World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 365
Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming appear in Shen Xiang they behind, at the same time, throws over the golden robe middle-aged man also to appear in Shen Xiang in front of them. Shen Xiang they have called a halt, but that six people oppressively had not actually resulted in the turn into a human shape, although has not died, but actually lives to might as well die! That Holy Light Church middle-aged man strength is very strong, the look is average, but has threatening might, at this time his over the face scowl, is staring Gu Dongchen wickedly. Is good your Gu Dongchen! Also Extreme Martial Sect, I will make you regret!” The golden robe middle age said with clenched jaws. Qin Zejun, is your Holy Light Church disciple is incorrect first, we are revenging, this is the perfectly justified matter!” Gu Dongchen said with a sneer. Shen Xiang they have fallen back on Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming behind, words that Shen Xiang has not misread, that golden robe middle age may is the Holy Light Church founder, the strength should be the same with Gu Dongchen. Qin Zejun looked that in tread ** was shouting disciple who saves a life, his frowned, waves to release a golden palm shade, kills these six people of bang completely, dregs does not remain. Disgraced conspicuous thing!” After Qin Zejun cursed angrily one, looked to Gu Dongchen: „Haven't you known your situations now?” They see Qin Zejun to treat hanger-on disciple unexpectedly to be so vicious, in the Shen Xiang heart secretly is scared, now they do not have the favorable impression to Holy Light Church.

Naturally knows, moreover we also know that this is the ghost who you do!” The Gu Dongchen item contains killing intent, the fist is gripping tightly slightly, could see that he is angry to this matter. The Qin Zejun corners of the mouth raise, smiles mean: Gu Dongchen, the heroic congress convenes, so long as your Chenwu Mainland above sect submits to completely with Holy Light Church, your also way out, otherwise your oneself defend here, deals with that damn Demon and Devil!” Holy Light Church wants series Eastern Sea, now looked like only remaining Chenwu Mainland, if Chenwu Mainland were ruled by Holy Light Church, perhaps on Chenwu Mainland with Holy Light Continent such, will turn into one to be full of the gloomy world! Then sees on the heroic congress the day of! Your Holy Light Church do not sit well view day, this Mortal Martial Realm is not only then your Holy Light Church is strongest.” Gu Dongchen any had not worried that this makes Shen Xiang have doubts, although after he knows Gu Dongchen has the move, but Holy Light Church united the entire Eastern Sea major influences now, Chenwu Mainland in front of Holy Light Church is very tiny. Relax, sooner or later one day, I will rule entire Mortal Martial World!” Qin Zejun laughs wildly one, then changed to together golden light, vanish from sight. In the house was also hit the Holy Light Church disciple who flies, Shen Xiang they have not paid attention, they returned to Extreme Martial Sect with Gu Dongchen. Shen Xiang arrives at King Martial Courtyard with the people, saw Yao Haisheng, then returned to Extreme Dan King Courtyard , to continue to look after that small medicine garden herbs, the heroic congress has not started, the exact hour has not subscribed, probably this looks at the Gu Dongchen decision, on the day of Shen Xiang also anticipates, because can definitely see the Extreme Martial Sect true strength on that day. That called the Qin Zejun fellow, crossed the fellows of eight tribulations, vision unexpectedly was so small! unexpectedly is only thinking rules Mortal World, didn't he think transcend Heaven World?” Shen Xiang waters the small shoot that White Jade Lotus Seed is planting, at the same time said.

You think that everyone is that easy transcend? Even if Gu Dongchen, perhaps they must stay very long time, when he has enough strength, handles the Extreme Martial Sect's matter, after the position of Dean hands over, initiates Ninth Tribulation, after crossing, immediately transcend! During this, requires very long time, said that must ten thousand years!” Su Meiyao said. After Nirvana Realm, the life is very long, but is actually not Eternal Life, if the breakthrough is not prompt, fleshly body slowly will get older, Wu Kaiming is this. Therefore similarly is Nirvana Realm, some are the appearances of youth, some are the old men. If he can rule entire Mortal World, can use the entire Mortal World resources, this can make him have a bigger assurance to cross Ninth Tribulation. Crossed eight steps, seven tribulations, Nirvana Realm of six tribulations, thinks that will therefore obey that Qin Zejun. As the matter stands, they can obtain the large amounts of resources with ease. These Nirvana Realm are in Mortal World strongest martial artist, so long as they get rid, can deter common people on continent, this to many people are not the good matter, this will only make martial artist fewer and fewer.” Bai Youyou said. Mortal World is so big, person are also many, if the Mortal World above person and resources entirely turn over to a handful people to control, then this handful people can obtain massive herbs, ores, crystal stones wait / etc. many practice resources, as the matter stands, they have a bigger assurance to be able under Nirvana Tribulation to survive. Shen Xiang refines now many are Hundred Beasts Dan, he now has raised not only a small greedy dragon, but also has raised a small trembling tiger, after that Small White Tiger since was subdued by him, every day shouts to keep, Shen Xiang one wants to know that is Long Xueyi instigates. However they eat, the adolescence speed is faster, Shen Xiang also scolded several, he was very glad to refine many Hundred Beasts Dan to eat to them. Xiao Chou official pay respects to join Extreme Martial Sect, this matter has caused a stir in entire Chenwu Mainland, after all this is the Herculean Clan person, the strength is outstanding, most makes people feel what is inconceivable, Xiao Chou or Shen Xiang's apprentice, although Shen Xiang is young, but reaches is the master, therefore is also normal.

Shen Xiang felt that now the pressure is not small, because of Xiao Chou aimed at him, moreover promotion own strength that goes all out, if some day this , when Master was defeated, that will be will laugh aloud. Shen Xiang is not Herculean Clan this freak, the effort that therefore he makes be more than Xiao Chou, otherwise he will be thrown off by Xiao Chou. Now is only peacefully was waiting for from each continent person the heroic congress convened, but makes Shen Xiang feel what is surprised, these days unexpectedly also has other continent's people to come one after another! What's all this about?” Shen Xiang from Liu Meng'er there knows that Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian near Extreme Martial Sect, he also all day run over with two females kid around to play, because the heroic congress crosses, they must continue that's alright. Liu Meng'er knows that the Holy Light Church matter, she was also regarding Gu Dongchen that bold procedure surprised. Should be Qin Zejun calls, this fellow possibly does not have the confidence to make Extreme Martial Sect submit to him!” Liu Meng'er said. Master, how our will Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire when the time comes do?” Xue Xianxian asked that regarding this she was worried very much that she knows after Holy Light Continent situation, felt that was angry, she does not hope that Chenwu Mainland also turned into such.