World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 396
King Continent's Human King bloodline already thoroughly praising entire Mortal Martial World, although knows that enters for King Martial Dao to want the severe wound, but still some people advance uninterruptedly enters. After all many people of practicing martial arts want to challenge this strongest continent above martial artist, simultaneously can examine own strength. Naturally , some people are try one's luck, if they can enter the finals, that meeting can obtain a fame. Five months passed by, the people had been waiting for Shen Xiang's appears, but is a news does not have throughout, Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming also by that deep hole, hearing Shen Xiang's to call out pitifully, knows that Shen Xiang is carrying on that brutal and painful practice every day. Shen Xiang crossed for five months in forbidden land, Five Elements True Elemental Dan finished eating completely, but he also has lightened 480 grains of true element grains now, only then lightens 500 grains, he has enough strength, opens front door of his [say / way] to peak, after entering that leaf of front door, then he must be practiced peak by his various aspects! Finally is Five Elements Profound Dan, but also almost, hoping you to succeed!” Huang Jintian sighed deeply, Shen Xiang has been able to walk such quickly, has made him feel surprisedly. After entering into Peak Realm, Shen Xiang once more transformation, he will be more formidable at that time. To the present, True Qi that he needs to compress, moreover True Qi after unceasing compression, becomes very powerful! For example, he just entered into True Martial Realm time, needs to compress the grain of rice size to lighten grain of true element grains a house, but he needs mountain Yacheng a grain of rice, after the unceasing extrusion, the True Qi quality to strengthen now, inside impurity will also be pushed, but release time, that explosive force is the terror. Realm is high, True Qi that needs to compress are more, now he was unbearable, if to later Nirvana Realm, that will be definitely more terrorist.

So long as you open the door of peak, you will obtain very boundless True Qi, when the time comes you light digest that strength, requires very long time.” Shen Xiang nodded saying: Master, where that does True Qi come? I do not have that many!” Hehe, this is Martial Dao bestows your, is much more mystical! I also heard that is Martial Dao grants martial artist, lets martial artist heaven defying, but good strength, the breakthrough has each time, you enter True Martial Realm time is weak, therefore you cannot induce.” Huang Jintian said with a smile mystically. Shen Xiang does not doubt, he must be covered with cuts and bruises by the Huang Jintian training now, moreover True Qi in within the body completely was also consumed. He has eaten up that Five Elements Profound Dan, pills immediately in his within the body melting, before he ate up Five Elements True Elemental Dan time, these efficacies resembled the rill to flow in his within the body equally slowly, but now eats up Five Elements Profound Dan, actually looked like giant rivers and streams, in his within the body surging forward, was attacking all the limbs and bones, the pure energy of implication was astonishing. This and his previous eating of the stock has been different, what his previous time obtains in Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm is waste pill, but this grain is actually the quality excellent, differs without the several fold. Before after he was trained, eats up Five Elements True Elemental Dan, at that time the efficacy proliferated in his within the body, did not need him to build up, but he has to revolution Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art digest that boundless energy now, inhales in the dantian to build up True Qi that welled up massively unceasingly, turned into own True Qi, compressed in Five Elements beast image inside true element grains. That Five Elements Profound Dan probably is solar this Great Fireball such in the Shen Xiang dantian, unceasingly spout the energy to the four directions, raises an intermittent energy the storm, very with amazement.

Worthily is Earth Level High-Grade Dan, if this brat can also a refinement of wicker basket wicker basket, that three realms great war arrive at time, these Demon and Devil radically are the trash.” Huang Jintian exclaims, he can certainly see Shen Xiang to have the fast planter massive spirit herb abilities, his suspicion is that golden liquid that Shen Xiang condense leaves. That was the Shen Xiang's secret, Shen Xiang did not say that Huang Jintian will not ask, resembled Huang Jintian he to have many secrets, although Shen Xiang was curious, but has not gone to ask him. Ten days passed by, Huang Jintian said with a smile: It seems like has surpassed, the body of this brat is fortunately good, digests quickly, otherwise at least also wants over half a month.” Shen Xiang had not felt that passing of time, he is only crazy the True Qi compression in that five beast image, making these gloomy particles shine the ray to come, unknowingly, he energy of Five Elements Profound Dan obtaining, let his condense 20 grains of true element grains. He in that five beast image respectively shines hundred true element grains now, now he had enough strength to open that leaf of mysterious peak front door. Shen Xiang's body suddenly shivers, body spout the colorless multi-colored sunlight, this makes Huang Jintian look secretly sucks the tongue. „When compared with his Eldest Senior Brother breakthrough must shine a lot!” Huang Jintian looks at the place above, this is one very deep, moreover fills dark huge crater, these five colors multi-colored sunlight that but Shen Xiang releases now are actually similar to the fountain like that the direct injection, gushes out to the ground very high place. After Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming induce, hastily flew, looks that huge crater that is similar to the five colors multi-colored sunlight that the volcanic eruption generally spout, shocks when this type of magnificent marvelous sight, they guessed correctly quickly was Shen Xiang has entered into Peak Realm, because before , they saw their Master to break through big Realm similar.

Shen Xiang does not know that what happened, when he lightens 500 grains of true element grains, he only thought that Divine Sense suddenly have welled up, gathers together with True Qi, fuses a very strange energy, then explodes in his dantian, but he has not actually felt the pain, only thought that in own dantian presented a very big world, dodges the golden light front door to open, incomparably boundless energy enormous and powerful gushes out from the front door, enters in his dantian. Feels this energy, remaining subconscious revolution Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, are compressing crazily, at this time he compresses True Qi speed unexpectedly also becomes fast incomparable, but these energies are also docile, can press in Five Elements beast image by him easily, turns into true element grains. The Shen Xiang body spout massive five colors multi-colored sunlight, form the strange magnificent phenomenon, but the duration is not long, these five colors multi-colored sunlight by receiving, again entered in the Shen Xiang's body. Not long, this young lunatic can make entire Mortal Martial World earth-shaking! Hehe...... has looks.” Huang Jintian smiles, while is roasting a great cow with fire. Shen Xiang has not thought that this Martial Dao grants his energy, unexpectedly meets these many, continuously, moreover these energies are relaxed can possess of by him, the good inverse image book is his such, but was received by him now.