World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 392
Reward? This lets in that old man and other four participating young alchemy Master Xin despises, because they thought the opportunity that Shen Xiang has not won, unexpectedly may also I ask the reward! Although King Continent has sealed up, but many expert frequently come to here, but some King Continent also many people frequently exit, therefore they know other continent's some situations, especially pills aspect. For example Building Foundation Dan, Elemental Spirit Dan and Five Elements True Elemental Dan situation, this is the same with their King Continent, is very scarce, moreover other side door pills herbs are also so, but their here side door pills herbs are many, therefore they intentionally cause this rule, this is to let Shen Xiang loses the competition here. They want to make Shen Xiang attend the martial arts contest, then maliciously defeats Shen Xiang this Chenwu Mainland first young expert, has not thought that Shen Xiang has not gone, only then his apprentice Xiao Chou came. Although Xiao Chou is the severe wound goes back, but King Continent thinks insufficient, because their goals are Shen Xiang, but Xiao Chou is only the Shen Xiang's defeated, they defeat the Xiao Chou not superiority feeling. Therefore, this Alchemy Competition has custom-made for Shen Xiang! This competition, only then a victor, can obtain White Jade Lotus Seed!” That old man said. Oh! Shen Xiang has complied with one gently, on the face unexpectedly is very light, moreover in the look also fills disappointedly, resembles this White Jade Lotus Seed is cabbage such. Must know that White Jade Lotus Seed is very good thing, that is Earth Level High-Grade Dan, one of the Life Returning Pill main herbs, even some Heaven Level pill also need to arrive at this White Jade Lotus Seed. I want to know why this does reward will disappoint you so?” That old man took a deep breath, asked slightly. This old man cannot allow others to have the least bit to be disappointed to his King Continent, he sees Shen Xiang that facial expression, in the heart is not feeling well.

Shen Xiang said with a smile: Was not disappointed, when I fought with a Lotus Island Master Young Master gambling a while ago, won several White Jade Lotus Seed.” Hears the Shen Xiang's words, the audience in an uproar, all people look to Lian Yingxiao, but Lian Yingxiao the celebrity in Mortal World, his excessive wealth, is especially famous on many continent. Really has its matter, moreover many Fire Dragon Blood Lotus.” Lian Yingxiao said. Lotus Island most famous is White Jade Lotus Seed, it is said King Continent above White Jade Lotus Seed is Lian Yingxiao that Lotus Island's, but a gambling fights, the Shen Xiang collection won several White Jade Lotus Seed, but now King Continent holds significant Alchemy Competition reward also just one. The contrast, this King Continent's reward was too truly poor a point, Shen Xiang will be no wonder disappointed, now the people thought that White Jade Lotus Seed as the reward was not anything. Then I again increase grain of Five Elements Profound Dan now!” That old man said. Shen Xiang is pleasantly surprised, before he had eaten Five Elements Profound Dan, but that grain is the Low-Grade quality, moreover deposited too for a long time causes the efficacy to be weaker, therefore his previous time only has eaten grain of abandoning Five Elements Profound Dan. Must know Five Elements Profound Dan, but Earth Level High-Grade Dan, but at that time also letting he promoted 2nd Stage from True Martial Realm 1st Stage, he also afterward understood when Earth Level pills knows that grain that at that time he ate is waste pill. Waste pill so was fierce, if good? To be better, he lacks pills now, if he can obtain this Five Elements Profound Dan, perhaps he can enter into Peak Realm in six months.

That present starts!” That old man some loathings looked at Shen Xiang one. Shen Xiang thought that this old man affirmation and his Master have a grudge, otherwise such will not aim at him. The competition from the beginning, the people are criticizing King Continent these alchemy masters, such that because thinks with them, these alchemy masters have massive side door pill's herbs, is Low-Grade Profound Level Dan, if refines comes out, the final price is highest, can defeat Shen Xiang. Those who most let person life Qi/angry is, herbs unexpectedly that these King Continent's alchemy masters use already was processed, after that old man shouted started, the King Continent's four alchemy masters immediately start alchemy, but Shen Xiang was actually processing herbs, people eyes recognized that are Five Elements True Elemental Dan herbs. Those who disappoint people somewhat is, Shen Xiang has not used his transparently alchemic furnace, many Big Shot want to take a look at that pills in the process that in pill furnace forms. These alchemy masters who competes, cannot bear look at herbs in several Shen Xiang hands, that is Five Elements True Elemental Dan, although they have seen, but never has actually refined, because this is extremely rare, to words that they refine, destiny that also is failed. Shen Xiang knows that King Continent wants to show off, now he also plans to show off, refines furnace Five Elements True Elemental Dan with his transparent pill furnace. Does not know whether I cannot need pill furnace to refine a furnace pill first, my this is warms up first.” Shen Xiang looks that old man asked. Naturally!” That old man also wants to have a look at Shen Xiang this alchemy unique skill, he lived was so long, first time heard that did not need pill furnace to refine Five Elements True Elemental Dan this pill.

These referee old men stare greatly the eye, they are the top alchemy masters in King Continent, has not seen this matter, they are also hard to achieve. They before are very early had heard this matter, has wanted to have a look. Shen Xiang places the one side Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, then releases magic power, condense leaves visible pill furnace, to maintain this skilled condition, he will refine several pill with this Illusionary Brilliant Furnace once for a while, therefore his pressure does not have now. After Shen Xiang's herbs processes, invests in Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, pours into the flame, at this time the people see clearly sees the three layer structures of that transparent valuable furnace, the floor is the flame, the middle is herbs, the upper formation is five colors riotous herbal Spirit Qi. When these herbs by the flame incinerator, five colors light glow that sends out is been also more dazzling, looks at impressive again and again, the people can now clear sees herbs to be burnt down, herbal Spirit Qi that little overflows how beautiful, resembles five colors multi-colored sunlight such. These herbal Spirit Qi gather together, becomes very tyrannical, is dashing in the uppermost that matter in all directions, making these five colors multi-colored sunlight flick, is dazzling, these tyrannical herbal Spirit Qi like must destroy that transparent pill furnace, but they actually by visible strength stopping. The people who these first time sees this scene are dumbfounded, they were also side Big Shot, lived many years, thinks one were experienced, but is given to be shocked by at present this Mei and Jing now, their being hard phenomenon in alchemy, inside unexpectedly was such beautiful. The King Continent's four alchemy masters also astonished look at Shen Xiang to refine Five Elements True Elemental Dan, they do not appreciate these beautiful light glow now, but shocks in Shen Xiang that alchemy ability, they are the alchemy masters, the thing that sees be more than other people.