World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 400
Sees Shen Xiang such to speak, the people who Wang Quan behind stands have gotten angry, they just found out the sound accusation, but actually Wang Quan raises hand to prevent. You and your Master looks like very much! Truly was I was not a moment ago right, later contended in martial arts time cannot the bystander prevent!” Wang Quan can calm down unexpectedly very much, although in his heart is somewhat angry, but he bore. Shen Xiang, do not think that your Master was Huang Jintian you are impolite!” A Wang Quan behind magnificently dressed youth gets angry the sound track. Shen Xiang said with a sneer: That is also what kind, let alone my Master, my Eldest Senior Brother is more formidable than king Senior, did not say that my transcend Eldest Senior Brother, said my side big Martial Nephew, he should also with the king Senior similar strength!” The Shen Xiang's words made Wang Quan get angry. Shen Xiang, you...... Was Huang Jintian makes you say?” Wang Quan over the face scowl, but Gu Dongchen has also drawn Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang said with a smile: He told me, he said that you cannot compare him for a lifetime, therefore opens any nonsense King Martial Dao to appear own strength.” Master, making me teach him.” Wang Quan behind youth loudly said. Teaches me? Little Bald, some people must hit me, how will you do?” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Wu Kaiming sighed: Made him try to know.” Gu Dongchen said with a smile: Old Wang, Young Martial Uncle is this morality moral character, but you manage well a point the apprentice, do not teach this young lunatic at will! Otherwise died has not closed our matters.” Hears Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming takes a stand, clamored to teach the Shen Xiang's youth complexion a moment ago becomes ugly, the Gu Dongchen strength is immeasurably deep, although does not practice Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, but after is Extreme Martial Sect's Dean, is definitely unusual. Wu Kaiming was worried that Shen Xiang continues to stir up trouble again, brings Shen Xiang to other place, plans to participate in the next pass/test.

Franks, alchemy technique of this young lunatic not with my Junior Sister study! As for learns from whom, I am not clear, in brief is a very fierce fellow, previous time on Hero Mountain, may is that person saves him!” After Gu Dongchen sees Shen Xiang and Wu Kaiming walk away, then whispered. Wang Quan frowned: Not with the Elder Dan study? Did you determine?” The Gu Dongchen nod said: I determined that he has not entered the Extreme Martial Sect's time, alchemy technique was excellent, moreover at that time he also grasped some fierce martial arts, for example that to True Qi fire wings, with other Dragon Martial Technique , etc., these you should be able to look up to obtain, definitely also has a very fierce fellow behind him!” Wang Quan expression is dignified, on the same day the Hero Mountain above matter he also heard, can work as surface suddenly of these many people to vanish, then suddenly appears, that truly cannot achieve including Huang Jintian, moreover Shen Xiang also handed over one to hide massive antique time the map of martial arts rare book. Shen Xiang had said at that time also that has a person to him, obviously Gu Dongchen did not say false. Therefore, you must manage well your apprentice, is we do not get rid, hides will also get rid in that person of his side!” Gu Dongchen stared these youth, these youth are sweating profusely immediately. Naturally, if open and aboveboard will contend in martial arts with him, injures him not to have any matter but actually, although your I will be continent above expert, but we will be clear, in this vast Mortal Martial World, we will not be strongest.” Gu Dongchen spoke these words, to tell Wang Quan, don't, because has a grudge with Huang Jintian, passes the burden the hatred to Shen Xiang on, otherwise when the time comes makes the matter that makes him rude awakening. Relax, I do not have am so stupid! If I hate that old lunatic, many years ago I went to go all out with him.” Wang Quan smiles lightly. Gu Dongchen smiled, then walks in the direction that Wu Kaiming and Shen Xiang vanish, vanishes in this plaza instantaneously. Young Martial Uncle, your time are not many! Three days of time, these three days of time you must enter first 50, otherwise is unable to carry on a one after next pass/test again.” Wu Kaiming said. Shen Xiang and Wu Kaiming on stone house, Shen Xiang sit by the window, looks at the street above person, has hit a yawn: Some how many pass/tests?”

This I am indefinite, I only know that you cannot enter first 50 in three days, is unable to carry on the final finals!” Wu Kaiming shakes the head to say. Good, you and I said the rule!” Shen Xiang said lazy that he only thinks morning points and these bloodlines martial artist fights. Wu Kaiming has taken a paper, spreads out in the tabletop, hints Shen Xiang to walk. First 50 people are not some bloodlines martial artist, is some much has martial artist of talent, the strength is very strong, but enters the finals finally, works as has four that in front of many people are contending in martial arts!” Shen Xiang sees on that paper to write the dense and numerous names. You then must challenge these points to place below 50 people, so long as your points can surpass that to arrange the 50 th person, you do not need to challenge again.” Shen Xiang looked, that ranks behind the first 50 names, very big digit, especially first that unexpectedly is more than 10,000 points, but arranges 50 th is also only more than 3000. Do not despise these three thousand points, wins one to add a point, loses one to buckle a point, the zero was eliminated. But the person of each registration has a point from the beginning!” Wu Kaiming said. Shen Xiang said with amazement: Then said the fellow who is listed first has won more than 10,000? How long can this hit?” Naturally is not, the person who if contends in martial arts with you have thousand points, you win him to obtain on him thousand points, then he starting from one point, will continue to start to fight.” Shen Xiang understands now: Said that people in 50 can not accept the challenge.” Right, this first, had defeated at that time many high scores people, because afterward was worried about him defeating of all high scores, therefore revised the rule, did not allow these to enter 50 people to attend the martial arts contest again, which therefore with most low score did not represent is weakest.”

Then said I must look for below 50 these high scores now challenges right!” Shen Xiang said. Yes, but three days sealed the list again, most late stage limited, therefore you in three days must enter first 50! These people must result in accept others' challenge, but challenge high score also has very big risk, because these are the strength are strong.” Shen Xiang has referred to a name, said: On challenge this, he is 2000!” This...... This probably is Peak Realm bloodlines martial artist, before he was hit by first that therefore the strength is very strong, but he probably was injured now, but was quite difficult to say.” Shen Xiang smiled: Little Bald, don't you believe my strength?” Naturally is not, is only this fellow somewhat unusual strength, I thought that you go to and hitting of this 1400 percentage also 1500 percentages quite appropriately, their three are under 50 is strongest, will not challenge mutually, few people challenge them, is they challenges others.” Looks at these scores brightly, Shen Xiang one: Good, I first 1400 percentages and 1500 percentages hits, then hits that 2000, this can be listed in a higher position!” These days is quite busy, therefore the daily renewal will be slower, but I will guarantee that as far as possible every day four, please forgive!