World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 372
Sees this blue robe old man to appear, the Qin Zejun complexion is ugly, this is his unexpected matter, he affirmed that before these other sea areas expert will not attend the heroic congress. Some people descend in this mountain above plaza one after another, there is old man, has the middle age, has the young people, has the woman, altogether has more than 100. Shen Xiang looked was shocked, because he knows that group of people were Nirvana Realm, moreover was very strong, from other sea areas, this truly made the person broaden the outlook, he first time saw these many Nirvana Realm accumulation together, chat that they were merry, Gu Dongchen was also greeting them. Shen Xiang discovered that these sect's Dean Big Shot have the practice, knew mutually that Liu Meng'er and Lian Yingxiao they also greet with some people, Proud Sword Sect's Yue Jianglin also knows several. „Is this Mortal Martial World expert circle? Really is not simple!” Shen Xiang calls out in alarm said. Generally Nirvana Realm will exit to travel, after other continent, definitely first visits that continent above expert, with it becoming friends with, sometimes also will exchange then something, this is also Nirvana Realm goes to seek for a rare and precious spirit herb way.” Su Meiyao said. The facial skin of Qin Zejun is very thick, now unexpectedly has not walked! In Eastern Sea these pledge allegiance to Holy Light Church Nirvana Realm martial artist also to feel somewhat cannot withstand, because they know that Holy Light Church is not very good because of the reputations of other three sea areas, now is directed by others, has the person who they know, even is the friend. Yo, big founder, you also here!” That blue robe old man said with a smile, Shen Xiang discovered this named Old Hai blue robe old man was command respect, many Nirvana Realm martial artist unusual politeness greeted with him. Lan Hai, don't your this group of people hate Extreme Martial Sect's? I remember that initially you maliciously had wiped out two teeth by Huang Jintian, is not only you, here most people had been punched by Huang Jintian!” Qin Zejun said with a sneer. Shen Xiang heart fierce jumps, he remembers that Huang Jintian has said that in the past one group of people forced him to hand over that Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, afterward he is not willing, but also attacked brutally, has injured many expert, finally he also killed Beast Martial Sect's Dean, was crusaded against by many people, was pass/test into Extreme Martial Sect's forbidden land, continuously to the present. Right, we could not plan, but we are only and old lunatic have a grudge, with Dean Gu is actually the friend, now everybody achieves the position to come up, like past such, held the heroic congress!” Lan Hai shouted, the people arrive on these stone tables.

Just 400 continent, 400 tables, Holy Light Church had occupied much, but actually must resign the position now, this makes Qin Zejun not be feeling well, now he any might, here had not gathered other three sea areas expert after all, trivial Eastern Sea, but also insufficiently looks. expert that other three sea areas come, has some disciples to come, is some young disciples of game, this is to let them opens mind, experiences expert such as the heroic congress of forest to be what kind. Before the congress starts, I hope that these did not plan helps Chenwu Mainland resist the Demon and Devil person to depart on own initiative!” Gu Dongchen looks at Qin Zejun that group of people. Qin Zejun coldly snorted: Who said that we don't plan to help Chenwu Mainland?” At this moment, Qin Zejun does not have the means that if he worked as the front of other three sea areas to walk, then, isolated was his Holy Light Church this group of people, perhaps Gu Dongchen they also will discuss how to destroy completely his Holy Light Church, he must certainly remain. Elder Wu, why can Dean invite the people of other three sea areas?” Shen Xiang has drawn the Wu Kaiming sleeve, asked in a low voice. Until now, heroic congress is develops toward a good direction, comes according to the present, will not occur any to the Chenwu Mainland disadvantageous matter, Huang Jintian said that anything disaster that has not arrived to him on. And other you knew!” The Wu Kaiming complexion is somewhat unusual, but Shen Xiang actually cannot see anything. Shen Xiang always thought that has any incorrect place, although the present is walks toward a good direction, but he still has not the good premonition. Gu Dongchen, regarding resisting the Demon and Devil matter does not have what to talk about, when the time comes we had the person to come, cling to tenaciously One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain that's alright, with past such! This each continent will have own arrangement! Now we should chat the proper business, you have complied with our matter!” A middle-aged beautiful woman said.

Right, said the proper business! So long as you to our commitments real, we will help to be pressed with overwork Demon and Devil!” Lan Hai also seconds the motion saying that other person of some people also shouted. Now Qin Zejun understood, Gu Dongchen actually has pledged some conditions, the person who lets other three sea areas puts down grievances to come, what condition but accepted? What can tempt these people? Shen Xiang also in thinking this issue, he remembered in the past Huang Jintian, when Dean, but has become enemies with many expert, his suddenly thought that expert of other three sea areas were not the good things, they will come, because all Gu Dongchen has pledged the condition! All people look at Gu Dongchen, waits for the Gu Dongchen reply. Gu Dongchen has coughed, sighed: I will certainly not let everybody came in vain, the person on my this table.” At this time Gu Dongchen looked to Shen Xiang, a Shen Xiang face was astonished, his suddenly has thought of anything, but actually cannot believe. This is brat Shen Xiang? Is he really the Huang Jintian's apprentice?” Lan Hai dodges, is similar to together blue light like that crosses entire plaza, suddenly appears in front of Gu Dongchen. Shen Xiang has now determined, he was sold! By Gu Dongchen selling out, him understands that now why Huang Jintian has said that regardless of Gu Dongchen makes any matter, do not complain about Gu Dongchen, for all that but he looks at Gu Dongchen angrily. Sees only the Gu Dongchen whole face ashamed look, smiled to him. expert of other three sea areas are because wants to obtain the Huang Jintian's Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art talent and Huang Jintian has the conflict, if Gu Dongchen complies to hand over the Huang Jintian's apprentice, they comply with Gu Dongchen, comes Chenwu Mainland to resist Demon and Devil together.

Shen Xiang is the Huang Jintian's apprentice, definitely understands Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, if did not understand, but can also coerce Huang Jintian with Shen Xiang, therefore Shen Xiang in these Nirvana Realm eyes, is together supreme treasure! Gu Dongchen, your his mother unexpectedly dares to sell the father!” Shen Xiang roars, now he knows that Huang Jintian said was faced with imminent disaster is any meaning. Hears Shen Xiang such to bellow, the people were shocked, but they are more definite, Shen Xiang is the Huang Jintian's apprentice, is Gu Dongchen Martial Uncle! The people whisper, was discussing in a low voice Shen Xiang's matter, especially on Chenwu Mainland some expert, are more surprised regarding the Shen Xiang's status, they understand that now Gu Dongchen will always be protecting why Shen Xiang, because Shen Xiang is Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming and other Three Great Big Shots Martial Uncle! This rank can many people frighten the urine, with these Extreme Martial Sect disciples and elders who who comes, felt that the shock is incomparable. Shen Xiang already knew to meet today, but has not thought that so will be early, although he is angry, but the mind fast is actually rotating, he knows that the Gu Dongchen affirmation and Huang Jintian have discussed that otherwise gives Gu Dongchen taking advantage of 1000 courage, Gu Dongchen does not dare such to sell him.