World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 375
The angry tiger's roar continuously, lets many cultivation base slightly low Nirvana martial artist complexion big changes, although they are also Nirvana Realm, but is facing White Tiger of this rank, share that they also only then run away. White Tiger Clan!” Gu Dongchen said low and deep that at this time entire sound-insulated barrier had been destroyed, the birds in mountain forest were frightened flee in all directions, all over the sky is every large or small bird, scene by one piece from frightened haze covering. Shen Xiang is secretly panic-stricken, he has not thought that Zhenzhen this Small White Tiger parents unexpectedly is so fierce! His hastily gives to tighten the Profound Beast Bag mouth, if known was he has seized others daughters, he was finished. Naturally, he such makes now to let that to White Tiger husband and wife the hatred to these Nirvana Realm expert, so long as when the time comes the chaos get up, is most good opportunity that he runs away. „Can dragon brat, direct some birds, this can confuse these old fellow, otherwise suddenly presents a bird, will make the person begin to have suspicions.” Shen Xiang was inquiring Long Xueyi. Does not have the issue, that two fierce White Tiger must come, looks appearance that threatens, should attack brutally.” Long Xueyi excitedly said, saw only one crowd of every large or small bird suddenly to clash toward the crowd at this time, the innumerable birds are similar to the locust blot out the sky such come, but these expert could not pay attention to that many, jump, looks at the distant place to transmit the tiger's roar the place. That two formidable White Tiger is they most is worried! Came!” Gu Dongchen drinks one lowly, leapt, he is in Chenwu Mainland is quite formidable . Moreover the initiator of this heroic congress, he naturally must assure the security of this congress. Gu Dongchen bears the brunt, a pair of fist braves the steaming white fog, might that strength releases, making many people feel that a heart trembles, this crossed the strengths of Nirvana eight tribulations! The people see only Gu Dongchen flies , the same time, the distant place also flies to shoot two spoken parts light, bumps into with Gu Dongchen violently. As Gu Dongchen hears one to drink fiercely, his pair contains the fist of topple the mountains and overturn the seas to make suddenly, that as if earth-shattering such, shakes split open big lands instantaneously, Hero Mountain fiercely sways! But eruption the glare, is makes the person have a fired feeling.

Naturally, most makes people feel that what fear is that dreadful Slaughter Qi, battlefield that lets the photograph is to place trillion people of battles! After the dazzling ray vanishes, people only see the Gu Dongchen body advance party two to wear the middle-aged men and women of white clothing, this pair of men and women clothes of probably are that White Tiger skin are the same, have many stripes, on their faces full is the color of anger. At this time one flock of birds flew, has mixed in the crowd, at this time the lines of sight of all people centralized in that to the body of White Tiger husband and wife, simply did not have to detect own under foot was filling thick fog. Lian Yingxiao and that blue robe old man also flushed, stands side Gu Dongchen, with that to White Tiger husband and wife face-to-face, they cannot fly, is dependence formidable strength by own body float in the air, only then Nirvana Realm can achieve. Shen Xiang also anxious incomparable, when erupted the dazzling ray a moment ago, he quietly has displayed that move Misty Sky, this is Black Tortoise Divine Art inside move, generally is used to abscond, he little uses, but just applied now. After he releases can turn into white fog massively water attribute True Qi, the thick fog are getting more and more, is only several instances, covers the crowd. Shen Xiang suddenly displays 72 Transformations, being quietly turned into a bird, at this time many birds were scurrying about in the crowd, will not be discovered. Shen Xiang disappears!” old man suddenly exclaimed. Many people are looking at that to White Tiger husband and wife, but some people are monitoring Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang vanishes, was known. Shen Xiang after turning into bird, immediately defers to a Long Xueyi finger of road to fly to a stone table, entered under that stone table small hole, when he just entered that small hole, heard some people saying that he disappeared. Shen Xiang ran! How to have that many damn fog!” A old man anger exclaimed, released gust, blew down the thick fog, immediately was seeking for Shen Xiang.

Quick, looks around!” Lan Hai exclaimed, a scene suddenly confusion, then saw their daughters after White Tiger husband and wife not here, saw here so many expert, angry roar several, then flew away. Although beasts Shapeshift, but very repugnant humanity, the White Tiger husband and wife worry had not found including the women, oneself were held, has to leave first. Looks quickly, he runs not far!” Blue robe old man is anxious and anger, float in upper air, is staring at mountain forest in all directions, releases that powerful Divine Sense, is sweeping all around. Shen Xiang hides in that small hole, in the short several instances, he felt that has several hundred formidable Divine Sense to sweep, but has not discovered him, he continues downward to drill relieved. Under several hundred Nirvana Realm martial artist Divine Sense seeks, let alone was the person, even if were the ant is counted by them clearly, but actually cannot seek for Shen Xiang now. This what's the matter! Let alone little rascal, even if were Huang Jintian came, he cannot in such a short time run away, ran away, will leave behind the fluctuation of aura, but this brat actually resembled suddenly into thin air!” The Lan Hai anger sound track, he is unable to accept this fact, although the situation was very at that time chaotic, but he thought that is he is unable to run away under that many Nirvana Realm martial artist surrounding. But the fact is suspending here, Shen Xiang vanishes without a trace! But this group of people in Mortal World are strongest, their Divine Sense almost can seek for deeply an under dozens zhang (3.33 m) place, entire Hero Mountain in the short time, by their Divine Sense locking, they can induce many birds to fly to run away in all directions, but has not actually induced to humanity is running. These Nirvana Realm martial artist that came from far away from three sea areas remembers to scurry about, at the same time complained that cursed angrily, while sought with Divine Sense is seeking for Shen Xiang, Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming were also seeking. Liu Meng'er and Hua Xiangyue also stand in the place of edge, releases Divine Sense, sweeps all around mountain forest, Shen Xiang can run away, they are also very happy, but actually thinks that does not understand Shen Xiang runs away with any method, if several Nirvana Realm, but the present is several hundred Nirvana Realm people here, safely ran away by him.

Xue Xianxian said with a smile lowly: Brother Xiao Xiang was too unexpected, unexpectedly ran away by him!” „Before , he in idle talk? Has been waiting for the opportunity, this little rascal was really too hateful! These fog definitely are he make!” Hua Xiangyue looks at these also in the mobile white fog, whispered. suddenly, these white fog floated the sky, gathering slowly set: One group of idiots, Ha Ha!” Looks at the sky quickly!” Person of shouted, the people gain ground, after seeing that sets, angrily, they know that this is Shen Xiang is shaming their these Nirvana Realm, but they also thought that this is an enormous insult! Sees these characters, Lan Hai to roar, to the sky is being a palm, scatters these white fog, then looks to Gu Dongchen. Do not visit me, I do not know!” Gu Dongchen let go, the forced smile said.