World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 376
Truly and Gu Dongchen does not have relationship, at that time everyone saw Gu Dongchen to stop that in front to sudden White Tiger husband and wife, then comes suddenly to White Tiger husband and wife, walks suddenly, this also makes the person ascertain airtight. The people believe that was Shen Xiang utilizes any secret technique to run away, what first can affirm, these fog were Shen Xiang put. Ability that this brat truly one type can run away, but will leave behind many water, this martial arts I have not ravelled, but now obviously not with this martial arts, if uses, definitely will send out very rich water attribute True Qi.” Lian Yingxiao is transferring around these stone tables, although saw that hole, but has not thought anything, because in his cognition, the person cannot go in that hole. Ha Ha...... One group of idiots, unexpectedly by this little rascal escaping, Ha Ha...... Laughed at me, this was I have seen the funniest matter since birth!” Crazy sound suddenly transmitted together, making Lan Hai and the others angrier. This is the Huang Jintian's laughter! I planned and other brat Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art told only half saves him again, but has not thought that he has put big pile of smelly fart, after making your idiots accept as true, oneself escape, Ha Ha...... Worthily is my apprentice! That anything nonsense story is actually false, is this brat baseless and irrational concoctions, but arranges also well! Can deceive your this group of idiots to listen for three days three nights!” Huang Jintian said that also acts like a madman to laugh, this makes the Lan Hai and the others complexion pale, their unexpectedly by Shen Xiang, when the pig same has played for three days three nights! Ha Ha...... Too funny! One flock of swine, but that brat lecture of story is good! You do not calculate that owed! Ha Ha......” Before, Huang Jintian heard a Shen Xiang lecture of that story the time, almost smiled spits blood, now Shen Xiang walked, he be relentless ridiculed Nirvana Realm martial artist that these thought oneself infallible. Blue robe Old Man, I remember that at that time you also rationally commended that little rascal lecture of story, now looks like, you at that time were a stupidest pig! Ha Ha......”

The Lan Hai air/Qi results in the whole body to tremble, the impulsion of spitting blood, other people think appearance that at that time Lan Hai and Shen Xiang sang a duet, truly thought that Lan Hai was a through idiot, one big age, unexpectedly plays with by little rascal. Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan very much want to smile, but actually does not dare! Liu Meng'er also Hua Xiangyue is also so, but they think that they were deceived at that time, could not smile. Ha Ha...... It is not good, thinks that your this flock of stupid pigs by the appearance that my apprentice coax, I smile the internal injury! This brat was too fierce, pupil surpasses the teacher, Ha Ha......” the Huang Jintian's sound vanished, but that crazy is full of the ridicule the laughter also to reverberate in the four directions. Lan Hai and the others probably maliciously was brushed the face to be the same, angry incomparable, this is they have received the biggest shame since birth, especially Lan Hai, he wishes one could to look for a crack to drill now. Long Xueyi, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou also chuckle keeps, especially Bai Youyou, Shen Xiang first time saw her to smile the crazy such, Su Meiyao and Long Xueyi did not say that these two women frequently on mindless was laughing. So long as initially Shen Xiang that story person seriously, now does not think funny, because they thought that they like a pig, silly sitting have made out of whole cloth there hear of Shen Xiang for three days three nights, and accepts as true! Is very regrettable, that brat escaped! I acknowledged that I at that time in that brat eye was a stupid pig, I truly was given to play by him. However Old Hai, you cannot go back on word! The people I give you, was you have not favored, no wonder I!” Gu Dongchen sighed reluctantly that the Shen Xiang's method makes in his heart exclaim, now has angered numerous. Lan Hai they will certainly not go back on word, this truly is they do not safeguard proper, making Shen Xiang run away. After they calm down now, somewhat somewhat admires Shen Xiang, is not only Shen Xiang that method, that guts, dare to work as several hundred Nirvana Realm martial artist front to talk irresponsibly unexpectedly, some baseless and irrational concoctions things deceive them. This is no one can have the courage that!

This brat...... I must catch him!” Lan Hai angrily coldly snorted. Lian Yingxiao said with a smile: Old Hai, this brat will perhaps have will not return to Extreme Martial Sect for a long time, I think he will present next time time, should be able to be Nirvana Realm!” Nirvana Realm Shen Xiang? Now or True Martial Realm Shen Xiang was lawless, let alone Nirvana Realm, thinks that makes people feel the headache! I promise everybody, if he returns to the Extreme Martial Sect's words, I can first hold him, give everybody! Naturally, if the old lunatic gets rid, then my anything means did not have.” The Gu Dongchen forced smile said. Huang Jintian makes people feel that very frightened, here majority and Huang Jintian has fought, moreover is a troop person besieges Huang Jintian, but was injured by Huang Jintian, obviously the Huang Jintian's strength is how terrifying, they know that Huang Jintian depends upon that heaven defying strength, can definitely lord over entire Mortal World, but he such has not actually done, finally reduces to by the fate of seal. This old lunatic, although got up by seal, but he...... But he must get rid or not have what issue, he had a fierce method probably, can concentrate the body Divine Sense.” Gu Dongchen seriously said. The people look at each other in blank diamay, is astonished, they heard Huang Jintian saying that a moment ago must get rid. Shen Xiang could not hear the above sound, now he goes forward toward that small hole passage incessantly, he detected that this very small passage was made intentionally, probably leads to under this heroic conference site place. Is who makes? This mountain is very firm!” The Shen Xiang doubts, before that Holy Light Church main maliciously had hit a palm that stone table, cannot make the stone table have the slight damage, moreover this mountain has not shivered, obviously this mountain carefully had been built from beginning to end.

Is very deep, seems like has reached the situation around this mountain, is who so is bored? If the straight line, can put through.” Long Xueyi is also having doubts. This mountain is very big, is very high, if has surrounded this mountain to hit very small passage to lead to the deep place, this truly only then very bored person will do. „Is the seal having a bored fellow?” Shen Xiang guessed, before he took Suppressing Devil divine art time, that by seal hundred thousand year Bai Ziqian putting, if the following seal any thing, he were certainly not thinking strange. Was difficult saying that but here was forbidden land, definitely had any thing below! The passage that at least you now walk intentionally was made, is not the nature formation.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang turned into a mousie, is crawling fast, he planned hides a period of time to exit in this inside again, but driven by curiosity, he proceeds to walk now unceasingly.