World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 378
Middle suddenly of stone chamber presented white light beam, Shen Xiang has arrived at side, only saw in this white light beam float two things. One is the palm of the hand big black disc, another is a map. Shen Xiang in the hand, he only will see on that disc to have many writing, this disc seems like wraps the group by many rings mutually, can revolve to sway from side to side! On this black disc on each point has many writing, although is some small characters, but his eyes can see the familiar character. This Heaven's Crown Gate is very fierce magic treasure, not only can shuttle back and forth fast each continent, so long as your strength is enough, you can also shuttle world, even enters Heaven World! However this in your strength enough situation, takes your present strength, I want only to suffice you a revolution of extension in Mortal World, if wants cross-boundary, to say must Nirvana Realm.” The Wu Canghong words make Shen Xiang be almost startled to stare the eyeball, he does not want to succeed in obtaining this common thing unexpectedly to be so fierce, can relaxed cross-boundary, with ease across each continent. You must first drop the blood, lets this magic treasure owner recognition, then gyrates on Heaven's Crown Gate each Ring! The above indication has the direction and space length, to wait for some data highly, you determined after the goal that you must shuttle back and forth, pours into inside toward Heaven's Crown Gate, this disc will open a door, so long as you enter this gate, can arrive at the destination!” Shen Xiang is swallowing the saliva fiercely, this magic treasure was really too heaven defying, was fierce space magic treasure, this has very big use for him, this made wild with joy, after at least, he can leave this continent easily, even was this world. In Heaven's Crown Gate has the place data that many I store up, is this Mortal World big each continent, after you drop the blood to fuse, can induce obtains! The gate of shuttle relax, I set, can open in a very safe place, you will go is very absolutely safe to later.” Wu Canghong has smiled saying with a smile. Shen Xiang said hastily grateful: Many thanks Senior Wu gives me this fierce magic treasure, after this can let me, reduces troublesome.”

Wu Canghong said with a smile: No need many thanks, this thing is not big in the Heaven World's use, is very fierce in Mortal World, therefore I thought that finds an appropriate person to inherit! The second type of thing is a map, this goes to a Mysterious Realm map.” Mysterious Realm map! Shen Xiang heart one happy, in Mysterious Realm generally many good things, if can go, he can fish one greatly. Is one opens Mysterious Realm dense formation diagram at the back of the map, needs some people to suspend formation, releases strength, opens a small mouth in that Mysterious Realm entrance, can pass and out, directly was the road map! The thing of this Mysterious Realm inside conceal is extraordinary, is the hundred thousand years ago martial arts rare book that our these old fellow keep, with some practice attainments! However did not have use regarding you, after all you have fierce Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, but this divine art was comprehensive.” The Shen Xiang nod said: Right, but I want to study fierce martial arts.” Divine Art of Four Symbols martial arts can use are not many, although promotes to use some along with his strength slowly, but he thinks insufficient. I have a suggestion, above gives this map also in that group of fellows of meeting, making them seek for this Mysterious Realm, some inside martial arts are also their sect's Old Ancestor inherits, when the time comes they take oneself sect's martial arts, this should better! Such one, their came in vain, you cannot to them propose that a condition, cannot catch you again.” Wu Canghong said. Shen Xiang at present one bright, this is truly good, when the time comes Extreme Martial Sect can also obtain many martial arts, at that time he asked Gu Dongchen must affirm. Goes in some Mysterious Realm danger(ous), if makes these fellows go, you were waiting for your Extreme Martial Sect's martial arts that's alright.” Shen Xiang looks at that map, asked: „Can Senior Wu, not have that many sect in the past?”

Other continent I do not know, but Chenwu Mainland has eight big righteous sect, I want possible to make these sect disappear because of other reasons in the midway, or by another way emergence! For example this sect has dismissed a period of time, changes external appearances only with a name again appears , to continue to inherit Martial Dao. Naturally, if occurred with other sect is destroyed completely contradictory, that was finished.” In the Shen Xiang's cognition, after Chenwu Mainland has several sect are, time sect, for example Danxiang Taoyuan, Icewind Valley and True Martial Sect these, the history does not have Extreme Martial Sect to be glorious. Senior Wu, this is King Continent in Mortal World, which sea area?” Shen Xiang looks at the map to ask, because that Mysterious Realm on this King Continent, he thought that this King Continent is not definitely simple, from the name looked that knows is very fierce. Which sea area does not calculate that is independent existence! This continent above person little contacts with the outside, the previous heroic congress has not appeared, thinks that this time has not come, therefore has not constructed the table to them.” Wu Canghong said with a sigh. Then said that three realms great war time haven't they participated?” Has, they have sent out many powerful people, for example...... For example I, I am on that King Continent one.” Wu Canghong said with a smile. Shen Xiang asked with amazement: „Is the King Continent above person very strong?” This is natural, because above is only has not received any destruction in three realms great war continent, therefore is inheriting the martial arts aspect, which continent without compares favorably with King Continent.” If you have decided that now I deliver you to come up, let you and they trade! If they do not want, when the time comes you find the way to run away again! Right, you cannot mention this following matter, if they asked that you said that was King Continent's Senior.” Wu Canghong said.

Shen Xiang nodded: I have decided that after Senior Wu your Divine sense, can here?” „, I now am the person in Heaven World, should not take care the matter in Mortal World again, after delivering you exit, my keeps here wisp of Divine sense also to diverge.” Wu Canghong said. Shen Xiang is somewhat disappointed, he also plans to come to here frequently, discusses Divine Dao with Wu Canghong, but he knows, will have the opportunity, they can also meet on Heaven World. I, although not here, but you can come to here to practice anything frequently, I think that here should be the Chenwu Mainland safest place.” Wu Canghong said with a smile: Now I deliver you to come up, it is estimated that group of fellows will be frightened one in a big way to jump.” The above of stone chamber, Gu Dongchen was speaking the sputtering, actually suddenly saw Shen Xiang to appear in the middle, this made him send out amazed crying out strangely, that appearance like damn. The stone table is encircles one around plaza, at this time all people see Shen Xiang to stand in the middle, their appearances and Gu Dongchen is similar!