World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 368
Tomorrow must hold the heroic congress, today Extreme Martial Sect is busy, after Shen Xiang Yun Xiaodao they found, well gathered, then returns to Extreme Dan King Courtyard, all moves his medicine garden inside spirit herb to the ring of his stealth. That mysterious ring can preserve live person, moreover can make the live person survive in inside is very long, looks like small Mysterious Realm such that carries along, although was cruder, but was good. That ring and Profound Beast Bag are different, Profound Beast Bag can only put Spirit Beast, but Spirit Beast has an ability, can penetrate the impediment of Profound Beast Bag, absorbs outside Spirit Qi, can the haughty survival, have Shen Xiang to provide massive Hundred Beasts Dan again, therefore inside Spirit Beast not air and Spirit Qi died insufficient. Shen Xiang had asked Liu Meng'er, asked that she can refine this type of ring, Liu Meng'er said can yes, but needs some special herbs, refinement time must use profound spirit, at least the answer ten years can refine successfully. Liu Meng'er is Refiner Grandmaster, Shen Xiang that Profound Beast Bag is Liu Meng'er gives Hua Xiangyue, afterward Hua Xiangyue gave Shen Xiang's again, she can refine Profound Beast Bag this type of thing, explained that she to refining high level storage equipment has certain experience. That Hero Mountain where? Why I have not listened, do you know?” Shen Xiang is busy excavating earth, while asked. Does not know, but I guessed that place near Extreme Martial Sect.” Su Meiyao said. In mountain scene near Extreme Martial Sect, there has unusual death Qi, although there is filling this death Qi, but that place actually does not fill Yin Qi, it seems like there had has to purely to was just full of the just strength ghost!” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang has gawked: That place probably is forbidden land, not in Extreme Martial Sect, but is actually the Extreme Martial Sect direct management, is there Hero Mountain?”

Long Xueyi said: Is very likely the hundred thousand year ago the hero who died in battle, was buried there! But why soul also in? Also wants resurrect?” hundred thousand year ago old antique resurrect! Will that be what kind of? Shen Xiang does not think this absurd, he has seen right in front of one resurrect Two-Headed Snake Demon in that One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain, if not Sister Bai Youyou's gets rid to write off, definitely suffices Gu Dongchen they to toss about a period of time. The small medicine garden soil year to year was watered dragon saliva this type of thing by Shen Xiang, gradually turned into spirit earth, to planting spirit herb has very big help. Shen Xiang first some spirit herb including root belt earth digs, puts in the ring, after complete spirit herb digs, starts to excavate earth, the remaining matters gave in ring that two beautiful women. After all spirit earth dig, is late at night, Shen Xiang sits in the roof, looks at the full moon in sky, he does not know that tomorrow will have anything, if not his Master promises him, preserves his undying, he stay here, already will not make a getaway now. Words that he must hide, nobody can find him, even if Huang Jintian does not know that he cultivates Divine Dao this type of thing, in Mortal World, had heard the Divine Dao person is also few, let alone is that Divine Ability. Day also not bright, Gu Dongchen looked for Shen Xiang, they must go to that Hero Mountain now, but Extreme Martial Sect's many disciples went home, only then some Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer and True Martial Realm also stayed here, after waiting for Gu Dongchen they to leave, the Extreme Martial Sect remaining disciples will defend in the Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm entrance completely. With such that Su Meiyao they guessed, Hero Mountain was really that piece near Extreme Martial Sect the mountain that prohibited from entering.

On the road, Shen Xiang also sees Liu Meng'er to bring Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan sits on that White Jade flying lotus, but Gu Dongchen they actually walk. Also was other continent's Dean leads the disciple to fly to not far away that mountain scene, Shen Xiang also to see several familiar people, Lotus Island's Lian Yingxiao, True Martial Sect's Tang Yichao, Free Immortal Sea Xiao Ziliang, Proud Sword Sect's Yue Jianglin...... Those who make him more surprised is, Five Great Devil Sects Dean came! He is only has not seen Hua Xiangyue, she is Danxiang Taoyuan is strongest, on Chenwu Mainland, even is in entire Eastern Sea is very famous, naturally, this also praises after her status exposed. Five Great Devil Sects these fellows look like to Demon and Devil World that side do not have the confidence, after these fellows come, refuses to acknowledge family, let alone the person in Human World!” Gu Dongchen looks that after Five Great Devil Sects several Dean lead the disciple to fly, muttering. It is said the hundred thousand year ago heroic congress is also held in Hero Mountain there, therefore buries in the person who that big storm died completely there! Does not know that big storm person does have to live the present.” Wu Kaiming is also the feeling extremely, the hundred thousand year ago ancient can preserve entire Mortal Martial World successfully, otherwise present Mortal Martial World is one is full of the Demon and Devil world. Shen Xiang also listened to Long Xueyi they saying that in the past three realms great war in the past, passage that opened closed according to world inside monster Devil Qi, if a world were invaded by Demon and Devil, monster Devil Qi was very heavy, finally will belong to Demon and Devil World. If likewise, humanity attacks Demon and Devil World, captures Demon and Devil World, passage closure time also will belong to Human World, but this situation is few, usually is Human World here world is taken. Therefore, protects a world, is matter that this world above all expert must handle, must unite, is only that Holy Light Church wants now through such one almost, unifies Eastern Sea, obtains more resources. But Chenwu Mainland is above various factions is very strong, and has vast lands, does not want to belong to Holy Light Church to be under the control of others.

Enters Hero Mountain, after taking the 1st Stage mountain road, the sky completely has shone, Shen Xiang has not thought that on a Hero Mountain great summit has a very smooth place unexpectedly, spreads with the giant stone, before being able to see this is very long, around this plaza, many stone stool stone tables, is rough, a stone table is the block quite big square shape stone, Stone Deng is also same. Ahead of time arrived here person, has sat down, each sect has a table, but is very here big, more than 40 positions, Shen Xiang guessed that is the Extreme Martial Sect's position. Really, Gu Dongchen is leading the Extreme Martial Sect's disciple, has arrived at that table. After Shen Xiang sits down, but also they spits the tongue to Xue Xianxian, is greets, he knows that and other must be faced with imminent disaster, if possible, he must now well with this Fairy same wife intimate. After the people arrive, nobody spoke, the atmosphere was serious and depressing, Shen Xiang was also bored goes to several tables, unexpectedly has more than 400! Except for Extreme Martial Sect this big table, other can only be five people, this in other words, the person who attended the heroic congress are most is also only 2000 individuals.