World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 387
Shen Xiang brought in Gu Dongchen the small hall, he only saw Gu Dongchen to have the words actually not to dare all the way to say. What matter? Said quickly that I am very busy!” Shen Xiang urged. This...... We came back from King Continent, found martial arts that many old Senior have left behind in inside, therefore that map real.” Gu Dongchen said. Said the key point!” Shen Xiang knows that Gu Dongchen definitely had anything to say. Good, I was open about the facts you! On King Continent, the preparation must hold a King Martial Dao meeting! I urged you not to go, because the King Continent above fellow was too strong, their unexpectedly invited you to go, this clarified intentionally wants the pit you.” Gu Dongchen sighed. Shen Xiang low coldly snorted: I also think any matter, actually is this, does not have anything at the worst, I do not go to that's it.” What? Your doesn't unexpectedly go?” Gu Dongchen is somewhat accidental, he knows that Shen Xiang most likes attending this martial arts contest, moreover and King Continent above martial artist competition. Heard King Continent requested many continent's people, Holy Light Church naturally also goes back, when the time comes contends in martial arts was some strength top year Qin Junjie.” Gu Dongchen said. Shen Xiang curls the lip saying: I was disinclined, I now this strength, in your Nirvana Realm eyes is also only one, you looked for several to replace Extreme Martial Sect to deal with that's alright casually.” If before, Shen Xiang may have an impulse. After he was threatened by that numerous Nirvana Realm, he thinks own this strength, even if in same rank invincible, but has very big distance with these Peak Realm and Nirvana Realm martial artist, he thought, relieved alchemy, practice is Wang Dao (The Way of King). This is also good, these fellows were really too strong, moreover they dealt with three realms great war prepared also to make very well, perhaps after three realms great war, they will not have any loss.” A Gu Dongchen face yearned that said.

Snort, resists without our these continent, can they cross such calmly and steadily?” Shen Xiang despises said. This but actually is also.” Gu Dongchen is just about to leave, Shen Xiang hastily asked: How do you come back such quickly?” Because military Junior Brother has established Teleportation Formation in King Continent, after he determines the distance position, the transmission to the Extreme Martial Sect's entrance, has not thought that Junior Brother he also very has the research in this aspect.” Gu Dongchen said with a smile. Shen Xiang one startled: Said that you did obtain that Ancient Teleportation Formation?” This is natural, moreover our Extreme Martial Sect's, later we must go to King Continent to be many on the convenience, because Junior Brother and there person relationship are good, therefore also allows this Teleportation Formation to exist.” Gu Dongchen said with a smile. After Gu Dongchen leaves, Shen Xiang was considering if wanted goes to that King Continent to take a look. Endures, when you enter into Peak Realm to go not to be late again, since that crowd has the Human King bloodline fellow compared with Herculean Clan, definitely is very fierce.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang had yearned goes to overseas to travel each continent's to live, now he also can only endure patiently again, in order to a bit faster promotes strength, he has also rested for day, goes to forbidden land to undergo the Huang Jintian training. King Continent's King Martial Dao after the Extreme Martial Sect's entrance announces, making many people be interested, many people did not know the King Continent's matter, after inquiring, they know that King Continent is very vast and formidable continent.

This King Martial Dao can be appearance True Martial Realm to Peak Realm, altogether has primary, intermediate, the advanced three groups, many people want to go, but after seeing this unfair grouping, has cancelled the thought. This what thing? The registration must want hundred thousand crystal stones, the primary group is 1st Stage to 3rd Stage, the intermediate group is 4th Stage to 6th Stage, the advanced group is 7th Stage to the Peak Realm 1st level day, differs such far, but also hits.” Yun Xiaodao scolded lowly.True Martial Realm 1st Stage and 3rd Stage putting together, definitely is in the upper hand of 3rd Stage, I looked True Martial Realm 3rd Stage hit. Oddest is True Martial Realm 7th Stage and Peak Realm one, this also hits a wool! Peak Realm definitely is the second kills True Martial Realm. ” Zhu Rong jokes. „If Shen Xiang goes, definitely is the advanced group, perhaps he facing Peak Realm cannot win.” Xu Weilong said. In Peak Realm is divided into three small Realm, separately is Spirit Martial Realm, Soul Martial Realm, Tempering Realm! Also called the peak 3rd level day, after entering into Peak Realm, must first practice peak Divine Sense, was Spirit Martial Realm Completion, later will be born an unusual soul, was Martial Spirit. Then cultivates peak Martial Spirit, enters into Tempering Realm again, finally cultivates peak fleshly body, can Nirvana, bring in Nirvana Tribulation, crossed Nirvana Tribulation, enters into Nirvana Realm! Peak Realm 1st level by far is more intrepid than True Martial Realm, puts together compared with the words, with the knee wants to know that is achievement of Peak Realm, therefore King Continent's this method, making many people snort contemptuously. Big Brother Shen will definitely not go, doesn't this cheat obvious?” Yun Xiaodao disdainfully said: If Big Brother Shen now is Peak Realm, can definitely hit the pulp this anything Human King descendant.” King Martial Dao will obtain the group first person, can obtain very rich reward, especially advanced group, so long as obtains first, can obtain Good Fortune Fruit one of the King Continent reward. Anything! The reward unexpectedly is Good Fortune Fruit!” Shen Xiang walks on the road, hears Wu Kaiming to mention, cannot help but calls out in alarm.

But Good Fortune Fruit Heaven Level spirit herb, in Mortal World was most top rank spirit herb, was mainly refines in Good Fortune Dan, if must weigh with the price, absolutely was a very big digit. It is said this fruit, only then, because that Good Fortune Tree died!” Wu Kaiming said. This unreasonable, is only a small competition, unexpectedly puts out such precious thing, conducted Fang Feng?” Shen Xiang is hard to understand this expensive reward. To be honest, this reward for a person, it is said this person is in King Continent the strongest young people, probably is only 20 years old, conducts the fellows of this King Martial Dao meeting to favor this young people, for he has prepared this reward, gives to him.” Wu Kaiming said. Shen Xiang shakes the head sighs: Has been a pity, I now only then True Martial Realm 7th Stage strength, otherwise I also want to try.” That person is fiercer than you, 20 years old are Peak Realm! Therefore I am tell you, has clipped on working as of these fellows surely, they hold this King City Martial Dao meeting, conducts for the person on one's own side, the goal is for other shame continent's martial artist, simultaneously makes King Continent praise.” Wu Kaiming complexion anger. This King Continent thinks that series Mortal World is inadequate?” Shen Xiang stares, knits the brows to ask. Was difficult saying that although I was the person who there came out, but little above.” Wu Kaiming shakes the head saying: King Martial Dao continuously one influence, therefore is hard to ponder over.” After Wu Kaiming these matters told Shen Xiang, in a hurry departs, Shen Xiang also had one mood beyond description to plunge into that deep hole, continued to carry on brutal practice.