World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 369
Shen Xiang sees many tables only to be 2-3 people, that wear black robe, brings demon gate Dean of bow cap is being makes one. When the people thought very senseless, golden light shoots together from the distant place, this seemed be more dazzling than the sunlight, the people looked immediately. Shen Xiang does not need to look that knows this definitely is the Holy Light Church person, moreover many table above people stood, except for various Chenwu Mainland's factions, the people who other overseas continent came goes out of the position, stood in the middle that spacious place. Gu Dongchen fist suddenly grasps very tightly, martial artist that because these overseas come has pledged allegiance to Holy Light Church, even if Nirvana Realm, awes to Holy Light Church incomparably, this is also doing to their these Chenwu Mainland's people looks. Qin Zejun in the forefront, leading a troop person to wear the golden robe person to fly, releases a threatening pressure, descends in plaza on this mountain, sees only him to wave, making other people return to the seat. He behind that threw over the golden robe person also to look for the position to sit down, probably more than 200 people, but more than 40 individual clothes were slightly different, these 40 people were divided into ten tables to sit down. These ten tables should from ten quite formidable continent, their overall strength very be strong, has very big difference with other these golden robe people.” Long Xueyi said. Eastern Sea powerful continent has more than ten, is earliest is taken by Holy Light Church, these people naturally cannot collaborate to cope with Extreme Martial Sect, isolates Extreme Martial Sect at most, they do not dare to destroy completely this protection entrance first big faction, otherwise Western Sea, Northern Sea and Southern Sea these three sea areas definitely will say anything. The person who your Holy Light Church comes were too rather many! Has occupied others' position.” Gu Dongchen coldly said, regarding Qin Zejun this Holy Light Church Lord, his favorable impression does not have. Shen Xiang has not left Chenwu Mainland, he is not clear to other continent's matters, now listened to Gu Dongchen saying that here position should be filled, then said that had 400 continent's people to come! Extreme Martial Dean, let alone is southwest the Northern Sea person, Eastern Sea is not willing to come, therefore this I lead many points of people to fill up the sufficient scene, does not have any issue!” Qin Zejun gloomy and cold smiles, he looked at the people on other Chenwu Mainland.

He He, Hua Xiangyue on your Chenwu Mainland has not come, your Extreme Martial Sect's rallying point also was too rather weak!” Qin Zejun ridicules one. suddenly, the distant place transmits lightly snorted: Who said that I don't come? Qin Zejun you as before, all day know that talks nonsense!” Hua Xiangyue came, she is comes, she on Chenwu Mainland, did not have the person not to have what issue. After Hua Xiangyue this caresses flatters myriad females wear one set of snow white women's clothing, body that charming character and style appears has a unique flavor, she lowers from the sky just like the fairy maiden generally, looked that does not look at Qin Zejun one, looked for a table to sit down casually. Although in the field also more than ten beautiful woman Dean, the attractive female is many, but compared inferior actually with Hua Xiangyue many, only then Liu Meng'er can with her side by side, Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian, although was very beautiful, but has actually been short of expert makings with one type maturity that contained the wind and frost, but they still capture the attention of many people now. That Icewind Valley's Valley Master has not come! Your Chenwu Mainland does not unite, but also wants to make us come neat?” Qin Zejun was satirized by Hua Xiangyue, in the heart is not feeling well secretly. Liu Meng'er indifferently said: Icewind Valley's Valley Master is I!” Saying, one cold wind suddenly, was letting the complexion big changes of many Nirvana Realm, but other disciple matters did not have, but thought that gust was very cold. The entire conference site resembled suddenly restriction such, passed in a minute, these Nirvana Realm slightly shouted the one breath, in the mouth unexpectedly has spouted cold air, obviously Liu Meng'er used the most effective means to prove a moment ago he was the Icewind Valley Valley Master status! Shen Xiang already knew, he was surprised Liu Meng'er unexpectedly such already to expose his status!

It seems like Divine Weapon Sect Dean is most tired, has concurred two.” Gu Dongchen has smiled saying with a smile. He looked at Shen Xiang one, sees the Shen Xiang's facial expression, he knows that Shen Xiang already detected the Liu Meng'er status, Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er's relationship makes him feel the envy, little rascal gives to take Liu Meng'er this beautiful woman unexpectedly, making him feel that this is the careless and wasteful use of nature's products. Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian very shocking Liu Meng'er's status, now they know why Liu Meng'er will go to Icewind Valley frequently. Master......” Leng Youlan shouted in a low voice, sees only Liu Meng'er to her lightly smiled, nodded. Leng Youlan does not know Valley Master is Liu Meng'er, although is very accidental, but she was very happy that she had the favorable impression to Liu Meng'er, moreover she now and Xue Xianxian is also apprentice sisters. Xue Xianxian is also so, what their two do not know, their Master heart had been abducted by Shen Xiang, if this matter passes on, thinks that entire Eastern Sea will shock! Icewind Valley's Icewind Divine Art really lives up to reputation, worthily is divine art!” Qin Zejun this Holy Light Church Lord has put out several pack ice, then moves toward a table. Hears divine art these two characters! Those present cannot help but look to Liu Meng'er, only then Shen Xiang this type person who has many divine art to divine art not too big surprised, but other martial artist were different, because of divine art, but supreme martial arts secret realm, after the practice, can have unusual strength. Person who in Mortal World, can have divine art is very few, let alone divine art, Sacred Level Immortal Level was few! One of antique ten big rare technique, Icewind Divine Art! Feeling strange of this divine art locates I not to know.” Su Meiyao said with amazement.

I have wanted to study, but sought for many years actually continuously not to find! Has not thought that this divine art unexpectedly will appear in Mortal World!” Bai Youyou is somewhat excited, she also cultivates ice cold strength, this martial arts is most appropriate she. Sister Youyou, I later find an opportunity to ask that she wants!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, Bai Youyou taught to his many devil art, these were also fierce martial arts that and divine art had puts together, he must certainly report back. Does not use, sometimes divine art did not say that must want, especially this rare technique.” Bai Youyou shakes the head saying that she looked in the past was very long, although could not find, but others do not give, therefore she fully realizes difficulty. Shen Xiang has complied with one casually, he plans to try. Eastern Sea each continent's friends, gather everybody today here, thinks that everybody knows reason, I loudly said! I want everybody table one condition, if Demon and Devil entrance once opens, you do come not to help?” Gu Dongchen comes straight to the point, loud voice asked. An audience peace, the Chenwu Mainland's people can guess correctly the result, because in Eastern Sea left beside Chenwu Mainland, other continent were subdued by Holy Light Church.