiang to extinguish kill the strength very strong fellow, but every time is the same thinks shocking, let alone now were more Xiao Chou, the scene of that shock makes them feel that the heart trembles.