World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 364
If submits to Holy Light Church, perhaps then Chenwu Mainland also will turn into this. „The Holy Light Church hierarch has thought such insufficient, they worried that their status will be threatened, therefore develops the Holy Light Church influence, while seeps to many continent of overseas, controls these continent! Before this is they are very early, some ambitions, I was only have not thought of them quickly subduing Eastern Sea other continent.” Then, do Holy Light Continent many people cross very difficultly? Has this gotten down?” Wu Qianqian said. Has not gotten down! This type with the devil path sects same influence, sooner or later must perish! This heroic congress they make many competent continent not participate, clarifies is makes us feel isolated, then hires oneself they! They do not think that entire Eastern Sea has to threaten their influence to exist.” Wu Kaiming said. Gu Dongchen smiled: Holy Light Church must late establish compared with Extreme Martial Sect, although attacks Demon and Devil to have very big merit the hundred thousand year ago, but that time Holy Light Church not like the present!” Saw the Gu Dongchen smiling face calm, Shen Xiang, he knows that Gu Dongchen also has any subsequent party, especially Extreme Martial Sect was hiding secret strength. He has asked Huang Jintian, Huang Jintian told him, that was secret that only then Extreme Martial Sect Dean knew! Shen Xiang they arrived in front of a house, Xiao Chou jumps is a foot, kicks the smashing the entire front door. „The Holy Light Church dog mixed wool, hurries get lost to kowtow to admit mistakes.” Shen Xiang yelled, in the mouth also spout one in a big way to roll azure True Qi, must change beyond all recognition that front door destruction. This is scarlet. The bare provocation, sees in the street above person is Shen Xiang is causing trouble, by far avoids, because previous Shen Xiang when Fragrance City and Xiao Chou martial arts contest, ruins an entire plaza matter still unforgettable, no one wants to be brought disaster. Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming looked at each other, then suddenly vanishes, will watch, will have them in the words jump to the distant place, the Holy Light Church disciple will certainly run away, they want to make Shen Xiang they attack brutally, lesson Holy Light Church of high-sounding talk.

Young Martial Uncle, allowing you to ruin this house, but also can only be this house, you look at the office!” Gu Dongchen leaves, to Shen Xiang sound transmission. Inside person came out, is the men of seven wear magnificent golden color clothing, puts on a serious face, in eyes full is ominous light, such resembles the murder to be the same. „It is not very strong, True Martial Realm 6th Stage 7th Stage this!” Saying that Long Xueyi disdains. A Holy Light Church disciple gets angry sound saying: „Who are you? You do not know that such does must pay the life price?” This man just said that Shen Xiang looked at Xiao Chou one, Xiao Chou understood the Shen Xiang's meaning, swooped, the time of but half blinking, the abdomen of men's by Xiao Chou maliciously has rumbled a fist, this fought with the fists, incomparably powerful strength poured into the body of that man, wreaked havoc in that male body wild, destroys inside all. Sees only that man to spurt a blood crazily, the clothes of body explodes immediately, the blood thread overflows from his skin with Xiao Chou strength! But that man also flew, hit a post, faints. Xiao Chou gets rid is very light, otherwise the entire house will be ruined, but that Holy Light Church disciple was also discarded. You robbed the thing before the Extreme Martial Sect's entrance before, must pay the price of blood!” Shen Xiang shoulders both hands. The Xiao Chou strength is very strong, has not needed him to get rid, can receive this apprentice, making him be very happy. The remaining six men were angrier, they have not thought of Extreme Martial Sect's disciple unexpectedly to dare to their fight.

Shen Xiang? Xiao Chou?” Holy Light Church disciple coldly said, these two reputations pass on these days noisily, they know certainly. Yun Xiaodao they that six [gold/metal] clothes man surround, do not make them run away at this time, although they know that here does not need them to get rid, but they actually want to teach this Holy Light Church disciple. Right, is we! You have robbed the thing of my apprentice, but also injures him! I come to revenge for him now, I not only need bring back his snatched thing, but must all discard you! Xiao Chou, on!” Shen Xiang shouted that Xiao Chou attacks once more, Xiao Chou True Martial Realm 7th Stage strength, but endures compared with True Martial Realm 9th Stage, although person small, but the speed or strength, are not weak. Xiao Chou attacks at the same time, the Shen Xiang's body trembles slightly, the people only felt that very rich water attribute True Qi fills the air, sees only suddenly of these Holy Light Church disciples to wind around some water vine, ties down their bodies stubbornly, making them unable to move. Your Extreme Martial Sect such does, will only court destruction, our Holy Light Church will not let off your! Your Extreme Martial Sect in our Holy Light Church eye, is similar to the ants, you will certainly regret!” A disciple startles greatly, loses one's voice shouted, in the sound full is frightened, because they cannot move, but the present person is also formidable. A Shen Xiang palm of the hand has clapped, bang a deafening sound transmits, sees only that Holy Light Church disciple to neigh, a big tooth brought the blood to spurt from the mouth. Makes you obstinate argumentative!” Shen Xiang another palm makes, these Holy Light Church disciples are not Xiao Chou, in front of Shen Xiang's Shocking Heaven Palm, they are the bean curd. Two palms of the hand in the past, the tooth of that Holy Light Church disciple was hit completely, but had not actually died, but Xiao Chou also like Shen Xiang, crazy fan the faces of two people.

Everybody fight, punches them maliciously! Regarding this fellow, do not show mercy, aren't they are insufferably arrogant? Doesn't look down upon our Extreme Martial Sect very much? We double now present, maliciously the devastation they, making them know that my Extreme Martial Sect's dignity is inviolable!” The Shen Xiang sound is bringing endless murderous aura, is infecting Yun Xiaodao they, sees only them to beat immediately, with strongest strength, was greeting that six Holy Light Church disciples. Shen Xiang wants is this effect, the Holy Light Church disciple robs in Extreme Martial Sect's domain open and aboveboard, to Extreme Martial Sect is an insult, now Shen Xiang must ask, also makes Holy Light Church feel a greatest insult. These six Holy Light Church disciples are only the short instances, was beaten by the people the severe wound, Shen Xiang receives water vine, completely falls down. Stepping on maliciously! Do not massacre that's alright!” Shen Xiang was saying, steps on vigorously fiercely, he such does, without doubt replaces entire Extreme Martial Sect and Holy Light Church declares war, this has the Gu Dongchen support. Zhu Rong already took down their storage equipment, had found Yao Haisheng that then gives Shen Xiang, other Shen Xiang do not want, he does not lack these things now. Stop!” Angry sound suddenly transmits together, a threatening pressure is similar to the mountain is ordinary, immediately presses in Shen Xiang on them, making them feel uncomfortable incomparable. Continue!” A Gu Dongchen that light sound emergence, Shen Xiang they were relaxed , to continue to step on that six Holy Light Church disciple crazily.