World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 370
Gu Dongchen had said today will have something, is not the statement so will be simple, if Holy Light Church does not comply with the help, walks away? But what doesn't Gu Dongchen make? It looks like in Shen Xiang, Holy Light Church definitely on today's this hero congress, forcing Chenwu Mainland to submit to with them, completes to lord over the Eastern Sea great undertaking! Naturally, he now could not have seen that will have any disaster to arrive on him, he in Chenwu Mainland, although is very famous, but in troop Nirvana Realm, he is also only one is now small. „If willing to come Chenwu Mainland to repel Demon and Devil continent to that day together, raises hand!” Gu Dongchen did not have patiently, he also already knew the result, now but plans according to him walked. In the past the small moment, the people are you looked that my I thought you, these have not raised hand from overseas continent's person one, but Gu Dongchen was also calm, sect Dean on other Chenwu Mainland were also so, they had thought probably already of this. The Gu Dongchen those words probably are immaterial words such, will resemble anyone not to care. In peaceful plaza, suddenly heard one to fill laughing of taunt, smiled very disgustingly, making the person hear cannot help but frowned. The direction when the people transmit toward the laughter looked in the past, wore the golden robe middle age to stand, moreover went out of the position, was laughing, while arrived at the middle that spacious place. This person is really the Holy Light Church founder, Qin Zejun! He faces Gu Dongchen, smiling face suddenly is stopping, he is pointing at Gu Dongchen, said with a sneer: Gu Dongchen, nobody will support your! If only the person on your Chenwu Mainland, radically irresistibly these with Demon and Devil that the tide surge same comes!”

Gu Dongchen unemotionally looks at Qin Zejun. My very clear this point!” Gu Dongchen indifferently said, has been able to be so calm to him now, this makes these overseas continent's expert secretly admire. Chenwu Mainland's expert, before you, only then three roads can walk! The first article, submits to Holy Light Church. Second, you resist Demon and Devil. Third, flees Chenwu Mainland.” Glance of Qin Zejun coldly these Chenwu Mainland above Dean Big Shot, if they make the decision, only then Gu Dongchen does not want, they will have the next motion. Qin Zejun planned to be very long, now only misses one step to complete him to unify the Eastern Sea great undertaking, moreover becomes a legend, recorded on the history book! In history because he is the person who first lords over a sea area, his ambition will be bigger, is not only Eastern Sea, but is entire Mortal Martial World! I pledged, so long as you are willing to hang up the Holy Light Church reputation, manages this continent according to the Holy Light Church rule, you are this continent's overlord, Dean that you keep aloof, you can also share the entire Eastern Sea resources!” The Qin Zejun sound was fervent, says lets person many person heart movements. Because their this crowd of Nirvana Realm, so long as unites together, can monopolize the entire Eastern Sea resources, sound that if there is opposition, strangling! If wants, so long as comes side me, wears the Holy Light Church clothing, takes an oath the initiation, even if the friend of mine, is Holy Light Church one!” Qin Zejun has put out many golden Chinese-style gowns, holds up high, waited for that Chenwu Mainland's Dean Big Shot comes to receive. At this time Hua Xiangyue giggle said with a smile: Qin Zejun, this clothes were too ugly, I do not want to put on, thinks, I must put on this ugly thing all day, thinks disgusting, does not know really this is the clothes that who wants to come out!” Liu Meng'er chuckle: I do not put on, is truly ugly!”

Like excrement!” Leng Youlan low snort|hum said that this made the person send out one to laugh, naturally, this was the Extreme Martial Sect's disciple is smiling. The Qin Zejun body trembles slightly, anger is staring Leng Youlan, sees only Liu Meng'er complexion sank, a cool breeze transmits, Qin Zejun received killing off in look. What's wrong? Your can Chenwu Mainland choose that another two roads? Abandons this continent above common people, or is this continent above common people dies together?” Qin Zejun also loud said. Now this situation this stems from the anticipation of Qin Zejun, he looks to that several demon gate Dean, he knows demon gate Dean and Righteous Path not with . Moreover the resources access method, should pledge allegiance to his Holy Light Church, but a response does not have now. Other overseas continent's expert also thought that was very unreadable, initially they somewhat is a little compelled. Naturally, on the one hand cannot undergo the enticement of Qin Zejun, after all many expert want to cross Nirvana Realm, finally transcend arrives at Heaven World, but the matter of other anything morals, they cannot control that many. Qin Zejun also said: Everybody does not think safe and sound crossed this catastrophe? Doesn't want to cross Nirvana Tribulation, transcend Heaven World? So long as can transcend, later we not need to be worried about dead in that again damn in Nirvana Tribulation, everybody has arrived this step, is in Mortal World the person in peak, wants such to vanish into thin air? So long as we unite together, must fear Nirvana Tribulation!” A richer person, fears death on exceed, a stronger person is also so, naturally also the part the exception that the life and death completely understands, these people are not many, but are also many, person who for example these will not violate the Martial Dao spirit! suddenly, two demon gate Dean have stood up, but they looked at Gu Dongchen, sits down immediately, this makes Qin Zejun very annoyed, he thinks that does not understand why Gu Dongchen can have such big deterrent force. Although strength quite, but his Qin Zejun but the Holy Light Church founder, can unite dozens powerful continent's Nirvana Realm martial artist, Gu Dongchen is well below him. Gu Dongchen is also only Extreme Martial Sect's Dean, but contrasts Qin Zejun, appeared not worthy of mentioning.

Qin Zejun, you were too impatient! Make me feel what is funny, Demon and Devil World has not attacked, us first internal strife! What is funnier, unexpectedly the troop idiot will create a disturbance with you!” Lian Yingxiao said with a smile, this made many Nirvana Realm immediately angry. Surnamed Lian, you explain, who is an idiot!” Must baldheaded old man stand up steadily, was saying to Lian Yingxiao fierce. Is these is willing to put on the fellow of excrement Chinese-style gown! This sufficed to understand!” Lian Yingxiao still pale said with a smile, he such did pledges allegiance to Holy Light Church these Nirvana Realm in the insult without doubt, this made these people stand, was looking angrily at Lian Yingxiao. Shen Xiang admires this Lotus Island Master secretly, looks like the polite scholarly, but the mouth so is poisonous. „Did I say not right? Your this crowd of slut, didn't you know the Martial Dao principle? Had forgotten Martial Dao was energetic? Do not think that you can control the world resources to live were crossing Nirvana Realm, have not thought that violates a Martial Dao principle fiercer fellow, Nirvana Tribulation is more ruthless, like your this group of fellows, must die under Nirvana Tribulation finally!” Lian Yingxiao said with a sneer.