World Defying Dan God - Volume 42 - Chapter 4105
Shen Xiang obtains the news from Huang Jintian there obviously, must protect universe life soul smooth transcends tribulation, because some people will disturb when the time comes.

He naturally believes words that Huang Jintian spoke, after all that is his master, is his family member. But at present these three bald people, although seems like not the unprincipled person, but they are powerful , appear here place, but also guides various Tiandian and no Heavenly God palace enters the World Defying world. The flame permanent territory that Shen Xiang constructs, prevented many people from slaughtering to become food, but still many people escaped death by a hair's breadth. Shen, the universe life soul has own destiny, the external force cannot interfere, will otherwise affect the entire natural progression.” The smile in bald female surface pale several points, as if started to enforce. I have several issues to ask you!” Shen Xiang the good complexion not to have looked to the opposite party, asking of coldly: „Did I by the seal, have relationship with you?” The bald female had not replied immediately, but is two bald men conducts the look exchange, as if in secret sound transmission. Can say, can say that does not have.” The bald female said. „Has, without does not have, where comes your view?” Shen Xiang has put out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade. Sees Shen Xiang this battle formation, Renard had been frightened the whole body to be weak, she incomparably admires oneself master, facing this group of mysterious and powerful people, can shout unexpectedly hits to shout "kill", but she had been frightened unable to stand. Seal Shen's entire seal large formation, is we give.” The bald female said: Participates in this matter having influence in every way, we did not know the circumstances of the matter at that time, if knows the circumstances of the matter, will decide however will prevent this matter from happening!” Knew that my person, the memory in their mind was scattered the seal in the soul, who is this does? Is you?” Shen Xiang knows that participates in the seal he, other influences, but various Tiandian and no Heavenly God palace, possibly run about.

„It is not we!” The bald female said: This need very special strength, moreover needs to control a very huge soul principle, covers the entire ten big world to be able to achieve, we have this strength, but we have not participated.” Who does?” Shen Xiang is full of the anger regarding this matter. I do not know how to describe them, only knows, they in the World Defying universe, they did not participate at that time.” The bald female said: Shen, we hopes sincerely you can coordinate us.” various Tiandian and no Heavenly God palace enter here, killing many people...... this is you causes indirectly, is you directs them to come to here to seek for the universe life soul, right?” Shen Xiang continues to ask his question.They are part of our organization, but now they do is the matter that they should handle. They were sent the new universe, seeks for the universe life soul, manages the entire universe, maintains in the universe the balances of various energies, this is their responsibility is. ” The bald female said. Fart!” Shen Xiang said, a blade forward detachment. His suddenly attack, surprising that three bald person, their responses were also quick, can avoid immediately. Shen Xiang this blade is truly fearful, if were divided, that three bald person definitely meets the severe wound. I, although has not gone to look, but the god territory and Saint Territory situation, under no Heavenly God palaces and various Tiandian the management, was the confusion to the extreme.” Shen Xiang coldly said: Says the present World Defying world, because their coming , many innocent people were cut to kill to gobble up by them.” „The World Defying universe is a new universe, has this large-scale war, originally is the matter that in the new universe the life advancement can have. It looks like the world of beasts, the powerful beasts hunt and kill the small and weak beasts to gobble up, isn't this natural law?” The bald female has appeared in Shen Xiang behind.

Person is the person, the beast is the beast. The World Defying world is the world of human, has the principle of human to restrain them. These have not opened transform into human to eat thing of person, how can be the person?” Shen Xiang looks to that bald female, said: You, if wants reasonable, that also calculates that goes! Your nonsense truth, not here person, when the person looks!” This Elder Sister, you walk! Since the World Defying universe is my Patriarch person participates in the creation, that external force has no right to interfere with the revolution of this universe.” Renard also has the courage, the persuasion said. She also really worried that Shen Xiang will massacre at present these three bald people. „ The World Defying universe is good that Shen creates, but...... Shen did not have the control entire universe ability at that time, moreover he creates the universe the ability, does not originate from he. That is in the accidental situation, he urges the World Defying universe formation, does not calculate that is created by him completely. Therefore the World Defying universe must take over control of a period of time, and must obtain naturally revolves, therefore was not this universe person to isolate initially. ” The bald female said. Shen Xiang was understands now, the influence that these three bald people were, was to make a universe maintain naturally revolves. These so-called ancient times people, on the Nine Firmaments the person in the world and hundred flowers world, they cannot in the new universe, will otherwise affect the new universe natural adolescence. Fart!” Shen Xiang also cursed angrily: „Hasn't the participation of various Tiandian and no Heavenly God palace, affected the natural revolution of World Defying universe?” The bald female does not speak, various Tiandian and no Heavenly God palace, were sent the World Defying universe, originally to protect this universe can naturally revolve, must isolate any external force. However, no Heavenly God palaces and various Tiandian in the World Defying universe, has various small scheme respectively, and has not been serious what nature operation. This hundred thousand year, these two big influences, truly affected the adolescence direction of entire World Defying universe ethnic group, intervenes in the World Defying universe completely natural adolescence of life.

Gets up my seal, was worried that I will affect World Defying universe nature adolescence?” Shen Xiang taunted: However, your actually ignores various Tiandian and no Heavenly God palace disaster entire World Defying universe, therefore your actions are the nonsense!” To guarantee the natural revolution of that what nonsense, but also eliminates my side family member about my memory, seal my soul also almost extinguishes me kills, you know that my hundred thousand year, did receive the big pain?” What to protect World Defying universe nature adolescence, I thought that this is you excuse that to rob the World Defying universe finds.” Shen Xiang more said also angrily. Shen, these are we are not willing to see, we really wish sincerely can make up.” The bald female said. Goes back to tell the Sir in your family, my Shen Xiang's blade will sooner or later cut on them! Also, regardless of they hide there, I must look for their calculate.” The Shen Xiang tranquil sound, is passing the chill in the air. At this time, a bald man, in the hand presented the sending out white light long sword suddenly. Team leader, if not kill this person, we could not complete the task!” That bald man said. Receives the sword!” The bald female drinks one suddenly coldly, is startled that bald male whole body to tremble. Shen, has another chance to meet!” Her look looks at Shen Xiang complex, then did obeisance doing obeisance. „To walk? No way!” Shen Xiang coldly snorted: First reckons up the account walks again!”