World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 379
Shen Xiang ran away, but appears now, isn't this courts death? Must know that he has angered audiences expert, but those who make the person have doubts, Shen Xiang is not the person of foolish matter, but he actually came back now, definitely has the reason. Lan Hai and the others hastily comes up, Shen Xiang surround, is looking angrily at Shen Xiang stubbornly, they wickedly were ridiculed by Huang Jintian, especially Lan Hai, but also was treated as a greatly stupid pig. Shen Xiang looks calm, says with a smile lightly: Senior, I am only go to the bathroom, does not need to make much ado about nothing.” Convenient? Because his convenient, makes from each continent's expert anxious likely is the ant on hot pot, but also makes their almost air/Qi result in the internal injury. However the people did not believe his nonsense, Shen Xiang run away, the present is because some reasons came back. Naturally, Shen Xiang suddenly vanishes, suddenly presents this to play exactly very certainly, making in the person heart exclaim in surprise again and again. You by this, if I must escape again, certainly, my Master has not gotten rid!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. His face indifferent appearance, facing several hundred angry Nirvana Realm, but can also be so calm, obviously his guts have reach much. Naturally, if there is Huang Jintian such Master, everybody will be fearless. Good, to be honest I ran away, but thinks, must cross by the day that you chase down, I thought that is not feeling well! First, Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art is my Master gives me, I want to be how what kind, I do not have the duty to teach to you! But you actually depend on your strength to force Extreme Martial Sect to hand over me, force me to say Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, your morality and justice do not have.” Shen Xiang despises looks at the people.

Then you think that you came back to speak these words, will we let off you?” Lan Hai coldly said. Hey, Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art is my, don't I want to hand over to be also what kind of? You to rob my martial arts, several hundred Nirvana Realm do collaborate to force me to be inadequate? I know that I do not have the strength now, is easy target, you can pinch me casually! If I have my Master such strength, I will not injure you, but must butcher entirely you, you one group of false fellows, violate the Martial Dao principle, certainly must die a tragic death entirely under Nirvana Tribulation!” Shen Xiang somewhat is also angry at this time. You......” Lan Hai is very angry, other people are also so, but they under the gaze of Gu Dongchen, actually endure not to get rid. To put it bluntly, you are snatch martial arts to come today, no wonder you and a person of my Master time to the present is unable transcend Heaven World, you to miss a big truncation on Realm this with my Master. Initially my Master definitely had the strength to massacre you, but did he have, but made you continue to live! My Master past strength can also lord over entire Mortal World, but he does not have, but chooses by the seal in that damned place. This is because he looked through all, although his crazy, but they are nobler than you 100 times, 1000 times!” Now you not only does not feel grateful my Master, but also hates his old man, must know but initially you must rob his martial arts in first, wrong is you, is only your troop person together, was courageous, thinks that is right, will do, my Master massacres you at that time is also the perfectly justified matter.” Shen Xiang is taking a fast look around that crowd of Nirvana Realm, looks appearance that they unemotionally, in his heart secret haughty. Lan Hai is speechless, they have truly made a mistake, if now to Shen Xiang so, they will be again wrong, they are reconsidering now, in the past were makes a mistake really! Ok, no matter what, all these are my Master cause, makes you not help the Chenwu Mainland help, therefore my Master has to discuss with Gu Dongchen that collaborates to sell out me, then my Master saves again me, finally helps me cross to flee the far-away place day!” Shen Xiang sighed.

Good, later I no longer make you hand over Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, will not chase down you! I and your master and apprentice from now on the future, without any grievances.” Lan Hai took a deep breath, loudly said. Other Nirvana Realm also took a stand, they know that reprisal breeds reprisal when this truth, they have angered Shen Xiang now, from now on Shen Xiang is formidable, not like Huang Jintian lenient, since they understood that Shen Xiang's style, definitely will not have the good fruit to eat. Shen Xiang said with a smile: I will not let everybody came in vain, this is a map, is Senior gives me, he said that above has the inheritance that hundred thousand year previous crowd of old fellow keep, they were afraid Mortal World to fall to the enemy at that time, therefore hides in Mysterious Realm.” Shen Xiang was saying, took that map, gives Lan Hai to continue saying: „The back is one dense, needs the person to release strength to compose, this can open that Mysterious Realm entrance, as for inside? That Senior said that a little danger(ous), therefore he urged my this strength do not go.” Lan Hai received that map, carefully looks that he can determine from the material of map, this is hundred thousand is truly young, but that chart is also very rare ancient thing, if in that Mysterious Realm has the hundred thousand year ago inheritance, then present they, can have on the same day the thriving Martial Dao civilization. Where do you meet that Senior?” Lan Hai asked that the hundred thousand year ago person was also living, was not definitely simple. That Senior not , after him this thing gave me, on transcend Heaven World.” Shen Xiang said that while is studying the same day Bai Ziqian transcend Heaven World's appearance, is delimiting hole void, this unexpectedly makes these expert accept as true. I planned gives everybody today, who knows that actually had that matter! Although you cannot obtain my Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, but obtains this thing also to calculate that perhaps in this had your founders to leave your things well, that was your things, cultivated satisfiedly. Now, do not keep thinking about my Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Own thing is best, a people sigh! Shen Xiang obtains this map, unexpectedly has not thought to have sole possession, but hands over, but before them, makes Shen Xiang hand over that Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art resourcefully, this makes them think to think ashamed!

Their strengths are stronger than Shen Xiang are more, but they think to be inferior to Shen Xiang in this aspect, now they looked at Shen Xiang already not that hatred look, but was a respect! In the Shen Xiang heart steals to be happy secretly, this was their things, he returns, these expert wished one could to rip the fragment him, but is actually deeply grateful to him now, anything was less excited than martial arts that studying oneself founder kept, that was an inheritance! This place unexpectedly in King Continent, I looked for a long time could not find this place very much.” Lan Hai said that he has given Gu Dongchen the map. Gu Dongchen smiled: Does not need to be worried that my Extreme Martial Sect's Elder Wu is the person who King Continent comes out, how he knows goes, moreover I have also gone to King Continent, to be honest, there is Martial Dao Sacred Land!” Shen Xiang looked old that bald, that Wu Canghong is also surnamed Wu, do they have relationship? Such being the case, then we prepare, goes to King Continent to take carry back these things, three realms great war must start, ancient of our strengths compared with hundred thousand year ago missed were very far.” Lan Hai looks at the sky, sighed one lightly.