World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 389
For conveniently in three realms great war comes when can make each continent exchange, therefore each continent and between Extreme Martial Sect has established Teleportation Formation, such one, each continent in Mortal World no longer is that remote. The hundred thousand year ago, to avoid Demon and Devil can arrive at each continent to ruin Teleportation Formation through Teleportation Formation fast. But afterward showed that the effect of doing this is not big, but establishes Teleportation Formation, can increase exchange and trade among each continent, can make each continent develop rapidly. Teleportation Formation that in following more than one month, many before constructed has constructed, these continent's martial artist entered for that King Martial Dao meeting, went to King Continent through Teleportation Formation, but was the severe wound returns finally. Attends that King Martial Dao meeting, the first pass/test must fight the test through one. So long as wins that person, can attend the preliminary contest, comes to power to fight with each martial artist ratio, many people in that will fight above the test to make into the severe wound.” Xiao Chou said that now his wound, he heard his Master will participate in King Continent's Alchemy Competition, is very excited. King Continent above martial artist because of the superiority of bloodlines, therefore the strength is very strong, but the words in alchemy this aspect, the light has the bloodlines to be insufficient, otherwise the fierce alchemy master will not be few. Shen Xiang contends in martial arts now, definitely is the ratio, but competes alchemy he to have very big assurance to win. Short one month, many continent's martial artist asked for advice King Continent's to be fierce, moreover some local sect put forward the proposal, let martial artist, when entered for the King Martial Dao meeting to consider to be more discrete, in order to avoid burst oneself to suffer a financial loss. King Continent's Human King bloodline was too strong!” Shen Xiang emotionally said. Although Xiao Chou is unwilling, but he has to acknowledge that these have martial artist of bloodlines truly to be much more formidable, but he thinks, if some people can win these bloodlines martial artist, definitely is his Master.

Master, if you now are Peak Realm, you will enter for?” Xiao Chou asked. Naturally can!” Shen Xiang smiled, he is the alchemy master, is martial artist. So long as is martial artist, wants to examine the achievement that oneself practice through the way of martial arts contest, especially and some strong person compares. Time a half years that registration finished, Master in three days will also participate in Alchemy Competition, when the time comes should also compared with 1-2 days, Master you have the time!” Xiao Chou can induce to the Shen Xiang's strength at this time be more formidable than before, this is because Shen Xiang broke through, therefore he is confident to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang smiled, said: Six months later will say again, I go to King Continent to have a look now, do you come?” „, I do not want to be ridiculed by these people.” Xiao Chou spits the tongue, jumped to leave, present he was maturity was many. Before others took Herculean Clan and bloodlines martial artist compare, but now Herculean Clan actually disastrous defeat, therefore Xiao Chou was also very depressed, before he did not have the absolute strength, he does not want to step into King Continent again. Danxiang Taoyuan, on Danxiang Tower topmost level. Meng'er, congratulated you to cross seven tribulations!” Hua Xiangyue said with a smile.

This many thanks to you helps me refine Life Returning Pill, I have eaten three grains, if no these things, perhaps I am unable to cross! Seventh Tribulation was really too fierce! Naturally, that little rascal to my herbs.” Reason that Liu Meng'er emotionally said, she can cross successfully, on the one hand is Shen Xiang makes her know that the Nirvana Tribulation further information, making her prepare enough, moreover has Life Returning Pill this rescuing Life Pill, indispensable. Hua Xiangyue happily said with a smile: Then you do want to thank that little rascal? Permits by the body?” Little Fairy......” Liu Meng'er face one red, spat one tenderly: „The King Continent above fellow this time attacks each continent's self-respect unbearably, Shen Xiang this little rascal participates in Alchemy Competition now, does not know that can rub the spirit of these fellows.” „The little rascal's alchemy skill is very fierce, this does not have Human King bloodline to defeat him easily! Shen Xiang this brat is very also depressed, he wants to go to battle, but the strength is insufficient.” Hua Xiangyue sighed, looks at that plaza of out of the window, on the same day Shen Xiang has taken off the pills competition there first, but also with the strength has shocked entire Chenwu Mainland, thinks that on the same day the Shen Xiang's tall and strong physique, her eyes cannot help but reappears to wipe the tender feelings the color. Walks, goes to King Continent to inflate to that little rascal!” Liu Meng'er smiled to her, to the present, Liu Meng'er thinks that does not understand a matter, why is Hua Xiangyue will have a sentiment of not being able to say to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang now is a man of the hour, he is the Huang Jintian's apprentice, has played tricks on each continent's expert on the heroic congress, has defeated the antique Herculean Clan person, but also receiving will be an apprentice, will have Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, simultaneously will be one is also grasping the strange its technique alchemy technique young 5th Stage alchemy master......

Many reputations make people somewhat be hard to remember, he has handled the Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering matter is too numerous to mention, when each continent was attacked by King Continent unbearably, Shen Xiang suddenly goes to battle, this made many people excited without doubt, many people were hope that can some people of ordinary family backgrounds people defeat that bloodlines martial artist, although in the alchemy aspect. Each continent's Big Shot to the Shen Xiang's impression is also very profound, making them unforgetable, they have heard Shen Xiang that excellent alchemy technique, but has not actually witnessed, now Shen Xiang dares to go to King Continent to carry on Alchemy Competition, this also makes these Big Shot be interested. King Continent shows off their strengths to make these Big Shot feel that receives much, if Shen Xiang can win first in Alchemy Competition, without doubt hinders the plan that King Continent has praised. Whose Shen Xiang they arrived at King Continent with Gu Dongchen, this truly is a very prosperous place, here construction is also distinctive, is stone building, completes with some huge stone brick, moreover is several, walks looks at the two sides that grand constructions on the street, can unable to bear slow down the footsteps. Here Spirit Qi is very rich, although is inferior to Mysterious Realm, but Shen Xiang thought that was richer than more than one time Chenwu Mainland, this can also let one of the martial artist formidable reasons. Let Shen Xiang feel what is most surprised, this King Continent above person, somewhat practices martial arts. He walks on the street, sees the bosses in some shops, Xiaoer (waiter) of hotel, discovered that these people at least are the Mortal Martial Realm 3rd level strengths, here Martial Dao atmosphere is very thick, this makes him feel admiring. This is bigger than 100 times of continent Chenwu Mainland . Moreover the resources are rich, but person actually not like Chenwu Mainland these many. Here person fertility is not strong, overall aptitude is very high, no matter, so long as were born on this stretch of land, must practice martial art since childhood. If very poor, this King Continent's Divine Martial Palace will provide relief some crystal stones and pills, letting the poor person also to practice martial arts.” Wu Kaiming was narrating King Continent's matter, he is here person, knew about here.