World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 380
Now they have not been able to go to King Continent, because had a space crack in this One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain, they must stop up that crack to start hundred thousand year ago, under our Holy Light Church definitely also leaves behind some inheritance, we must go to that King Continent.” The distant place shoots golden light, one crowd of wear golden robe person flew. The Holy Light Church person has not walked, they have paid attention to here sound in the distant place, Shen Xiang suddenly run away, suddenly appears, was looked by them clearly, but makes them not think is, Shen Xiang so will be unexpectedly silly, hands over that map. Shen Xiang is not silly, he knows that he must enter into Nirvana Realm also to require a lot of time, if with these overseas continent's Big Shot mutual hatreds, does not have to his advantage now, Huang Jintian is impossible forever to keep in Extreme Martial Sect to protect him, Liu Meng'er Gu Dongchen these Big Shot one day will also leave Mortal World, this is to give a escape route. He does not lack any martial arts, now he hands over, but can also hit relationship with these Big Shot, if after him, again becomes a high level alchemy master, these powerful Big Shot will contact with him frequently, so long as the personal connection is good, he in this Mortal World, although is not strongest, but is also popular. Lan Hai looked at Shen Xiang, sees only Shen Xiang to say with a smile: This map now was not my, I could not take responsibility, if in that Mysterious Realm did not have the inheritance that Holy Light Church left behind, I thought that does not need to give this kind of being perfidious potential.” Holy Light Church to obtain the huge resources, enslaves numerous mortals, caused most people dead under the artificial injury, the Holy Light Church procedure, was unpopular in other three sea areas Qin Zejun, but also asked you to restrain some, if you made some excessive matters again, I thought it was necessary before three realms great war started, how taught you to observe the Martial Dao principle.” Gu Dongchen coldly said. Snort!” Qin Zejun knows, because Shen Xiang hands over that map, has made the contradiction that other three sea areas and Extreme Martial Sect see only melt, if Extreme Martial Sect unites that three sea areas expert to cope with their Eastern Sea many continent, share that they also only then submit. Holy Light Church has not conquered including Eastern Sea now, must be strangled, if now is not the critical moment, his Qin Zejun will definitely not give up.

Does not need you to teach me, on the map that place we have the qualifications to go!” Qin Zejun said This is natural, after going, only permits with own thing, if fights for in inside, then do not blame us not being impolite.” Lan Hai said. After the Holy Light Church person came, continues to discuss how to make that space crack gather, Shen Xiang absent-mindedly is also listening to the person, finally conclusion time, he only knows these expert to a bit faster go to King Continent takes these martial arts rare books, therefore decides to collaborate to cause a seal, that space crack stopping up, then collaborates to destroy completely small Evil Demon that these come completely. After breaking up, Gu Dongchen brings audiences expert to go to Extreme Martial Sect, hosts the evening banquet, but Shen Xiang does not have free time to participate, he and Xue Xianxian Leng Youlan two females chatted the period of time, returned to Extreme Dan King Courtyard. Although the heroic congress had many big matters, but peacefully had finally finished, moreover everybody achieves consistently, when the time comes will come Extreme Martial Sect and Demon and Devil carries on great war. In Extreme Dan King Courtyard, Shen Xiang hides in secret room, has put out that Heaven's Crown Gate, although is the disc, but this can actually open Space Gate, therefore names is Heaven's Crown Gate. After dropping blood owner recognition, so long as Shen Xiang pours into Divine Sense toward that disc, can read in the detailed content immediately, moreover can see a very clear map, this map is very big, marks Mortal World each continent, on each continent also several safe footholds, may choose for Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang saw the Chenwu Mainland above marking point, several, are away from his recent one in a forest near Hero Mountain, so long as arrives there, he can act according to the Heaven's Crown Gate record the data, opens leads to each continent's front door together. This Heaven's Crown Gate is so fierce, they have not heard including Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, for does not make the person keep thinking on, Shen Xiang very discrete use, he will not say that he has such a thing.

Night, Extreme Martial Sect is lively, people drink to one's heart's content in the evening banquet, is laughing loudly, regarding these expert, their moods is truly good, although has not obtained Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, but obtained that to deposit the map of ancient inheritance! The people have not seen the Shen Xiang's form, but Shen Xiang told him the friends, said that he was somewhat tired, went back to rest Shen Xiang returns to Extreme Dan King Courtyard, after letting that Heaven's Crown Gate drop blood owner recognition, his disguise change appearance, quietly left Extreme Martial Sect, even if he does not display 72 Transformations, his concealment method is also very excellent. Shen Xiang secure does not live in his curiosity, therefore he must try fierce of that Heaven's Crown Gate, so long as thinks that Heaven's Crown Gate can make him shuttle back and forth at will in Mortal World each continent, he is excited. Outside the city in the forest of distant place, here is dim, Shen Xiang sits under a tree, has put out that Heaven's Crown Gate magic treasure. How many from here to the distance of seashore is? I want to take a look at the sea!” Shen Xiang asked that he discovered that he long was so big, has not seen the appearance of sea. Said that you may go to Lotus Island, wait / etc., making me help you find a good place to stop over.” Long Xueyi said that she also wants to have a look at fierce of this Heaven's Crown Gate. Shen Xiang asked with amazement: dragon brat, do you look? Do you want to go to one that place?” Naturally is not, this is one outstanding ability in Divine Dao, named Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, can make Divine Sense leave own body is very very far, moreover leaves at the light speed, even if I, uses extremely to be difficult, because this consumes Divine Sense.” Long Xueyi said.

When can I use?” Shen Xiang yearns. Your Divine Soul if at least adolescence step tenth layer, your present talent first layer is right, but also!” Long Xueyi said. Divine Soul adolescence slowly, this makes Shen Xiang somewhat worried, when so long as when he now refines massive Elemental Spirit Dan, starts to practice Divine Soul. Had found, there is on a high summit, there is a forest, should very be safe, you establish on that disc, I distance, highly anything told you.” Long Xueyi said. Although Shen Xiang now use Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, but Long Xueyi that's alright, has been able to let he very convenient use Heaven's Crown Gate now! Ha Ha, the father was invincible!” Shen Xiang is revolving the disc above link, establishes direction that Heaven's Crown Gate is leading, at this time his both hands unexpectedly has some shivering, he is excited. Good!” Shen Xiang shouted, then pours into strength excitedly, that disc extracts his True Qi crazily, but also slowly presents one to wind around at present the white light gate in him. „Is this Heaven's Crown Gate?” Shen Xiang saw glittering the gate of white frame to appear in front of oneself, at this time that disc also stopped extracting his True Qi.