World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 399
Sees Shen Xiang real thing, the Wu Kaiming brow wrinkles, he already guessed correctly that Shen Xiang is hard to hide own strength. To this crucial point above, how is happily how to certainly hit, but he actually somewhat worried that he worried Shen Xiang starts to be too ruthless, hits remnantly that middle age, that is can become enemies with King Continent. Shen Xiang double fist condense dazzling azure light, azure light is jumping shoots to make a debut thickly such as the lightning of snake, the thunder light four dodges, ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) ray covers on martial arts contest stage. Now Shen Xiang uses strongest Azure Dragon True Qi, inside thunder energy is overbearing, gathers on his double fist completely. That middle-aged guy also uses lightning strength, he can see the Shen Xiang use lightning strength now compared with his great strength much, before he came up time, Wang Quan told him, Shen Xiang was only one just entered into Peak Realm little rascal, did not need to fear, lets loose the hand to hit that's alright. But now that middle age is actually criticizing Wang Quan in heart, Shen Xiang where is little rascal, radically is Devil God, takes Slaughter Qi that Shen Xiang releases, has made him feel frightened. The middle-aged guy can enter Peak Realm , is not a vegetarian, although he has the short fear, but he also can only display oneself strongest strength now, with the Shen Xiang martial arts contest. Shen Xiang step by step slowly walks, the middle-aged guy exudes one to roar, on that great fist once more spout lightning glow, but compared more inferior with Shen Xiang's. The fist hits, the speed is quick, as if Heavenly Thunder from airborne falls together, that speed that strength suddenly hit on the air, sends out sonic bang, the bang to the Shen Xiang's bridge of the nose. The speed of this fist is quick, True Qi of use is very vigorous, erupts very formidable strength to come, this is Shen Xiang first time with the Peak Realm martial arts contest of same cultivation base, he is very excited, he acknowledged that the opposite party is very strong, if before him, has not entered into Peak Realm, runs into such a person perhaps only then disastrous fate.

Is a little slow!” Shen Xiang puts out a hand, such held the fist of that middle-aged guy, then pinches vigorously, a thunderclap explosive gets up, only heard that middle-aged guy to roar, was Shen Xiang knocks out the fist along with it, that condense the fist of vigorous Lightning True Qi, suddenly was turning into dragon head, the arm turn into dragon body, hit threateningly to the chin of that middle age. The people see to be similar to that instantaneously whole body brave the lightning Little Dragon to dash toward that middle age, that strength made Gu Dongchen they cannot help but hit one to tremble, Peak Realm so was intrepid, perhaps if to Nirvana Realm, they must think over to win Shen Xiang. The Shen Xiang's fight experience is rich, he under that forbidden land, must deal with various Huang Jintian's attacks frequently, but Huang Jintian young time also in all directions challenges, itself also has five elements of True Qi, can according to remembering, simulates many individual forms of combat to come and Shen Xiang martial arts contest. Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian martial arts contest time, the attack that he faces is quicker, is quicker, therefore the speed of that middle-aged man in his opinion, truly was slow, he had already been used to Huang Jintian that high-speed attack, although can evade frequently, but finally by a quicker speed hitting. Shen Xiang is only a fist, that middle age was hit retreat several steps, crookedly to one side, in the mouth has bled! Make people feel what is strange, that middle age unexpectedly is also fleeing in all directions azure lightning, that is Shen Xiang's lightning strength, now unexpectedly appears that middle age, this explained that Shen Xiang that fist had poured into very massive lightning strength a moment ago, the instantaneous bang enters that middle-aged in the body. That middle age was hit, but the forehead, was hit by this strength, the injury of receiving can be imagined!

Is only a fist cannot bear?” Shen Xiang said with a sneer, that middle age angrily, his difficult turns, but actually only sees azure light suddenly to dodge together. Shen Xiang attacks once more, the fist like dragon head, pounds to the mouth of that middle age, lightning strength that this Shen Xiang releases is more formidable, fought with the fists the past time, but also erupted dazzling azure light, at the same time, the entire ground slightly shivered. Shocking Heaven Palm! Although is uses the fist to display, but that type shakes strength to let Gu Dongchen and in the Wu Kaiming heart exclaims in surprise one secretly, they know that middle age lost. Really, after Shen Xiang fights with the fists, when that middle age distracted, another fist was similar to lightning generally has pounded. The double fist takes turn fast, the instantaneous dozens fists, crazy greeting in the forehead of that middle age, every fights with the fists, can glittering leave a dazzling ray, if the present is the night, that type will explode azure light that will dodge definitely to shock continuously. Stop!” Wang Quan yelled, but when he shouted these two characters, Shen Xiang has made several hundred fists, sincere is he uses Azure Dragon True Qi strongest strength, moreover displays in Shocking Heaven Palm that way. The Shen Xiang very honest stopping hand, that middle-aged guy stands there, the Shen Xiang's fist hits when his face, will release a force of traction, no matter his strength is strong, will not hit to fly the person, making the head of person mount on his fist, was shelled by him crazily, this injury is most terrorist. You through testing!” Wang Quan is somewhat angry, because Shen Xiang clarifies is setting up the prestige, naturally, he knows that Shen Xiang has shown mercy, if uses Universe True Qi that the five elements of True Qi fusion becomes, that middle-aged guy was already disabled. That middle-aged guy after is Peak Realm martial artist, under this crazy fist strike, has not fainted, but forehead actually already severe wound, when was held leaving office, that middle-aged guy has coughed, put out broke the broken tooth.

Sees that the broken tooth in pool of blood, Wang Quan to grip tightly the fist, because Huang Jintian completely wiped out his tooth in the past, then boasted in all directions that making him lose completely the honor. Shen Xiang copes with King Continent's martial artist not to have too the worry, so long as did not kill opposite party that's alright, was casual he to be how oppressive, martial artist that because King Continent above martial artist came to other continent was also this. Early six months ago, Shen Xiang heard that King Continent's martial artist starts to be vicious, many people were hit remnantly, is unable to practice martial art again, regarding this he also feels very angry, now he must reply in kind, making King Continent these arrogant martial artist also experience to be hit the remnant feeling. Shen Xiang has swept the Wang Quan behind that several arrogant youth lightly, then asked: What is? I explained beforehand that fists and feet does not have eye, if were hit hits remnantly waste, do not blame on me! Before your King Continent above martial artist also such did, therefore I will not be forgiving to you, the words that feared, should better before starting admit defeat!” „, I have not liked me, when hits just happily, was stopped by others! What martial arts contest is I and he, is not and others, others do not have the qualifications to stop the martial arts contest, this probably is very long beforehand custom.” The Shen Xiang fist grips tightly, in the sound is bringing anger, a moment ago was not the words that Wang Quan stopped, the guy definitely will be hit to discard by him.