World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 397
Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming back and forth are walking in that forbidden land deep hole , the whole face is anxious. Because of present range registration till time also three days, they know that Shen Xiang stepped over a very difficult ridge, should enters Peak Realm, but has not actually come up to the present. Shen Xiang absorbs strength that Martial Dao is granting crazily, had long a period of time, similar 20 days, but actually still has not absorbed now, obviously this energy is how huge. Also passed for two days, Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming here have still not departed, this time is late at night, the jet black nighttime sky embellishes the beautiful star light, the bright moonlight is hanging, the moonlight such as washes. Gu Dongchen is lying down on the lawn looks at the beautiful starry sky, actually suddenly he hears in deep hole to reverberate together the roar, this roar is Shen Xiang's. The air/Qi is sufficient, the aura is long, in that sound wave is smuggling very powerful strength probably, is shaking the air, returns in that deep hole, unexpectedly shakes the ground slightly to tremble. Hears Shen Xiang that excited roar, Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming are also excited, they can affirm from this sound that Shen Xiang has entered into Peak Realm! After Shen Xiang opens the eye, first is exudes one to bellow, divulges oneself within the body that formidable strength aura, afterward is the disgusting laughter that exudes to act like a madman, hears this laughter, Huang Jintian also insanely smiles. But after Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen they hear, actually the headache, they know, if Shen Xiang once also becomes the crazy, then not long, this Mortal Martial World might be stirred by Shen Xiang very much earth-shakingly. His mother, this energy is really are much more!” In the Shen Xiang's dantian had lightened only 500 grains of true element grains, but after he builds up strength that Martial Dao grants, unexpectedly had 5000 grains, were many ten times, but strength not only actually enhances ten times, but are more are more. true element grains that because lightens are more, more is hard to lighten to behind, True Qi that needs to compress are many, therefore he in behind condense these true element grains, compressed very many True Qi.

Hehe, you know well! You practice five elements of True Qi, the energy that therefore you obtain is five times of other people, you have the Human King bloodline fellow to have the superiority on this compared with these, especially arrived behind, you can experience simultaneously to practice many attribute True Qi advantage.” Huang Jintian said with a smile. Shen Xiang nodded, his took a deep breath, asked slightly: How many day of closure registrations?” Probably also one day! You later should better on this stage stay a period of time, your Divine Sense itself is very strong, is very high in starting point, therefore your Divine Sense peak condition also is possibly very high! If you one day to practice Divine Sense, but has produced any strange thing, that is your assigns Martial Spirit, this type of thing I will not say too, when the time comes you with you will understand.” The Huang Jintian injunction said. Although I used some training methods to make your foundation more reliable, but was insufficient, because you promoted to be quick too, therefore you fine remain the 1st Stage very long time at present this stage surely.” Shen Xiang nods to say earnestly: Master, I will remember!” Good, hurries get lost......” The Huang Jintian voice falls, the Shen Xiang's both feet spout two groups of flame, erupts very formidable heat, forms a very big propelling force, making Shen Xiang leap instantaneously sky over, such one, he can avoid Huang Jintian kicking. After entering into Peak Realm, the Shen Xiang's flame promotes obviously, because his Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit is need very strong True Qi can display stronger strength. „The wing of this brat stiffened!” Huang Jintian ridicules one.

Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming suddenly induces to one scalding hot attacks, sees only a flame suddenly flies to shoot from deep hole, they look up, see only on the Shen Xiang both legs to burn the flame, under the both feet is unceasingly is more boundless two scalding hot fire Qi, lets his float in the air. brat, is quick the registration, the time are not many!” Wu Kaiming shouted, saw Shen Xiang become stronger, he also excited. Gu Dongchen laughs: We can see on King Continent these to have Human King bloodline not long was punched scared shitless.” If were not stopped by calling out by these two Martial Nephew, Shen Xiang also really wants to try his Vermillion Bird Fire Wings to be able now big, because Su Meiyao has said that the strength is stronger, can become bigger, can the spreading the wings thousand li(500 km), flutter huge fire wings even be able to raise intermittent fire Tornado, the lethality is very broad. Shen Xiang stayed for a half year below, he comes up the first matter to take a bath, after taking a bath, he does not sleep, after entering into Peak Realm, he is full of vigor, he starts to contend in martial arts now. Some hearing people of greater part of the night in snort|hum folk song, moreover once for a while exudes to laugh, rests Wu Qianqian that also to be awakened by this in the room, for serveral days she was also waiting for Shen Xiang to come back, she wants to see Shen Xiang above King Martial Dao meets blossoms in radiant splendor, now she knows that Shen Xiang came back, moreover was so happy that definitely has entered into Peak Realm. Thinks of this, in the Wu Qianqian heart is sighing secretly, because she and Shen Xiang's disparity has differed a big truncation, she had decided that after waiting for King Martial Dao to finish, deferred to the map that Elder Dan kept to go to a place, Elder Dan had said where can make her stronger. Shen Xiang left Extreme Dan King Courtyard hurriedly, steps into Teleportation Formation with Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen, goes to King Continent, enters for the King Martial Dao meeting. „After the registration, is one fights the test, after this test, enters the second pass/test, the score that obtains can disperse into first 50 to enter to the third pass/test......”

Shen Xiang some did not say patiently: Little Bald, what Martial Dao meeting is this? Isn't the martial arts contest? Which comes these many pass/tests!” Oh, does not have the means! I was disinclined with your argument, Young Martial Uncle when the time comes also will know in any case.” Wu Kaiming said. Wu Kaiming is responsible for accepting the registration work in Chenwu Mainland, after he Shen Xiang's procedure handles, brings Shen Xiang to arrive on huge ratio martial stage. This is huger than martial stage, the Shen Xiang present eyesight is unable to see the plaza edge. At this time display of vigour and vitality, the dawn shines in this grand huge developing martial stage, appears very magnificent, Shen Xiang knew that this develops on martial stage to carry on very multiple martial arts contest, is sprinkling the blood of each continent these talent martial artist. Shen Xiang, has not thought that your unexpectedly has entered into Peak Realm, this is the good matter!” old man suddenly appears, this once wiped out Wang Quan of tooth by Huang Jintian. Wang Quan was happy, because Shen Xiang attended this King Martial Dao meeting, he has the opportunity to let Shen Xiang lose face, because he is very confident to Human King bloodline, he believes firmly, even if cultivates Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art Shen Xiang, certainly will be been much more oppressive by his disciple.