World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 393
Shen Xiang refines Five Elements True Elemental Dan skilled already incomparable . Moreover the speed is fast, making alchemy masters some on the scene exclaim in surprise. Because Shen Xiang currently has not used alchemic furnace, but refines baseless can build up such well, obviously his foundation is solid, in this regard, the young alchemy master in their King Continent is hard to compare favorably with Shen Xiang. However the King Continent's person thinks that Shen Xiang could not win, because this Alchemy Competition did not compete alchemy technique, resources that but had whom are more, was the fair contest, to let Shen Xiang defeated here. As that transparent pill furnace inside multi-colored sunlight contracts slowly, all herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder condense in the pill furnace uppermost layer, fast revolves. The people hold the breath to stare, they could see that this was soon concentrates pill. suddenly, that big group transparent Qi mist separates ten, this explained that condense will leave ten grains of Five Elements True Elemental Dan, according to words that price list calculates, is value ten millions crystal stones, this is also only a furnace. Half double-hour, Shen Xiang refines furnace Five Elements True Elemental Dan, is actually refining two furnaces with the alchemy master who he attended the competition, but the overall price is much lower than Shen Xiang's Five Elements True Elemental Dan. But they believe firmly, Shen Xiang not too many Five Elements True Elemental Dan herbs, therefore they have the confidence to win, because of according to them the understanding Five Elements True Elemental Dan herbs, knows that this herbs is hard to plant, is impossible to have massive, usually is appearances one after another. Shen Xiang puts in front in pill pellet of these ten grains of transparencies the Hua Xiangyue that table big jade box, Hua Xiangyue and referee old men in abundance take the examination, seeing is the excellent quality, these referee old men exclaim in surprise. The quality and speed, pill quantity, Shen Xiang has achieved perfect, has such foundation, later can definitely become a very splendid alchemy master, now the King Continent's person somewhat worried that because of their present pits Shen Xiang, later definitely will be remembered by Shen Xiang, gets into a deadlock relationship is not good. Must know that the Shen Xiang's status is special, because he is the Huang Jintian's apprentice, has Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, in the future can perhaps become Extreme Martial Sect's Dean, moreover like Huang Jintian, will stand in entire Mortal Martial World most apex. Naturally, in addition alchemy master reputation, that is be much fiercer than Huang Jintian.

Now I must use pill furnace!” Shen Xiang smiled, at the same time attains in front of Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace oneself. He turns on the pill furnace cover, then has put out a jade box, cautious and solemn invests herbs toward in pill furnace, seeing these herbs, the people to send out low and deep calling out in alarm, because that was Five Elements True Elemental Dan herbs, moreover processed! Shen Xiang sees that four King Continent's alchemy masters directly to use processed herbs, therefore he also makes Su Meiyao do well first, such one, he can win more time. Builds up to be many some Five Elements True Elemental Dan, is battered to death this group of fellows.” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile. After old man of Divine Martial Skill pavilion position high weight sees, cannot help but frowned, Shen Xiang refines the words that a furnace comes out, that was two ten millions crystal stones, moreover now they did not determine some Shen Xiang many Five Elements True Elemental Dan, perhaps Shen Xiang really will also win this competition first, when the time comes disgraced may be they. At this time discussed that person suddenly has anchored the sound, looks at Shen Xiang dumbfoundedly, saw only a Shen Xiang hand is similar to according to that fiery red gem pill furnace, another hand actually put out a jade box, the jade box opened, inside unexpectedly was Five Elements True Elemental Dan herbs. „Does he want to do?” The heart of everyone crazily is jumping, they guessed correctly probably Shen Xiang must do, but is unbelievable. Shen Xiang smiles lightly, works on the jade box these processed Five Elements True Elemental Dan herbs, invested in that transparent pill furnace, his unexpectedly must simultaneously refine two furnaces!

This...... This simply is a young lunatic!” Lan Hai shouted one lowly, other continent's Big Shot also stare the big eye, looks at Shen Xiang. Can see the alchemy master not to use pill furnace alchemy, this has broadened the outlook, but Shen Xiang actually must simultaneously refine two furnaces now, a furnace with pill furnace, a furnace does not use, if this is really the case, then Shen Xiang quite in two alchemy masters simultaneously alchemy, this radically is heaven defying cultivation base. Hua Xiangyue is recent from Shen Xiang, she already knows that Shen Xiang has many herbs, but has not thought that Shen Xiang makes her be surprised, unexpectedly simultaneously controls two pill furnace, keeps one eye on, although is the alchemy big death anniversary, but controls the good words, that efficiency will be higher. These referee old men are pills circle inside peak exist, but on the scene also has many other continent's high level alchemy masters, at this time they were frightened unable to speak by the Shen Xiang's action, a person simultaneously controls two pill furnace, this is many alchemy masters at the matter that in the fantasy dares to handle, but Shen Xiang actually must do now to them looks! Liu Meng'er looks at Shen Xiang that generous shoulder, in the heart secret haughty, she is being proud for Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang can always make some unexpected matters, she has been unalarmed by strange sights. Shen Xiang reveals such one, making the King Continent's person immediately the pressure very big, they have not expected Shen Xiang unexpectedly to have these many Five Elements True Elemental Dan herbs, moreover probably comes prepared, unexpectedly is processed. Five Elements True Elemental Dan herbs Shen Xiang also over a hundred, compete the herbs words, he is wins steadily. Simultaneously refined two furnace pill this is Shen Xiang already some ideas, because he refined a furnace time felt to accomplish a task with ease, especially when used the Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace this high level thing.

If he can simultaneously refine two furnace pill, he can refine massive Five Elements True Elemental Dan fast, can win the time to enter into Peak Realm in six months! Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace inside situation is systematic, he has resulted in skilled cannot be skilled, although enters the fire single-handed, but he actually releases the massive flame, moreover is Heavenly Sun Fire, is alchemy the fire of top grade. In Illusionary Brilliant Furnace was also poured into flame by him, the flame starts to burn down herbs, along with the herbs been suitable flame incinerator, these beautiful five colors multi-colored sunlight appears again, making the entire palace be covered by this beautiful light glow. In the Shen Xiang mind in the refining simulation two pill furnace internal situation, this for him is also an exercise, is one type strengthens him to the Refining Simulation Technique skilled method, if he can complete, his Refining Simulation Technique once more will promote a rank, is not easy this stage. If Shen Xiang currently has Profound Level Middle-Grade Dan herbs, he definitely will attempt to refine, but before then, he must guarantee that Divine Sense arrives at certain stage, otherwise when the time comes the insufficient spirit maintains refining simulation, the consequence is very serious. Not long, Shen Xiang turned on that Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace cover, takes out ten grains of Five Elements True Elemental Dan from inside, this all People are startled, because his unexpectedly built up, this made the people think that the time passed was very long! His did herbs just put probably shortly after?” Wu Kaiming asked surprised.