World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 398
Shen Xiang emits to enter for the King Martial Dao meeting in last day, this matter passed to each continent quickly, this truly makes the person be surprised, moreover this also explained that Shen Xiang has entered into Peak Realm. After the registration, then must carry on one to fight the test to enter preliminary contest that pass/test, Shen Xiang enters into Peak Realm now, must practice peak Divine Sense first, but must practice the Divine Sense words, needs to practice through fleshly body, therefore this Realm is called Spirit Martial Realm. Spirit Martial Realm is only Peak Realm Realm of first stage, is divided into early stage, middle stage and late stage, Shen Xiang now is Spirit Martial Realm early stage, is the Peak Realm lowest rank, if after he enters to middle stage, will obtain strength that grants. Shen Xiang comes time finds from Wu Kaiming there that at this King Martial Dao meeting, these fierce bloodlines martial artist also with his same cultivation base, but actually stayed the quite long time, after all these people are the young people, will be worried that the foundation is not steady, therefore in the consolidated foundation, avoids affecting the later practice now. Fights the test, is a King Continent above martial artist martial arts contest, the achievement words, showed that you have enough strength to attend the preliminary contest, the person who because registers are many, the impossible each people direct and others compare notes, to avoid too many people are together chaotic the war, therefore King Continent tested these to come the registration martial artist strength first. Shen Xiang heard that ten had nine is to fail the test . Moreover the registration fee of paying could not receive, the words that such calculated, King Continent can also gain one through this King Martial Dao greatly. What fights with Shen Xiang is a whole face full beard middle-aged guy, after he comes up, has not restrained the aura, instead releases, making the person see him is Peak Realm. Made us wait for a morning, unexpectedly to look for an appropriate match for me, do they want to make me halt here?” Shen Xiang said with a sneer.

You give them a color to take a look, this big fellow also just entered into Peak Realm, is not bloodlines martial artist, you do not need to be worried! Young bloodlines martial artist is much nobler, is that old fellow the thing that is worth showing off, certainly wanted to wait for each continent's Big Shot to come neat again to demonstrate finally.” Wu Kaiming said with a smile. Shen Xiang smiles lightly, formerly went out one step: Little Bald, you were too tender! I should keep the strength now, moreover makes them feel that I am not very strong, when I show finally again the strength, rips the smashing these trump cards!” „Do you want to play the role of the cat to eat tiger? But as you like, you , to play the role with great difficulty.” Wu Kaiming shakes the head to say with a smile. Shen Xiang has walked into that martial arts contest stage, this martial arts contest stage rises up compared with the ground a little, the square shape, 30 ten feets in width, is very big, can the person let loose the hand to hit. Stands on this martial arts contest stage, Shen Xiang felt that this below has some strange and formidable strength, he guessed that here has powerful formations, like barrier, is protecting following some stone brick, will not be destroyed because of the intense martial arts contest. Shen Xiang sees such huge plaza, at heart itchy, previous time ruins entire plaza to make him feel very crisp in Fragrance City, if he also ruins this King Continent's plaza, that definitely will let that Divine Martial Palace grieved a period of time. Among this plaza the bigger martial arts contest stage, there formation is stronger, here has many this types the martial arts contest stage that arranges formation, in these formation has top grade crystal stones to release the energy to maintain formation to revolve, if entire plaza will ruin, King Continent will lose will be very big! Because these formation will also be destroyed, must know that arranges these formation is not a day or two can complete.” Long Xueyi said with a smile mischievously, she could see that Shen Xiang was thinking anything.

When the time comes again said!” Shen Xiang looks at that middle-aged guy, but all around also came some people, Wang Quan also in the one side, in him behind also some young people, can see these is the Wang Quan apprentices, they come to see the Shen Xiang's strength to be what kind. Starts!” Wang Quan shouted. True Qi of that middle-aged guy is overbearing, is having a lightning aura, his step such as the thunder is common, treads the entire martial arts contest stage to send out intermittently shivers, but also follows thunderclap sounds, that imposing manner is scary, but on his pair of great fist the lightning glow sparkle, the thunder light four shoot, from the beginning he has used very strong strength, because Wang Quan has told, must defeat Shen Xiang with the quickest speed. Shen Xiang sees opposite party imposing manner, the blood in within the body does not know why suddenly burns, now he understands why Wu Kaiming said that he thinks play the pig to eat the tiger is not easy, because in this case, truly is hard to hide the strength, let alone he just entered into Peak Realm, obtained was more formidable than time of strength before, this strength has constrained in his body, needs to be divulged! Looks that guy is similar to the thunder flies toward Shen Xiang generally rush over, Wang Quan they nods secretly, because this offensive satisfies them, let alone average person, perhaps even if Herculean Clan somewhat cannot endure. Shen Xiang stands there is motionless, he is thinking how must hide own strength, but arrives at him to think finally hits one to compare straightforward happily, therefore he decided that first left no ground to use strongest strength to go all out one to say again. Check that lightning four dodge fights with the fists to the Shen Xiang's cheeks, when the people think that Shen Xiang must be filled by that tyrannical thunder strength hits spurts the blood, a strange scene appears.

That brought lightning fist unexpectedly to anchor from Shen Xiang cheeks very near place, probably by strength resisting, but Shen Xiang has not released strength from beginning to end. That middle-aged guy does not know why will stop, is only afraid in that him instantaneously, at the same time, dreadful murderous aura suddenly gushes out from the Shen Xiang's body, is covering all around, making people think that here is the battlefield that trillion armies fight with all might is the same. murderous aura is frigid, lets all around thermal drop, making the person smell very strong death Qi, making the person be similar to places Purgatory that filled to murder. Although Shen Xiang has not moved, but his Slaughtering Heart is actually beating, after entering into Peak Realm, his Slaughter Qi also goes forward in the peak direction, at this time becomes more terrorist, this is the White Tiger Divine Art fierce place! By murderous aura, has daunted the opposite party, this murderous aura has made Wang Quan and the others be shocked to be incomparable, in their cognition, this murderous aura, even if Nirvana Realm martial artist is hard to have, only if when three realms great war, slaughters Demon and Devil to gather crazily to obtain, now Wang Quan do not have this degree of murdering imposing manner. Your lightning is very weak! Let you have a look at anything is true lightning strength!” Shen Xiang laughs wildly one, toward that retreat the middle-aged guy walks!