World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 371
These angry person, after hearing the Lian Yingxiao words, the innermost feelings slightly are shivering. Lian Yingxiao, do not talk nonsense, what nonsense Martial Dao principle, Martial Dao spirit? I never believe that my strength tries hard to obtain through oneself, with these things irrelevant! The heaven envies us, when our strength will certainly achieve will lower Nirvana Tribulation! To strangle us.” Qin Zejun loudly said. Lian Yingxiao said with a sneer: Does not believe to consider as finished, you have a look at the devil path sects fellow, because these fellows behave badly too, crossed six tribulations including one does not have.” These demon gate Dean statures shivered, but has not said anything. What the fellow said is real? Nirvana Tribulation really and is that what Martial Dao principle related?” Shen Xiang was inquiring Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou. Has relationship, but accurate I do not know that if violates the principle to be serious, transcends tribulation time, Nirvana Tribulation truly will become stronger. As for the accurate principle is anything, we are not clear, from the Martial Dao spirit saw at most a point anything comes!” Su Meiyao said. The Martial Dao spirit is used to restrain powerful martial artist, but does not make these formidable martial artist make the person god altogether indignant matter, but after many people have the powerful strength, majority will forget the Martial Dao spirit. Utter nonsense!” Qin Zejun loudly shouted, then continues saying: Since your Chenwu Mainland's strength is so strong, then did not need us to worry, you put best into it!” How we must have a look at you to hold this heroic congress actually!” Qin Zejun , to continue to return to the position, sneers is observing the situation the people. At this time Gu Dongchen spoke: Qin Zejun, I already knew your ambition, but has not thought that unexpectedly will have these many idiots to deliberately create trouble with you, with such that Brother Lian said that that is one crowd of slut, finally can definitely die a tragic death in Nirvana Tribulation!”

Was scolded one time to suffice the anger a moment ago, now is also scolded, this made these Nirvana Realm look angrily at Gu Dongchen. What's wrong? To fight? Do I have to scold am wrong you? Thanks to you lived many years of old fellow, unexpectedly is willing to become in others' palm the person, when is willing to depart from steps into the Martial Dao original intention on the same day! You were depend upon Martial Dao to obtain formidable strength, now actually uses these strength to damage the common people, you by retribution!” The Gu Dongchen expression is light, in the sound is having the ridicule, he looks at these Nirvana Realm time, in the look unexpectedly is bringing pitying. Any ratio has not abandoned the thing that oneself most trust pitifully. A Martial Dao people, believes in the Martial Dao spirit, but these Nirvana Realm worries of actually die when Nirvana Tribulation now, but the thing that abandons them initially to have stepped into Martial Dao trusts, that is the Martial Dao spirit! Snort! Gu Dongchen, you can say except for the mouth that what you can also make now? If you submit to Holy Light Church, Chenwu Mainland can definitely be able to preserve! This piece of land above person when the time comes not casualty that many, you also not for own power and influence, but isn't willing to pledge allegiance to Holy Light Church?” Qin Zejun said with a sneer. Lian Yingxiao said with a smile: Qin Zejun, do you think everyone like you? At least my Lotus Province above person crosses very well, moreover I have not enslaved them, they work for Lotus Island, the reward that obtains is very rich! They are not willing to do, I will not force them.” Your Holy Light Continent? Hehe, my previous time went, there radically is a slave world, there person lives was inferior including the dog! Returns Holy Light? Nonsense!” Surnamed Lian......” Qin Zejun has gotten angry, a palm whips vigorously on that stone table, making him feel what is shocking, that stone table not only has not broken to pieces, even links a vibration not to have. Gu Dongchen said with a sneer: Chenwu Mainland above righteous path sects by developing Martial Dao establishes, martial artist also step by step stepped onto from the average person, the person was the Martial Dao basis, is object who we protected. Once erupts this matter, is not we breaks through enemy lines, makes these common people go? What strength do they have to resist these Demon and Devil?”

Quite bored, today doesn't hold the heroic congress? The girl I in spite of being very busy finds time! Has not thought that your unexpectedly lectured one flock of stupid pigs here! It is not right, my this insulted the pig! The pig is better than them, eats to the full rests, will not make the matter of disaster person to come.” Hua Xiangyue holds fragrant cheek, the whole face not to say patiently. You......” Qin Zejun now angrily, in that eye full is ominous light, wishes one could to kill people, but he actually must think over, if now he on Dean by Chenwu Mainland destroying completely, Western Sea, Northern Sea and Southern Sea above person can find the opportunity erasing his Holy Light Church. expert of other three sea areas are not silly, they know that Holy Light Church has very big threat, they also want to make Holy Light Church disintegrate, but Holy Light Church has propagandized is in itself peaceful makes other continent pledge allegiance, if crusades against his Holy Light Church, will have the conflict surely, was when the time comes mutually wounded. Although Chenwu Mainland is only continent, but the Gu Dongchen and the others strength does not allow to look down upon, although their Nirvana Realm are many, but this Martial Dao time-honored continent, the crouching tiger, hidden dragon master definitely also has, here on the fight words, their Qin Zejun will perhaps be injured. „It is not discussed how to resist the Demon and Devil person, all get lost! Let the person look annoyed, the Demon and Devil World matter was imminent, but your this group of fellows are actually thinking here threatens us, wants to lord over entire Eastern Sea? Delusion!” Liu Meng'er stands up, if the surface cold frost, in beautiful eyes full gets angry the light. Qin Zejun knows that Chenwu Mainland with, him thinks does not understand what energy Chenwu Mainland above Nirvana Realm has, unexpectedly dares alone to these Demon and Devil, that is at death's door! The matter calculates with him is different. tut tut, Divine Weapons Empress and past years was so valiant! unexpectedly dares such with our Holy Light Church main speeches!” The distant place has heard a mischievous laughter, this unexpectedly is one old man round. Hears this sound, some Nirvana Realm the whole body trembles immediately, Gu Dongchen also immediately stands up, said while loudly laughing: Truly person who attended the heroic congress came!” Shen Xiang is somewhat curious, asked in a low voice: Elder Wu, who are these?”

Other three sea areas expert! They and Extreme Martial Sect are somewhat contradictory, did not plan, but Dean convinced them!” Wu Kaiming whispered. Shen Xiang understands that now beforehand Gu Dongchen said why can the position be insufficient, actually is Southern Sea, Northern Sea and Western Sea above expert, continent on three sea area, but be more than Eastern Sea, if all arrives, can the hundred thousand year ago all assembled. Occupies these fellows in position, hurries to make way!” Lian Yingxiao said with a smile. Shen Xiang suspected that Lian Yingxiao possibly was also one crossed the people of Nirvana eight tribulations, otherwise such will not have the energy to contradict that Qin Zejun, must know that True Martial Sect, Proud Sword Sect and Free Immortal Sea these sect's Dean did not say a word, Jing Jing (quietly) looked there. Hua Xiangyue did not say that was very mysterious, moreover is a advanced alchemy master, Liu Meng'er governs Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire and Icewind Valley, cultivates Icewind Divine Art, the strength is also good, although she crossed six tribulations. Old Hai, does not see for a long time!” Lian Yingxiao said with a smile, sees only one to wear white hair old man of blue Chinese-style gown to appear side Qin Zejun.