World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 394
Shen Xiang did not need pill furnace to refine the Five Elements True Elemental Dan speed to suffice quickly, after exchanging pill furnace, unexpectedly was quicker! Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace inside time was different from outside, inside has various time formation, refines the technique to be mysterious. Some high level pill take dozens years, even several hundred years can refine successfully, for the time-saving, some people will find out to refine this pill furnace, but this pill furnace is few, needs top rank alchemy master also top rank Refining Master to collaborate to complete, but Su Meiyao has said that may also be person complete, but this person is not only the alchemy master, is Refining Master. Many people on the scene believe that if simultaneously controls two pill furnace, the speed should be the same this can be better to control, but Shen Xiang is actually not, he keeps one eye on completely, two pill furnace inside situations both are completely different. At this time he puts out one box of processed Five Elements True Elemental Dan herbs, invests in Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, pours into the flame , to continue alchemy. Now has not thought that again Shen Xiang will lose, recognized that Shen Xiang is the winner of this competition, other continent's above Big Shot now secretly are happy, because they see that old man complexion are not very attractive. Thinks that show off one's military strength King Continent, maliciously has been attacked by Shen Xiang now, that mood can be imagined. Now King Continent that Divine Martial Palace's high level also regretted that invited Shen Xiang, if Shen Xiang won, by rear-drive exited, definitely will ridicule King Continent's, because King Continent prepared very complete not winning Shen Xiang, and disastrous defeat! The playing time is three double-hour, now passes by a double-hour, Shen Xiang has refined ten furnace Five Elements True Elemental Dan, this is 100 grains, according to that reference price words that calculates, this is hundred million crystal stones! Simultaneously refines two furnace Five Elements True Elemental Dan, this makes the speed that Shen Xiang refines quicker, this double-hour he also was just familiar with this way, then he must be quicker! Shen Xiang now is a alchemy madman, is pursuing the peak speed and pill's quantity simultaneously, can guarantee that pills quality, this level is to let many high level alchemy masters feels ashamed.

Dean Gu, your this Young Martial Uncle did he have young woman? I have a daughter, aptitude also calculate that good......” old man sets out to arrive by Gu Dongchen, asked in a low voice. Gu Dongchen said with a smile: Have not thought that my Martial Uncle had the woman, and...... Hehe.” The Shen Xiang's wife is Xue Xianxian, is known in Eastern Sea. The age is smaller than Shen Xiang, aptitude excellent, is the Liu Meng'er's apprentice, from now on will perhaps take over control of Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, Naturally, Gu Dongchen also knows that Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er did, but Liu Meng'er's another apprentice Leng Youlan was Shen Xiang's ties the sworn sister younger sister...... Therefore he knows that Shen Xiang does not lack woman. Has succeeded in obtaining including the females of Liu Meng'er this peerless grace and talent, other goods are also very naturally difficult to have a liking for by Shen Xiang. Another double-hour passed by, Shen Xiang built up 15 furnace Five Elements True Elemental Dan, but other four King Continent's alchemy masters add not to have him to build up a lot, the total price night-watch was left behind by Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang is sneering secretly, these people wanted him to lose very ugly, but that four King Continent's alchemy masters cannot gain ground now, competes herbs, competes alchemy technique, they are well below Shen Xiang, the competition from the beginning, King Continent lost. Now King Continent's these alchemy masters exclaim in surprise the Shen Xiang's talent at the same time, on the one hand also hopes that King Continent can have this talent, naturally, they thought that the victory and loss did not matter, because they lost very thoroughly, was sincerely convinced. That old man frowned tightly, but actually restored the actually appearance now, looks Five Elements True Elemental Dan that Shen Xiang refines one after another, his heart was numb.

Three double-hour quick on the past, the people did not think that the time is very long, because looked that Shen Xiang alchemy lets their very satisfying, especially these Five Elements True Elemental Dan grain of another grains was taken, although is not their. Hua Xiangyue looks in own front that jade box several hundred grains of Five Elements True Elemental Dan, that caresses the face that flatters beautifully fully is astonished, three double-hour, Shen Xiang altogether has refined 40 furnaces, each furnace is ten grains, has not been defeated one time, now altogether is 400 grains of Five Elements True Elemental Dan! Those present are first time see these many Five Elements True Elemental Dan, although these pill pellet are transparent, but piles in a jade box completely, makes people feel that shocks. In shocking Shen Xiang's alchemy technique simultaneously, people also shock the resources that in his hand has, where does he make these many herbs? You have won, this gives your reward!” That old man walks, gives the Shen Xiang two boxes, in a box is White Jade Lotus Seed, another is that Five Elements Profound Dan, this is be more precious than time of Earth Level High-Grade Dan Five Elements True Elemental Dan, several hundred grains of Five Elements True Elemental Dan that even if Shen Xiang refines him sell out not to trade. Shen Xiang was smiling receiving, the competition, as soon as finished, does not need to make anything to judge again, King Continent such straightforward also made Shen Xiang be surprised. Hua Xiangyue gives Shen Xiang that jade box, this is Shen Xiang's Five Elements True Elemental Dan, making many Big Shot look greedyly. Six months, has not known that these things can make me enter into Peak Realm, said, I want to obtain that Good Fortune Fruit very much!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Alchemy Competition, regarding Shen Xiang him is only a small victory!

Said, I hope that you can attend the martial arts contest, when the time comes our King Continent welcome you absolutely!” That old man said that Shen Xiang has won one time, lets their King Continent rout, they naturally must ask, but Shen Xiang is not willing to attend the martial arts contest. Even if Shen Xiang enters into Peak Realm, King Continent also has the confidence to let the Shen Xiang disastrous defeat, because that is the martial arts contest, is not Alchemy Competition, moreover this Alchemy Competition is not, moreover there is too a unknown factor. Shen Xiang obtains that Five Elements Profound Dan, perhaps also some these many Five Elements True Elemental Dan, in six months really can enter into Peak Realm. The people also anticipated at this time, because on their continent outstanding disciples are here disastrous severe wound turn over, King Continent's Human King bloodline truly makes many continent's people unable to gain ground. Quick, the news that Shen Xiang wins total victories has spread over entire Extreme Martial Sect, in the people of King Continent disastrous defeat felt that a joy, King Continent is really not at least fierce, some people of energy forcing they, as soon as plans, although in the pills aspect. Shen Xiang returns to Extreme Martial Sect, immediately closes up the practice, but many people also heard that Shen Xiang must attack Peak Realm in six months, enters for the King Martial Dao meeting, takes first to come back once more. But during this period, many people clash toward King Continent, wants to try one's luck, but in the face of the absolute strength, does not have the luck to say, the person who goes to is still the severe wound turns over, to go King Continent to participate in martial artist of that King Martial Dao meeting, has not entered to a higher position, although several can support a period of time, to was defeated finally still by King Continent's bloodlines warrior!