World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 386
Huang Jintian remembers that distance last time time also not long, Shen Xiang also takes many pills to look for him, moreover this quantity are many. Elemental Spirit Dan, this type of thing I had also seen only in the past one time, is fellow a thing of unusual treasure, has not thought that your here unexpectedly has a wicker basket, where your this does brat make?” Huang Jintian takes up one grain, carefully looks: Moreover the excellent quality, should just refine.” Shen Xiang scratches the head, said with a smile silly: Naturally is the apprentice I refines, Master I want a bit faster to promote the strength, I do not want dead in that big storm.” This I know certainly, otherwise you will not look for me! I initially received you for the disciple time, somewhat was worried that you practice the matter in resources, has not thought that your unexpectedly can solve. Since you is a such fierce alchemy master, then, I have felt relieved, how these pills use, waiting makes me help you project well, you wait / etc..” Huang Jintian watches the fire of high-piled firewood, that pair of profound old eyes glittering none remaining. Shen Xiang tears nearby one to roast the good cow, tears off a thigh, is eating the meat of that delicacy, he thought, how consults to roast this type of delicious meat to this crazy Master. You must eat these many pills words, I give Practice plan that you arrange to need to be many some time, this can make you not be affected.” Huang Jintian said. No problem, I get down time has been mentally prepared, Master you arrange freely, clenched teeth on the past, did not have what to be good to fear!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, although he said with ease, but he was clear this not to feel better. Ha Ha, your brat has this consciousness is good, in the past your Senior Brother did not have your this mentality!” Huang Jintian said while loudly laughing. In the Shen Xiang heart sighed, Huang Jintian's Practice plan was very brutal, can exceed the limit that he withstood each time slightly, for example fight time, Huang Jintian will make Shen Xiang hit to consume strength completely, after consuming, but must make Shen Xiang continue to hit, otherwise he crazily punched Shen Xiang. In the fleshly body practice aspect is so, from the beginning will also make Shen Xiang be in withstands the limit the edge, will then increase little, making Shen Xiang's fleshly body receive various types to devastate, but being insufficient makes the Shen Xiang pain faint, will also let the time that Shen Xiang gasps for breath, lets the Shen Xiang fleshly body self- repair certain time, starts to suffer.

Because Huang Jintian has formidable strength, itself controls to True Qi is also free, therefore he will assist the Shen Xiang practice way also to become very violent, but this will not cause Shen Xiang dead, because he will control very well. With the Huang Jintian practice day, is almost bloody every day, making Shen Xiang be hard to forget, but he can be familiar with now slowly, he to pursue strength, anything does not fear. practice from the beginning, Shen Xiang thought that own body is similar to ten thousand jin (0.5 kg) such, walks one step to be difficult, but simultaneously he must with the Huang Jintian fight. Huang Jintian also puts out with Shen Xiang same level strength contends in martial arts, this is in exercising the Shen Xiang's fight experience, therefore Shen Xiang at the martial arts contest, can always depend upon these experience wins, this is very rare. I you hit the barely alive time, I to you will feed these pills, such you can digest well! I reminded your first, then my attack not only can project on your fleshly body, but can also attack your spirit, you paid attention!” Huang Jintian just said that fights with the fists to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang at this time the feeling of heaviness in the limbs like the mountain, his movement looks like turtle such, from facing the Huang Jintian's quick fist, he is unable to resist, can only take a beating. His body by pounding of Huang Jintian's fist heavily, was cut off immediately two ribs, Huang Jintian says with a smile: Bears, then your daily practice, in this state.” Shen Xiang is criticizing, he does not know that his body had been made anything by Huang Jintian, unexpectedly will sink such, he can stand now is not easy, he continually opens the chin to speak now is difficult. Of bang, his chest was hit a fist, he has exuded one stuffily, shut tightly the cape also to overflow the blood, but Huang Jintian was relentless, started to be getting more and more heavy, Shen Xiang now probably is flesh sandbag such, whatever Huang Jintian hit to beat violently crazily.

Shen Xiang has not known how long, he only thought at this time the whole body bone probably broke to pieces such, moreover felt that Sea of Consciousness was also very painful, Huang Jintian used the spiritual attack, this was disciplines his Divine Sense. Eats up, a bit faster restores, only gives you to rest a double-hour!” Huang Jintian toward Shen Xiang mouth China , Cyprus two grains of pill pellet, one grain is Elemental Spirit Dan, one grain is Five Elements True Elemental Dan. These two grains of pills entrances, the efficacy digested quickly, did not need him to transport the merit to build up the efficacy, pills inside energy automatically melts, integrated in his body at the extremely quick speed, making him as if feel that drank the icy cold water in the burning hot desert. However he only thought that has drunk a droplet, is insufficient, now he closes one's eyes, relaxes the body, lets the fleshly body self- repair that is damaged. A double-hour quick on the past, but Shen Xiang also restored 80%, but was actually entrained by Huang Jintian , to continue the bang to hit his body...... Then, Shen Xiang daytime crazily was punched by Huang Jintian, to the evening relaxed rarely, still by Huang Jintian is actually released strange strength, attacks his body, making him feel that own fleshly body was pounded such by the hammer likely fiercely, to resist this strength, he revolves True Qi in within the body to resist. In this, two months passed, although Shen Xiang feeling of heaviness in the limbs ten thousand jin (0.5 kg), but can actually make the avoidance, but is very slow, still could not avoid being attacked by Huang Jintian. But every day he can eat to six grains of Five Elements True Elemental Dan and five grains of Elemental Spirit Dan, he eats, pills inside energy is automatically and fast integrates in his body, the effect is good. Elemental Spirit Dan finished eating, Shen Xiang can see Divine Soul in soul Sea of Consciousness to grow up much, is ten -year-old appearance, now had 11 years old!

As for his cultivation base, in entering into the True Martial Realm 8th Stage edge, true element grains in his Five Elements beast image altogether shone 390 grains, so long as shone ten grains again, he can enter into 8th Stage. This speed stems from my anticipation, but also is good!” The Huang Jintian nod said with a smile. Shen Xiang stayed under this forbidden land for two months, Huang Jintian could also see him to be weary, put him to exit to relax, will otherwise be harbored evil thoughts. Shen Xiang comes out from forbidden land, after returning to Extreme Dan King Courtyard, first greatly rests for day, then for serveral days condense few golden dragon saliva gave Su Meiyao them him. Huang Jintian has discovered this golden dragon saliva, but Huang Jintian has not asked is anything, because he could see that Shen Xiang is very mysterious, although he curious he respects the Shen Xiang's privacy. Young Martial Uncle, you came out finally, opens the door quickly!” Shen Xiang just awoke, hears Gu Dongchen to knock at the door, this makes him somewhat have doubts, Gu Dongchen they back and forth needed a half year, but actually ahead of time more than ten days come back now.