World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 367
After breaking up, all people in a hurry depart, because the time is very tight, although these people have some are the elders, but must be responsible for managing Martial Courtyard various things. Only then Shen Xiang also stays here. After waiting for these people to walk away, Gu Dongchen hastily asked: Young Martial Uncle, did you see Junior Sister? I had already said with her, these days cannot close up, but did not see her trace now!” Shen Xiang shakes the head saying: I have also looked for her, but she probably not in Extreme Dan King Courtyard!” Found Elder Dan including Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming, Shen Xiang could not find, she is a fierce alchemy master, the strength is also very strong, was Extreme Martial Sect's big Big Shot, the heroic congress has been short of her, definitely will make the Extreme Martial Sect's strength look like weak many. Shen Xiang when the Danxiang Taoyuan grand meeting has seen Elder Dan, at that time Elder Dan sent Five Elements True Elemental Dan herbs to him, later he again had not seen. Although said that Elder Dan mysteriously appears and disappears frequently, but in this crucial point has not appeared now, makes Gu Dongchen they worry. Tomorrow exactly what happened? Very danger(ous)? Do I also want to go?” Shen Xiang asked that if danger(ous) also made him bring death, he will definitely not go. Gu Dongchen has hesitated, said: This was difficult saying that cannot go to you to decide, when the time comes had you not to have your one type in any case! The words that however you go, can see very unusual scene actually, as for danger(ous)...... I am also hard to determine!” Shen Xiang shrugs, said: I ask the old lunatic to ask that you look for that woman!” Gu Dongchen hastily is drawing Shen Xiang, said with a smile: Young Martial Uncle, you also really have to plant! unexpectedly such frequent sees him, I must go, that present Young Martial Uncle you while convenient help me ask that having a look at his old man to have any view to this matter!” Shen Xiang scolded one lowly, then in a hurry departs, he has not thought that Gu Dongchen unexpectedly will fear such Huang Jintian, now he thought now after and Master has been familiar, little received has suffered.

In that deep hole, Huang Jintian is testing a very big cow, does not know where he makes . Moreover the meat that his also one very unique seasonings, roast is fragrant, the unusual delicacy, this is also Shen Xiang thinks the quite good matter in Hell, because can eat delicious. Let alone the words, waited to finish eating said again!” Huang Jintian is gazing at that cow, directs Shen Xiang to control Heavenly Sun Fire to roast that cow with the hand signal. If under Netherworld Abyss fire beast knows that Shen Xiang comes the barbecue to eat with this Heavenly Sun Fire, can definitely be mad spits blood, moreover frequently, naturally, this is Huang Jintian this old lunatic makes Shen Xiang do, he said the meat that Heavenly Sun Fire roasts is quite delicious. Quick, that monster cow roasted ripe, Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian have launched a big game, whom looked at to eat quickly, ate a lot...... After eats, Shen Xiang lazy by rock wall, looks under deep hole that warm warm yellow ray, side that deep pool clear water wave light is clear, his suddenly thinks under this deep hole to be good, unexpectedly is very beautiful. Master, Little Featherhead said that tomorrow must hold the heroic congress, looks at his appearance, probably Extreme Martial Sect must be finished such.” Shen Xiang said that he wants to go to him to get down now here is must do. Huang Jintian said with a smile: little rascal, you will also go to Hero Mountain to open mind tomorrow! Also, no matter what happened, do not blame Little Featherhead they!” Why said? Will they process not well?” Shen Xiang frowned, his suddenly has one not good premonition. Hehe, I saw that you will be faced with imminent disaster, when the time comes you must be more careful!” Huang Jintian said with a smile. The Shen Xiang corner of the eye is beating, Huang Jintian can forecast the future matter, therefore he highly believes Huang Jintian. Master, do not crack a joke!” The Shen Xiang forced smile said.

I have not cracked a joke, you must be faced with imminent disaster, Ha Ha...... little rascal, when the time comes do not die!” Huang Jintian acts like a madman to smile, Shen Xiang wishes one could maliciously the fan his two palms of the hand, oneself apprentice has been faced with imminent disaster, he also smiles unexpectedly that happily. „Can Master...... what happened? Is entire Extreme Martial Sect is faced with imminent disaster, am I faced with imminent disaster?” The Shen Xiang whole face asked bitterly and astringently. Is you! If you want to know exactly, possibly wants tomorrow the heroic congress time can know! Regarding this matter, I, although did not approve, but did not oppose! Moreover this to you is also a very big test!” Huang Jintian said with a smile. The Shen Xiang bare derelict land sits there, vigorous pounds a stone in the water, he knows Huang Jintian said is not definitely false. Relax little rascal, you are my apprentice, although you have the disaster, but I promise you, I guarantee your undying! You from now on are one also want the crazy fellow compared with my old man, on the day of I anticipate.” Huang Jintian Ha Ha said while loudly laughing. Shen Xiang also wants to ask something, was actually trampled by a Huang Jintian foot, he feels that to be kicked painful buttocks very much, after deep hole cursed several, then hurries back Extreme Dan King Courtyard. Gu Dongchen unexpectedly in the entrance he, he sees Shen Xiang to arrive, then smiles to ask: Young Martial Uncle, did you ask?” Asked, the old lunatic said that my anything is faced with imminent disaster, in brief tomorrow I will possibly have bad luck.” Shen Xiang mentioned this matter, in heart was not feeling well, there is a lump at heart such. He added that regardless of what happened, makes me not blame you! Exactly what happened?” Shen Xiang is watching intently Gu Dongchen. Entire...... Tomorrow you will know!” Gu Dongchen rubs hands to say. Shen Xiang low coldly snorted: Tomorrow I will not attend the heroic congress, I thought the matter that anything is faced with imminent disaster can also occur.”

Same meeting, but you should better or go! Some of my a lot are busy, I walked first!” The Gu Dongchen look was somewhat afraid, said that in a hurry walked. Shen Xiang scolded several lowly, he always thought that Gu Dongchen must sell him probably was the same. He must tell other people, I and Sister Meng'er relationship? Also or is Hua Xiangyue has relationship? But doesn't this have the advantage to him?” Shen Xiang has mind filled with the doubts, he arrived at that small medicine garden. Master, my parents nearby this, you best not to let out me, I do not want to go back with their together!” Profound Beast Bag inside Small White Tiger said timidly. Zhenzhen, you felt relieved!” Shen Xiang cracks into a chuckle, he does not leave himself like this Small White Tiger, after all this is an own trump card. Su Meiyao said: little rascal, you pack the thing at the same night, tomorrow will likely occur to your disadvantageous matter!” What do I have to be good to tidy up?” Shen Xiang knows certainly that tomorrow are bad luck, he is very also calm. All transfers to your small medicine garden our, should better make trim spirit farm.” The Su Meiyao's sound is somewhat anxious. This?” Shen Xiang asked that made to handle to two females medicine garden, moreover can bring medicine garden along, like this he will not lack herbs.