World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 388
The matter of King Martial Dao meeting puts on noisily, actually few in entire Chenwu Mainland, only then a few quite competent people who enters for dare to register. „The reward of intermediate group is not simple, unexpectedly is White Jade Lotus Seed!” A person exclaims. The person who starts to register is truly few, at that time actually started to behind, the one who is responsible for these work is Wu Kaiming, this is also King Continent complies to establish a Teleportation Formation condition. Small Junior Brother, do you want to go really? Your Master rejects very simply.” After Gu Dongchen a written invitation gives Xiao Chou, has not thought that Xiao Chou unexpectedly must attend the advanced group martial arts contest. Xiao Chou may, no matter that many, no matter opposite party strong, he must try. Eldest Senior Brother, when the time comes you favored to select my that's alright, do not let me be killed by these fellows! I now not like before, if very strong fellow, I will admit defeat, if met with my cultivation base differs not many people, I will go all out.” Xiao Chou said with a smile. Gu Dongchen sighed: Before this competition, a preliminary contest, according to points calculates that probably, placed the front four people will mount the stage finally the martial arts contest.” Shen Xiang still accepts that suffering extreme distress practice in that forbidden land, does not know that Xiao Chou has entered, now he already in breakthrough edge. Suddenly, ten days pass by, after Shen Xiang eats up grain of Five Elements True Elemental Dan, crazy compression True Qi, grain of true element grains is shining slowly! These ten days, he is to lighten one grain every day, moreover practice also be more laborious than a while ago, pills that eats up are also more, this is Huang Jintian arranges intentionally, to let him attacks the bottleneck. In five beast image in his dantian, glistens 80 small light points, altogether 400 grains, when 400 th grain of true element grains shines, he only felt that his strength suddenly rises suddenly. After achieving 400 grains, true element grains composed one all day, fused to be the same probably mutually, had the relation, therefore he will feel that strength has very big promotion.

Shen Xiang has laughed, these two months, he suffered loss, now finally breaks through, that joyful being hard said a word. You but now True Martial Realm, moreover after the stage, you can break through such quickly, depends upon these pills. At that time if were not you insisted that accepted me to give Practice plan that you formulated, perhaps so will not be quick! You continue alchemy.” Huang Jintian said that has kicked Shen Xiang. After Shen Xiang enters into True Martial Realm 8th Stage, his Five Elements True Elemental Dan also completely uses up, Huang Jintian calculates very accurate. Comes out from forbidden land each time, Shen Xiang will take a bath first, then greatly sleeps, but this time he just took a bath, saw Wu Qianqian. Your apprentice was injured, has a look quickly!” After Wu Qianqian sees Shen Xiang, then immediately said. Which apprentice?” Shen Xiang knits the brows to ask. Your that young apprentice, but the injury has stabilized now! The King Continent above fellow is really fierce, can only crawl coming back including Xiao Chou this little brat.” Wu Qianqian said after a sigh. Shen Xiang hear of words, can guess correctly the reason, his somewhat angry, because Gu Dongchen unexpectedly makes Xiao Chou attend that King Martial Dao meeting. Person who it is said the Extreme Martial Sect registration goes, is the severe wound comes back, Shen Xiang do not go!” Wu Qianqian was worried that said. I do not have am so stupid!” Shen Xiang arrived at the Xiao Chou residence with Wu Qianqian, Xiao Chou now was also in King Martial Courtyard one.

little rascal, how?” Shen Xiang looks at a Xiao Chou face weak appearance, has pinched his face. Cannot die! Master, do not go to revenge for me, on King Continent top expert was really too strong, with that I contended in martial arts is only the True Martial Realm 8th Stage strength, but can actually make into this me! They not only have Herculean Clan Divine Power, but also has fierce martial arts, their True Qi are very overbearing.” The Xiao Chou hastily persuasion said that since he does obeisance Shen Xiang after the master, becomes maturity many, before not having, is so impulsive. Although Xiao Chou severe wound, but was now better, but Shen Xiang has eaten scrap Hell Spirit Grass to him, making him a bit faster good. Shen Xiang smiled: I do not have you to be so stupid, the absolute strength do not go, either goes to with first come back.” Shen Xiang or True Martial Realm, but in that advanced group unexpectedly permits participation of Peak Realm, no matter True Martial Realm strong, is difficult to deal with facing Peak Realm martial artist. I heard fortunately their this expert are not many, only then these have the Human King bloodline talent to be so strong, several True Martial Realm 7th Stage, 8th Stage and 9th Stage that I met before was defeated by me, but they compared with other continent above martial artist are very strong! That True Martial Realm 8th Stage that I defeat, definitely is one has the Human King bloodline fellow.” A Xiao Chou face said unwillingly. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Before by these people who you defeated, was your this mood! The beginnings of your Herculean Clan and these fellows were higher than others, if you now are True Martial Realm 8th Stage, should be able to fight to a draw with that fellow.” Perhaps I can also win!” Xiao Chou said with a smile. Because there is Teleportation Formation, therefore goes to that King Continent to be very relaxed from Chenwu Mainland, Shen Xiang stands before the Extreme Martial Sect's entrance now, looks at that ground fully is mysterious spirit pattern formation, that is Teleportation Formation. What's wrong? To pass to have a look?” Wu Kaiming appears in Shen Xiang behind.

A little thinks, but I feared that I cannot help hitting with these fellows!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, Xiao Chou was injured, although on his face did not have anything, but in the heart was very life Qi/angry. Wu Kaiming smiled: Perhaps fights you not to hit them, but the alchemy words, I think that you have confidence to win, the King Continent above pills aspect is also prosperous, the young outstanding alchemy master are also many, they have also sent in the invitation to you, inviting you to participate in their Alchemy Competition.” Shen Xiang at present one bright, asked: I am the initial level 5th Stage alchemy master, if the contest rule is very disadvantageous to me, I.” Contest rule should very be fair, alchemy master who can definitely consider each rank, not like martial arts contest!” Wu Kaiming said. Shen Xiang has considered: Good, I accept their invitations! If the contest rule is unfair to me, I at the scene withdrawal.” The Wu Kaiming nod said: This is natural, so as to avoid plows the air. This King Continent presses other continent has not gasped for breath, because their strengths are very strong, but on after Chenwu Mainland many people arrive, is the rout turns over, I heard that on Lotus Island has several very outstanding Peak Realm disciples to make into the severe wound!” Shen Xiang accepted the invitation, transmitted three days later participated in that Alchemy Competition in the past, after many people heard the news, very wants to go to King Continent, but they need to pay for back and forth the expense of transmission.