World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 390
Person who so that's how it is, such one, will not bury has the potential! This King Continent is really filthy rich, that Divine Martial Palace governs here influence?” Shen Xiang asked. Um, inside fellow is very strong, but the people who is in power must have Human King bloodline, so long as has Human King bloodline, can hold the post of the important position in the Divine Martial Skill pavilion.” Wu Kaiming said. After Shen Xiang strolled one next, discovers on this King Continent the pills industry to be very weak, sell herbs are many, pills is few, why now he understands on King Continent most people stranded in Mortal Martial Realm 3rd level and 6th level, because they do not have enough good pills. However Refining Master on this actually good, magic treasure shops of Shen Xiang at some big points can see to have the spirit tool sell. It seems like this King Continent has sealed up these many years, cannot train the massive good alchemy masters. Really, alchemy is not that easy! Now their opening to the outside world, should want to gather some alchemy masters, or purchases some pills from other continent.” Shen Xiang muttered to say. Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming in a bedstone constructs in the building, that was the Wu Kaiming residence here, Shen Xiang is just came out from there now, a person was strolling here. Good Fortune Fruit is the Heaven Level fruit, even if in Heaven World is also very expensive, if can take is good!” Su Meiyao said that for serveral days she will always mention. „Can Good Fortune Fruit refine pills that you need?” Shen Xiang asked that Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou's strength lost, needs to eat a pill to restore to come, they had said that was an unusual high level pill. This actually, if you obtain this Heaven Level fruit to plant now, later will have. After you go to Heaven World, can depend upon this fruit to obtain the massive wealth, collects that pills herbs again. When you arrived at Heaven World, knows that there was very difficult to mix.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang has licked the lip, said: A half year has registered on closure, I do not have the Peak Realm strength not to dare to go, in the half year the time can I enter into Peak Realm?” Did not say! Aren't you also some top grade crystal stones? This can establish Heavenly Primordial Great Formation to help you practice, moreover you can also fast alchemy, your herbs have!” Su Meiyao said.

Bai Youyou said: First do not refine Elemental Spirit Dan, only refines Five Elements True Elemental Dan, perhaps this can enter into Peak Realm in six months!” Good, after going back, I try to spell one time, Good Fortune Fruit can refine the Heaven Level pill's thing, must seize this opportunity.” Shen Xiang has decided that does not hesitate all, can attack Peak Realm in a half year! little rascal, if you can achieve, when the time comes the elder sister gives you a benefit to taste, for example...... kiss mouth.” Su Meiyao that caresses the sound that flatters to make the person bone numb, fills to charm, this makes Shen Xiang immediately full of energy. You want try harder, perhaps your Sister Youyou can also with your kiss mouth.” The Su Meiyao charming smile again and again, making in the Shen Xiang heart ripple, wishes one could to execute a captured offender on the spot this outstanding person. Shen Xiang suddenly thought one are confident. Sister Youyou, is this real?” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, has the courage to ask, he suspected that this is Su Meiyao deceives his. Um!” Hears Bai Youyou that sound gently, Shen Xiang felt own whole body fills strength, wishes one could to register now, he thought that the own present blood has burnt! Really is little rascal, only then can let them with this bad reward enthusiastically.” Su Meiyao giggle smiles tenderly, she has kissed one time with Shen Xiang, naturally did not fear that the second time, let alone that type felt the present lets her memorable.

Long Xueyi said with a smile: Two elder sisters, if you comply to remove completely with him take a bath together, wants him to ruin this King Continent perhaps is not the difficult matter, hee hee......” This also really perhaps!” Shen Xiang said with an evil smile. Bah!” Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou simultaneously snort|hum said. Shen Xiang strolled for three days on this King Continent, he purchased has refined Hundred Beasts Dan herbs, here this herbs very convenient, moreover were many, this was Long Xueyi and Bai Zhenzhen must eat. Here is the same with Chenwu Mainland, rare and precious herbs is very few, for example refines Building Foundation Dan herbs, Shen Xiang has inquired, only then a shop has, moreover Divine Martial Palace's, sells very much expensively. Elemental Spirit Dan and Five Elements True Elemental Dan did not have, side door Low-Grade Profound Level Dan that but other little uses has, but is very expensive. Here is the same with other continent, except for Hundred Beasts Dan herbs, other Low-Grade Profound Level Dan herbs is rare, the Shen Xiang guess is the hundred thousand year ago three realms great war time, because uses excessively causes to become extinct. After Profound Level Dan, herbs is very precious, High-Grade Spirit Level True Elemental Dan and White Jade Powder are many, but is very expensive, regarding average person. Alchemy Competition in the Divine Martial Skill pavilion, that is a very grand giant palace, completely with giant stone construction, light fence big more than 20 zhang (3.33 m), but inside is similar to a city so is bigger, has every large or small giant grand palace. Shen Xiang in giant palaces, all around has been filled with the person now, 3,000-4,000 this, including many Shen Xiang familiar faces, are each continent's Big Shot, that Holy Light Church Qin Zejun came.

Is looked by these people, in the Shen Xiang heart somewhat is not feeling well, but this does not have what influence to him, In this palace, a row of person sits together, altogether ten, Hua Xiangyue is one, other nine people are some old men and old woman, Shen Xiang guessed that they are the referees. The one who most makes Shen Xiang pay attention is old man of wear white simple long unlined close-fitting gown, this old man looks like very ordinary, but he has one pair to fill the strange color pupil, looks like very gentle, but makes the person not dare to watch intently. This old man face is auspicious, but makes people think that his whole body is releasing an imposing manner of not being able saying that making the person have an impulsion of kneeling down, Shen Xiang guessed that this old man is expert in Divine Martial Palace. To be honest, we have not thought that Young Hero Shen will accept our invitations to participate in this Alchemy Competition, but doesn't my question, why attend the martial arts contest?” Sits in Wu Kaiming middle age asks. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Because I cannot hit.” Hits does not participate, this truly is a best reason, if hits also allows others to participate, this could not be justified, that middle age has not thought that Shen Xiang will reply such directly, moreover probably does not care this, believes in him that Shen Xiang should find other excuses, because this reason really has to lose the face. Now Shen Xiang knows that this Alchemy Competition was to playing in the finals, altogether four people participated, because he accepted the invitation, was in Chenwu Mainland a famous young alchemy master, therefore Divine Martial Skill pavilion making an exception allowed him directly to enter the finals.