World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 383
conceal does not cover inside in top grade crystal stones of deep place in that giant light, therefore Long Xueyi does not need to enter inside. According to the induction of Emperor Crystal, Shen Xiang guessed before this top grade crystal stones and him , that obtains is almost together big, this may be 50,000 grains of top grade crystal stones, value five hundred million middle-grade crystal stones! He thought, comes nearby this Lotus Island to seek for crystal stones mineral lode frequently, comes time can also have Bai Youyou to play in the seashore with Su Meiyao, he thought that such day is very good. Shen Xiang this second-rate was very near, roughly two double-hour, Long Xueyi comes up, her sound is somewhat exhausted: This hides very much deeply, but had gotten so far as by me, I rested first!” Thanks!” Shen Xiang received that storage pouch to look that with is the same, is roughly about 50,000 grains bulk top grade crystal stones that he estimates. Shen Xiang continues to seek for crystal stones mineral lode, he does not dislike many, after all this top grade crystal stones has very big use, but can also set up formation help him practice, but he uses this means to promote the cultivation base words, must make Huang Jintian help him stand firm the foundation, the process will be quite painful, but he has been repaid will also be very big. Two days passed by, Shen Xiang is far away from Lotus Island, but does not have any discovery, near Lotus Island, only then two mineral lode, if continues again, will go to a farther sea area. Goes back! Your top grade crystal stones has sufficed many, I think that on Lotus Island does not have these many!” Bai Youyou said. top grade crystal stones is difficult to obtain, although most crystal stones mineral lode will have, but hides deeply is very very deep, moreover is hard to induce obtains, only if there is a Emperor Crystal this type of thing, but Emperor Crystal does not have the several fold compared with top grade crystal stones rarely, Shen Xiang can obtain this type of thing to be lucky Long Xueyi this Divine Sense powerful young beautiful woman dragon. Why now Shen Xiang will know the dragon in Legend to have a big treasure house, because the dragon cultivates Divine Dao, Divine Sense will be intrepid, can induce to these is sending out treasure of weak energy! He returned to that forest, arrives at that him the place that came from Heaven's Crown Gate, he has made a record there, after this can let him, is more convenient, does not need again through judgment distance anything establishes the route.

Heaven's Crown Gate opens once more, Shen Xiang steps into gate that instantaneous, Heaven's Crown Gate vanished, but Shen Xiang also appears in a forest outside Tianmen City. He has not thought that Lotus Island one can make him have the so huge harvest, is only his present strength is insufficient, otherwise he goes to the distant seas investigation words, but can also obtain. In being far away from the sea area of land, has various danger(ous), in various types of fierce seas Spirit Beast, Profound Beast and so on formidable beasts, the Shen Xiang True Martial Realm strength in the endless sea is very tiny. If wants to go to other continent's words, generally is several True Martial Realm 9th Stage composition squads, takes these safe routes specially, the road map can buy, such comes majority to be able the security cross-ocean, but if wants flanerie blindly to stroll in the sea, at least also needs the Peak Realm strength! Two days, entire Extreme Martial Sect knows that Shen Xiang was the Huang Jintian's apprentice, this made all Extreme Martial Sect's disciples be surprised, but this news will look like the storm to spread over entire Chenwu Mainland generally. Especially Yao Haisheng and Xiao Chou these two Shen Xiang's apprentices, now they with Gu Dongchen Wu Kaiming their peers! Currently many people have to do obeisance Shen Xiang for the thought of master, but they know that Shen Xiang does not accept the disciple easily. Young Martial Uncle, your actually not in Extreme Dan King Courtyard!” Gu Dongchen sees Shen Xiang to walk into Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm from outside, immediately flew, now after knowing the Shen Xiang's status, even if there are other people, Gu Dongchen they must shout that Shen Xiang is Martial Uncle. This also lets the Shen Xiang very straightforward matter, he said with a smile: I early went out of town to play, what will then you have to plan?” First goes to One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain to seal up that crack, then extinguishes kills Demon and Devil, finally embarks King Continent, do you want to go with us?” Gu Dongchen asked. Shen Xiang shakes the head saying: „, Came one to require many time!”

That is natural, our Chenwu Mainland is in the Eastern Sea peripheral zone, is away from the Mortal World center is very far, goes to one at least also three months, comes one also to require more than half a year time.” Gu Dongchen said. More than half a year must hurry along in the sea, Shen Xiang thinks that thinks arid incomparable, he shakes the head saying: I do not go, I grasp the time practice, this my to the present, too waste time.” Gu Dongchen nodded: This but actually is also, if King Continent one line, can obtain that antique Teleportation Formation layout method to be good, it is said the hundred thousand year ago, on each continent has the Teleportation Formation intercommunication, is convenient, entire Mortal World is extends in all directions, to prevent Demon and Devil spreads, to various Mortal World places, therefore destroys many Teleportation Formation, finally was also lost.” This matter Shen Xiang has also heard, but has Teleportation Formation, transmission time also needs massive top grade crystal stones, is not the average person consumes, but Shen Xiang has many these things. Shen Xiang arrived at the Divine Weapon shop in Tianmen City. Sister Meng'er, do these two girls want to go to that King Continent?” Shen Xiang lies by the window, Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan that looks at the following that contend in martial arts. They cannot say, too waste time, therefore I will deliver to Icewind Valley that to go them densely, however they in inside practice! The efforts of these two girls are very strong, they do not want very big disparity with you.” Liu Meng'er said with a smile, Shen Xiang also quietly was drawing her white hands. Liu Meng'er sees Shen Xiang to touch her white hands quietly, her lightly snorted: „Don't you go?” Does not go, our these little brat not like you.” Shen Xiang said. It seems like I can only a person go, oh, will be very all the way bored! Perhaps however can attain some fierce martial arts, therefore I must go to one.” Liu Meng'er does not want to go, she has a loathing feeling to that King Continent probably.

Shen Xiang whispered: Made Hua Xiangyue help you take cannot? Or lets my Martial Nephew, they compared with you, you currently have Nirvana Tribulation to deal with.” Good, I am very repugnant that place, I have gone one time, there fellow was tired of! I make Xiangyue lead me to take.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Who makes Sister Meng'er you so attractive, is easy to bring back the conquering desire of man!” Loquacious!” Liu Meng'er spat lowly. Sister Meng'er, Divine Weapon Sect hundred thousand year ago existed?” Shen Xiang asked. Does not exist, but founds Old Ancestor of Divine Weapon Sect founder is the celebrity of that time.” Shen Xiang also asked: Then Danxiang Taoyuan? Hua Xiangyue had said is she establishes!” Liu Meng'er said with a smile: Do not believe her nonsense, the history that Danxiang Taoyuan has be much older than her! Otherwise she will not go to King Continent, if is really she establishes, King Continent that Mysterious Realm inside martial arts rare book did not have her anything matter.”