World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 395
Shen Xiang alchemy, will enter a very marvelous condition now, after entering that condition, what feeling talks clearly that including him difficultly is. When enters that condition, his alchemy will be handier, probably lives alone in a space alchemy such, will not be affected by the outside, between Heaven and Earth only then he and pill furnace! This should enter Selfless State, at that time had alchemy in your mind, this was truly rare!” Su Meiyao exclaims. His limit alchemy time, three double-hour can refine 40 furnaces, this is simultaneously is controlling in two alchemic furnace situations, but now he also simultaneously uses two pill furnace alchemy, but the speed has slowed down. On King Continent's Alchemy Competition, he altogether refines 40 furnace Five Elements True Elemental Dan, now his also 60 herbs, he only uses for day to handle, altogether is 1000 grains, has not been defeated one time. Moreover each time alchemy time, he will enter Selfless State, in that condition , he only then the consciousness of alchemy, pill furnace with his being as close as flesh and blood together such, lets he handier control pill furnace inside situation unceasingly probably. Shen Xiang must grasp the time to digest now these 1000 grains of Five Elements True Elemental Dan, naturally, if takes away the sell, can definitely obtain a large sum of money wealth. He looked for the old lunatic, does not know that in six months he can enter into Peak Realm!” Gu Dongchen said that Wu Kaiming because in one side. Admires his tolerance, unexpectedly can tolerate suffering of old lunatic!” The Wu Kaiming feeling said. He is the young lunatic, naturally cannot fear the old lunatic.” Gu Dongchen shakes the head smiles. Shen Xiang takes Five Elements True Elemental Dan of big wicker basket to look for him again and again, Huang Jintian was now numb, will not make much ado about nothing again.

After listening Shen Xiang narrated the King Continent's competition, Huang Jintian frowned saying: Six months, this is a little tight! However can try, your Five Elements Profound Dan do not eat first, leaves attacks Peak Realm finally.” The Peak Realm first boundary, is Spirit Martial Realm, mainly cultivates Divine Sense, Shen Xiang does not have what pressure, because he has Divine Soul, this can enable his Divine Sense quickly to arrive at so-called peak. Your Divine Sense is very formidable, so long as can enter into True Martial Realm 9th Stage, has enough energy to compress, must enter into Peak Realm not to be difficult! Because enters Spirit Martial Realm time, needs very powerful Divine Sense to coordinate True Qi in within the body, opens the front door to high level section. At that time, the god and military fuse, the massive energies will well up from that leaf of front door, enters your fleshly body and Sea of Consciousness. Therefore, Peak Realm martial artist True Martial Realm is more formidable than time, because in the breakthrough, will obtain very strong strength.” Huang Jintian now also in giving Shen Xiang arrangement plan, he wants certainly to blossom in radiant splendor in King Continent by his apprentice, because these people will not rob Shen Xiang's martial arts now, therefore Shen Xiang in the future not like him. Master, now they and you did not have grievances, you can exit.” Shen Xiang said. Cannot, I exit the too long words, was discovered easily, your Master I should now on Heaven World, but I have not wanted to come up temporarily! My present strength is invincible in Mortal World, but on is one is small to above, this feeling is not good.” Huang Jintian said. Master, your old man does want to hide here for a lifetime?” Shen Xiang is somewhat speechless, seeing Huang Jintian to suffer injustice all day, in his heart does not feel better. Hehe, little rascal your this does not understand, I will not pass away, my this strength should be able adolescence to get up in Heaven World, but I also same can promote in Mysterious Realm now, although the speed was slower, but can actually be very safe! Moreover I can also make Extreme Martial Sect continue to develop, I later can help many people ride out Nirvana Tribulation, if no me, Little Bald perhaps they changed to become dregs under Nirvana Tribulation.” Huang Jintian said with a smile. Huang Jintian has to know in advance that the Nirvana Tribulation ability, can be fully prepared ahead of time, has very big assurance in transcends tribulation, he keeps Mortal World truly is existence of heaven defying, this scheme hits that is resounding.

little rascal, later your woman, your apprentice anything's wanting transcends tribulation, although looks for my that's it! If after you, alchemy was fierce, the old man I make several grains of good Immortal Dan anything, I have the infinite life, consumes in this place slowly can also obtain strength, person who do not forget me also to have Yin and Yang Veins.” Huang Jintian acts like a madman to laugh. Shen Xiang thinks that truly thinks like this well, later he must cross Nirvana Tribulation, Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan, as well as his apprentice friend, when the time comes can look for the Huang Jintian help. „Should Heaven Level pill you have the use to Master? So long as I enter Peak Realm, won first, can obtain Good Fortune Fruit.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, he later can refine Immortal Dan, naturally will not forget his Master. Has not thought that Wang Quan Good Fortune Fruit unexpectedly remained was so long, if your brat can enter into Peak Realm, the Good Fortune Fruit that perhaps he in the past obtained on convenient your brat.” Huang Jintian feels the beard to say with a smile. Shen Xiang said: „Is Wang Quan that old man name? Master do you and he know?” Huang Jintian said with a smile: Naturally knew that this fellow is a person of wanting to save face at all costs, do not look that he is usually temperate, is mean is also a crazed lunatic, in the past he was I strongest match, I crossed the Nirvana eight tribulations time, with his great war.” Shen Xiang hastily asked: Afterward who won?” Huang Jintian said while loudly laughing: Naturally is your Master I, I completely wipe out his tooth, at that time he was a very handsome youth, that dirty look made into the pig head by him actually, Ha Ha......” Huang Jintian the crazy laughs.

He is on King Continent strongest? Probably is in any Divine Martial Palace.” Shen Xiang asked curiously. Right, his Human King bloodline is purer, is earlier than me crossed the Nirvana eight tribulations, at that time he was known as Mortal World first expert, but afterward this given name had been robbed by me, therefore he hates me! However this fellow now or the Nirvana eight tribulations, it seems like he does not dare to face Ninth Tribulation, Ha Ha...... Your Eldest Senior Brother is my apprentice, already the flying apsaras, Little Featherhead was my grand disciple, now was to also cross the Nirvana Realm eight tribulations, this fellow saw that Little Featherhead definitely very much did not have the face.” Nirvana Ninth Tribulation, that definitely is in Nirvana Tribulation most awfully, famous expert in this tribulations die. I think that Good Fortune Fruit should to reward to give his several apprentices, therefore holds any King Martial Dao meeting, he these fierce apprentice estimates died in Nirvana Tribulation before, his present apprentice should receive newly.” Huang Jintian guessed. Does not have Huang Jintian that type ability that knows in advance Nirvana Tribulation, to live crossing, that is truly difficult. little rascal cultivates well, now in this Mortal World is fiercest for the master, moreover I can also make large quantities of expert! Planned me to think, now starts, compared with previous time will want laboriously.” Huang Jintian said. Quick, under this forbidden land reverberates Shen Xiang that wickedly neighed......