World Defying Dan God - Volume 42 - Chapter 4106
Shen Xiang also wants really to make them get the hell out, but saw that bald man to draw a sword, he decided to leave behind them, otherwise appeared him is too good to bully.

The World Defying world in the World Defying universe, is his domain, this crowd of alien influence disaster entire World Defying universes, he completely has the reason to act. Shen, you cannot be victorious our!” The bald female said: We do not want to clash with you, do not feel embarrassed us.” various Tiandian and no Heavenly God palace, killed many here people, but they do not need to come. Is you brings in them, you must be responsible for!” Shen Xiang is pointing at them with the blade. This matter is not I directly participates, if I am responsible, I will certainly restrain them. Now the World Defying world has the casualty serious situation, really has our certain responsibility, I go back to investigate clearly, will surely give Shen the satisfactory answer.” The bald female said. Answer? Answering my words, in the person of World Defying world casualty can resurrect? You may know, some innocent children, fall into various Tiandian camp that crowd to eat in Human Devil!” Shen Xiang complexion one cold, said: You must remain!” Shen, it seems like you must compel me to adopt to force the action!” The bald female sighed gently: Universe life soul transcends tribulation, regardless of the success or failure, must allow nature to take its course! This process cannot by the external force interference, but we have enough strength to protect the entire transcends tribulation process!” Her meaning is to tell Shen Xiang, she very powerful, can therefore protect universe life soul transcends tribulation! Universe life soul told me, will have strength to prevent its transcends tribulation! It seems like you must prevent, right?” Shen Xiang said with a sneer. „Can you with the universe life soul exchange?” Bald female surprisedly said. Yes, the World Defying universe is I creates, how can I exchange with the universe life soul?” Shen Xiang said: You will prevent transcends tribulation, therefore I must punch you!” various Tiandian and no Heavenly God palace, without the person of this strength! Except for three of us, no one can prevent! Shen you, do not have the sufficient strength to prevent, you disturb transcends tribulation at most, or is to make Tribulation Force more powerful.” The bald female knits the brows saying that some do not believe the Shen Xiang's words. Shen Xiang is somewhat uncomfortable, because this female said him is very incompetent.Team leader, few and he rubbish! We take him directly! This fellow in the past by seal, is no better. His present rebirth resurrect, very weak, my sword can be him. ” That bald man said, he has looked at Shen Xiang to be uncomfortable. Buzz humming sound!

The sky transmits an abnormal noise suddenly, hears this sound, Shen Xiang is confused immediately, but he controls the mood quickly. But in his Renard, then shuts tightly both eyes, the whole person becomes very agitated. Shen Xiang puts in Renard Divine Mirror of Six Paths immediately! The bald female closely knits the brows, the forehead emits golden light, very powerful soul strength wells up. She is also resisting that strange sound wave! Assigned the soul tribulation to start!” Bald female startled shouted. But in the two bald men of her side, the whole face is at this moment fierce, grasps the long sword, murderous-looking looks at Shen Xiang. Kills!” Bald male yelled. Stop!” Bald female yelled, but is not useful, she as if cannot begin at this moment, because she must resist that sound wave full power, otherwise after being disrupted the mind, will become very hot tempered. Shen Xiang are not clear about that sound wave strongly, because he blocked very much with ease. But at this moment entire between Heaven and Earth in humming sound the sound, in the universe life soul surrounding area ten thousand li (0.5 km), seemed to be covered by this sound wave. Enters the day bystander in this region, at this moment has killed insanely, turns is insane insanely, slaughters mutually. Shen Xiang controls Divine Mirror of Six Paths to flutter, avoids that two bald man. What is laughable, after they lose the goal, slaughters mutually!

„Is this your strengths? Exploded weakly! On your abilities, but also meets this living!” During the Shen Xiang spoken languages full is the taunt, ridicules to look at the bald female wear a look, „before you, did not say that can protect the entire transcends tribulation process? Now hit the face, does your face hurt?” Tribulation Force became stronger!” Bald female complexion ugly say/way: Shen, we have not been in the transcends tribulation region, but Tribulation Force actually becomes so powerful, this explained some people in the transcends tribulation region, moreover was very strong!” It seems like prevents universe life soul transcends tribulation is not you, is right, you do not have that strength!” Shen Xiang shakes the head smiles: I am really stupid, wasted so many time on you!” After the bald female Shen Xiang ridicules, although at heart some are uncomfortable, what are more is shocking! Because really has the powerful person to appear, disturbed the universe life soul tribulation. But has the person of this strength, absolutely not from various Tiandian and no Heavenly God palace, even may also be the person who she is familiar with. The sound wave of sky is getting stronger and stronger, this must enrage the universe life soul. However, the universe life soul seems tranquil, maintained with before, does not have any mighty waves! Shen Xiang controls Divine Mirror of Six Paths, the flying near universe life soul. Shen, you, will have bigger uncertainties!” Bald female hastily shouted. You took care to say again!” Shen Xiang said that walked, quick vanishes in the line of sight of bald female. She cannot pursue, because enters the transcends tribulation region, will only strengthen Tribulation Force. Shen Xiang has to pass, he knows that the universe life soul is very strong, but the ghost knows that what method that group of people will have, after all they come from a supernatural strong presence, is controlling the universe destinies. Quick, Shen Xiang entered in the transcends tribulation region, here sound wave is more powerful.

Shen Xiang just entered, feels very uncomfortable, but quick adapted. „Is this universe life soul tribulation? Imagines different Ah! with me Shen Xiang also thinks, is various energy crazy attack universe life souls, but the present is only sound waves, where also does not know from. Universe life soul very huge, covering the region is also very broad, Shen Xiang wants to look for others is also very difficult, especially here environment is bad, once for a while fluctuates that type of strong winds and sound wave. However, when he is vacant, the World Defying mountains and rivers chart in nighttime sky fluctuates suddenly. Shen Xiang in this time, suddenly receives the 1st Stage sensibility. He is unable to describe that feeling, knows how suddenly must do. Mirror younger sister, controls Divine Mirror of Six Paths to increase! Becoming biggest!” Shen Xiang sound transmission said immediately. Divine Mirror of Six Paths increases suddenly, in an instant is similar to the lake to be huge, falls in the land. In World Defying mountains and rivers Fig. phantom of sky high and low fluctuating, starts to contract suddenly, is centered on the position that Divine Mirror of Six Paths is at contracts! The sky descends suddenly ray of light, infiltrates huge incomparable Divine Mirror of Six Paths, this view picture World Defying mountains and rivers chart, is entering in Divine Mirror of Six Paths! The bald female in distant place, looks panic-stricken, she does not know that had anything, only knows that the universe life soul tribulation has very giant accident, complete deviation natural progression.